"Screaming at Mach 10"

The miracles coaches who run my Zero Limits coaching program at http://zero-limits-coaching.com forwarded the following email to me (used here with the permission of the author). This helps illustrate the three stages of awakening I describe in my book Zero Limits. Enjoy. – joe

I have completed my 2nd pass through the Zero Limits book and have listened to a fair portion of it more than once in audio form. 

I am positively buzzing with excitement.  Not only do I believe I really ‘get it’ but, by clearing the channel between me and God by cleaning ME, I have already seen fantastic miraculous events occur in my life.  Not the least of which is the fabulous response I relayed to you yesterday for my Champion Success Workshop on the 28th.  I have received even more paid registrations since my last message and I have not even sent my email promotion to my list yet.

I was particularly impacted by the description of the 3 phases Joe provides in the Epilogue.  As I read it, I was inspired to write this email to you. 

I have no idea “why” I have been inspired to write this, but if I have learned anything at all, it is to follow inspiration when I get it.  I am 100% certain there is a Divine reason and that is good enough for me.  I apologize for its length but I hope you will indulge me while I ‘gush’ in sincere appreciation for you.  =0))   I also sincerely hope you would be willing to share it with Joe, along with my sincerest thanks and gratitude for all he has done in bringing all of this growth and enlightenment, as well as all of you wonderful people, into my life.  I can honestly and sincerely declare that I will never be the same again.  Thank you!

Relative to the Phases Joe describes, I think I did not spend much of my life in Phase 1.   As you two know, I (or better stated “Stevie’) moved right along into “action”, working to earn value, love, and attention, and quickly entered what I would describe as Phase 2a.  Al-beit driven by “Stevie” and the memories he loves so much, for the vast majority of my life, I considered myself to be “in control”.  As in, “I make it happen”, I drive results and create my worldly success”.  “I am the one”  (Remind me to relay a funny image about the phrase “I’m the leader” and a Disney film next time we talk.  You’ll laugh)

While earning millions of dollars and experiencing what most would consider a wildly successful career in VC backed hi-tech startups, living for 30+ years in Phase 2a, wealthy and miserable, ultimately lead me to total burnout and on to seek something better.  Something that ‘made it all make sense’.  I thought leaving the corporate world for a home based business was the answer.  Much to my surprise, after making the full transition and ‘earning my way’ to the top of the program, I found to my dismay that Stevie was still running things and I had not improved my situation one iota.  In fact, in one way I had made matters worse by letting go of a high 6 figure income and several 7 figure stock option deals.  In relative desperation, I began seeking elsewhere for the answer.  I overheard someone mention The Secret and by following a series of inspirations that followed, I devoured that movie, the What The Bleep movies, The Attractor Factor and a 1/2 a dozen or more other similar books and audio programs.  I was still totally lost.  Then through the miracle of ‘Joe’s email invitation’ to the Miracles Coaching Program, I entered Phase 2b, which roughly aligns with what Joes describes as Phase 2 in Zero Limits.

In Phase 2b, I have become intimate, to varying degrees of success (LOL), with intentions, clearing counter intention, recognizing and following inspiration, again with varying degrees for proficiency; painfully so when I was not so ‘present’ (LOL).  It is important for me to say that were it not for you two and the Miracles Program, I do not believe I would have successfully navigated to Phase 2b successfully.  Certainly not in the time I believe I reached a meaningful level of recognition and acceptance of Responsibility.  Clearly there is still lots of opportunity for continued growth and as you know I am ravenous for more of that (of course being cognizant and cautious to love Stevie enough to keep him quiet)

After experiencing Zero Limits, I now feel as if I am screaming at Mach10 right through Phase 2b into Phase 3 with my total and complete recognition, identification and acceptance of the fact that there are Zero Limits and the Ho Oponopono method of healing.  I know I have been communicating my excitement about this over the last few days, but today, during my quiet time completing Zero Limits for the second time, I felt totally, unbelievably, and irreversibly,  transformed.

I accept the high probability that I will continue to struggle from time to time, but as much as I said the very same thing just 3 weeks ago, it is even more true today, that I have never felt more connected to the Divine.  LIFE IS GREAT!

I find myself continually and “incessantly” cleaning.  In virtually every challenging experience I ask myself, “what is it in me that has caused me to experience this thing this way…whatever it is God, I love you, I am sorry for holding the memory that created this experience for me, please forgive me, and thank you for healing me.  And every single time, something miraculous happens.  Perhaps not as I expected it, perhaps not as I ‘said’ I wanted or ‘intended’ it, BUT, if not how I asked for it, something better.  Every time. 

And, I have also found that when I have a good experience, it is automatic for me to immediately express sincere gratitude, “oh thank you for bringing this experience to me”.  And then, something else GREAT happens.  WOW!

I am so appreciative to every person, every thing, every circumstance and every event that has been divinely manifested to bring this experience into my life this way, I am literally (and somewhat embarrassingly) tearful with joy.  I feel so joyful, it like my heart is to big for my chest.   I suppose this is what God means when he says “that your joy may be full”

Anyway, I just had to communicate this to you.  Life is truly miraculous when we can get ourselves – our egos and our memories – out of the way.


Steve Little

President & Director, justMaxcastit

A whole new way to Preserve, Organize, Share, & Enjoy your precious video memories! 




  1. July 15, 2007 at 2:40 am

    This is MAGNIFICENT! Steve(ie) deep gratitude you wrote it! Joe, deep gratitude that you shared it with everyone.

    What a beautiful description out of your path. I am deeply moved. You ARE magnificent Stevie and I’m glad you finally realized that YOU are not your “outside circumstances” no matter how good or how desolate they might be at any given moment. WOW!

    I’m profoundly grateful that you see Who and What YOU are and have discovered the power of surrender! Let go and Let God….!

    I’m deeply grateful you recognize that all those ‘other people’, ‘other things’, etc. are IN You, ARE You. As you Love and Thank them, you Love and Thank Yourself which is Loving and Thanking the Divine.

    Welcome to Zero!

    In Absolute Love and Profound Gratitude,


  2. Mary-Reply
    July 15, 2007 at 8:14 am

    :cool:Joe, Steve, Amy, Everyone,

    What I read here adds to my joy, journey, and awakening. Thank you, Joe for writing Zero Limits and telling it like It is. You are a brave Sprite One. Thank you, Steve for your testimony of experience and the joy you are giving to The Onenesss of All that is. Amy, we all benefit from your “Absolute Love and Profound Gratitude, thank you.

    Are not the memories that we carry part of the game we all decided to play(game of proving to ourselves that we are the exact opposite of Who we really are)? I like this concept as it does evidence what Suprme Creators “we” are>

    We can step back and truly celebrate and enjoy how well we have played the game. And once that is recognized, we can now create within the fullness of power that we are. Yes?

    I love You, Mary

  3. Ellie-Reply
    July 15, 2007 at 5:51 pm

    😀 Greetings Joe,
    Steve”s message gave me another ” AHA Moment” I finallly finished the first reading of Zero Limits. At almost every page turning I had Moments were Ideas “clicked”. Loose ends of Questions I have had are finally answered and tied. My first reading of the book left me with the Idea that the Cleaning process is an ulltimate and intimate form of empathy. I have been cursed with this gift, always feeling that there was something more I should be doing to nurture. Now having the gift of empathy is special to me and I can magnify my gifts thanks to your contibution and your labor of love.
    I love you, Ellie

  4. July 20, 2007 at 2:26 am

    Thank you all for you comments. I feel acknowledged and appreciate you doing that. You did not have to but you did.

    Thank you. I love you.


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