Where are the next millionaires?

On the flight to Miami I took a book with me that turned out to be so riveting I kept nudging Nerissa and exclaiming, “This is terrific! I have to tell everyone about this!”

At my presentation on the ship I held up the book, described it, and urged everyone to get it. My passion for the book, and the nature of my talk, was so passionate that I got a standing ovation. (Thank you, thank you.)

I’m not making a cent from telling you about this book. I don’t know the author, either. I just think this little masterpiece is the most inspiring and informative book I’ve read in way too long.

I’m talking about “The Next Millionaires” by Paul Zane Pilzer. It’s a book so new that Amazon doesn’t even carry it yet. (They might by the time you read this.)

Get it from — http://www.TapesandTools.com 

Pilzer is the bestselling author of many books, including “Unlimited Wealth” and “The Wellness Revolution.” While I like all of his works, this new one goes straight to the heart of what interests me: The location of future wealth.

I love Pilzer’s optimism. He says we never run out of natural resources, and that our fear of scarcity is what compels us to use technology to solve the problems. He also reveals his six laws of Economic Alchemy that I found fascinating. I can’t say enough good things about this one. Again, this isn’t a paid promo. I just love the book and want you to have it. Again, just see –http://www.TapesandTools.com 

I’m going to lay down now until the room stops floating…

Dr. Joe Vitale    

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  1. LizFun-Reply
    November 9, 2005 at 7:45 am

    Where are the Next Millionaires? How about in New Orleans’ 9th Ward?

    Dear Joe:

    Hi! I’m Liz – I was one of the many who wrote you in September because I was so moved by your Rita e-mail.

    Once again, I’ve been inspired by you, specifically by your e-mail about the book “The Next Millionaires” by Paul Zane Pilzer.

    Here’s my inspiration:

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if some of the hurricane survivors in the 9th Ward of New Orleans, some of the poorest people in our nation, became The Next Millionaires!!!

    And so I’ve created a Challenge for you, me, and your subscribers!

    Two weeks ago I was unexpectedly released from my job. (Yay!!!) Now that I’ve got my financial situation moving in the direction I desire, I’ve been looking for things I can do to nourish my soul when I came across a really cool RoadTrip for Relief to help cleanup 9th Ward in New Orleans sponsored by the Common Ground Collective. (Here’s the link: http://www.commongroundrelief.org/roadtrip)

    Back when Katrina first hit, I immediately gave to the Red Cross, but I’ve been looking for a more personal way to help, and I was delighted to find a grass roots organization right in New Orleans that I could work with!

    I’m headed down to New Orleans on November 21st to join in, but when I read your “Next Millionaires” e-mail, I began thinking: Now that there are so many efforts under way to help these people, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could make available to these survivors a bevy of wonderful manifestation materials so they can improve the quality of their lives and give them the tools to become the Next Millionaires! In essence, lets feed their souls, heal this battered area and give them the tools to create awesome new lives now that many of their physical requirements are being met.

    So, my challenge – for you, me and your subscribers – is to set up a Spiritual Creation Library at the Common Ground Collective in New Orleans.

    Here goes:

    For those of you who have written books on manifesting, deliberate creation or anything that might improve the lives of these people, please autograph and send a couple of your books to the Common Ground Collective. If your book is published as an e-book (as opposed to hard copy), you can print out a copy or two and use report covers to bind them.

    For those of you, like me, who haven’t yet put pen to paper, sit down and start writing your best thoughts. Place them in a report cover, send them to the Common Ground Collective and use this as your launching pad to finish your book!

    For everyone else who wants to help, send copies of the books that have inspired you the most! My very first was Shakti Gawain’s “Creative Visualization”, and my second was Richard Bach’s “Illusions”. Run to the bookstore, buy a copy of your favorite(s) (or print it yourself if it’s not copyrighted, like Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”) and mail it to the Common Ground Collective.

    Your contributions should be tax deductible (check with your accountant). Please send your donations with lots of love and healing energy to:

    Common Ground Collective
    Donation for the Library
    331 Atlantic Ave.
    New Orleans, LA, 70114

    Note: The Common Ground Collective and community center is currently set up at Malik Rahim’s house in the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans, across the Mississippi River from the French Quarter i.e. across from the area most of us know as “New Orleans”. Common Ground is working with many other local agencies, and I will be arriving on the night of November 21st to help coordinate the library and to lend a hand cleaning up 9th Ward. My contact at Common Ground is Kerul Dyer. When I told her of my desire to set up a library to help residents manifest better lives for themselves, she said, “We could really use that right now!”

    For information on the RoadTrip for Relief, go to http://www.commongroundrelief.org/roadtrip If you would like to join the RoadTrip for Relief, send an e-mail to Kerul Dyer at [email protected] noting the date of your arrival and how many people are in your party. Common Ground is working to provide shelter and food for all volunteers. The organization states: “People who come can expect a life-changing experience and tasks ranging from debris removal to simply listening to those most effected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.”

    To see Common Ground’s WishList for items of a more physical nature, click here: http://www.commongroundrelief.org/wish_list

    When New Orleans began flooding, my first thought was that I hope everyone affected by this disaster would move on to experience a much better quality of life. Thank you for helping make this a reality with your contributions. I’ll send you an e-mail with our results and some photos after Thanksgiving when I return from New Orleans.

    Liz Millsaps
    Charlotte, North Carolina
    [email protected]

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