Attracting a Soulmate


Attracting a Soulmate

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Finding your soulmate starts with music.

The Attracting A Soulmate Subliminal recordings are embedded with powerful suggestions that will re-program your subconscious mind! All you will hear is music, but these powerful Subliminals will begin working right away. The Attracting A Soulmate program comes with 10 subliminal topics, available in both daytime and nighttime versions for a total of 20 subliminal recordings.

The Daytime Subliminals are designed for you to listen to during the day while you are at work, driving, working out or going about your daily routine. They feature binaural tones and isochronic waves. The Nighttime Subliminals are designed to be listened to right before you go to bed while you are in a relaxed atmosphere and they feature delta and isochronic waves.

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