Kill the Divine

Steve Chandler, author of the excellent new book, 100 Ways to Create Wealth, sent me the below email (used here with his kind permission):

I just finished Zero Limits, and I loved it that Hew Len got to ‘kill the Divine’ near the end… you know (and I love your persona in the book…the enlightened skeptic! everyman!) even ‘the Divine’ is a human CONCEPT, a story, in other words, and therefore it is interfering with ZERO.

BUT, as your master told you, just like your earlier books, it is a STEPPING STONE to ZERO… have to evolve up the spiral of spiritual evolution (itself a concept: awakeness on the way to zero) through such levels and your books boost and boost people up and up and you have to master INTENTION before you master NO INTENTION/just Inspiration, and then there’s something even better after that.

Zero Limits is a huge gift to the world, and you have ‘translated’ Hew Len through hard writer’s work (I know) so that the average seeker can experience him through the eyes of a lovable skeptic and therefore GET HIM!”

Thank you, Steve.  🙂

If you haven’t read Zero Limits yet, you can still do so. It’s in book stores, on and and even as an audio book on  

Also, Steve’s books are fantastic. I strongly recommend The Story of You as well as his latest one.

To a life of Zero Limits

Ao Akua,


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  1. July 25, 2007 at 3:06 am

    Joe, Thank you so much for sharing Steve’s email! He obviously “gets it!” As a result of his inspiring and magnificent message to you I have discovered an amazing well of wisdom in Steve Chandler.

    I immediately bookmarked his site. From the beautiful song on his website,
    “The Story of You” to the feed with a ton of mp3s filled with wisdom, audio files and books for purchase I find myself returning over and over! I definitely can see why you are calling yourself a fan of Steve Chandler Joe!

    In Absolute Love and Profound Gratitude,


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