During my recent whirlwind trip to Russia, I was heavily questioned during news conferences, book signings, and television shows. Some of the questions were about the Law of Attraction, Zero Limits, my life, and more.  They were stimulating, surprising and sometimes blunt. Here are a few of them:

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In your book Zero Limits you say to ‘Kill the Divine’.  What do you mean? That’s a sin!

First, I didn’t say that; my coauthor Dr. Hew Len did. Second, there is the Divine and there is your concept of the Divine. What you want to do is kill your concept of the Divine.

What’s it like to wake up famous?

I’ve never awakened famous. I wake up hungry.

Are you creating a culture of consumerism?

Consumerism is a negative word for a positive trend. When people buy something to enrich their lives, they are showing they respect themselves. But you can poison that positive by calling it something negative, like consumerism.

You have many followers in Russia. Are you creating a cult?

I didn’t even know my books were published in Russian. I’m glad to have fans. But there’s no cult, or organized group, or even a leader. Just readers of my books.

What kind of women do you like? Did you attract any of the women here?

I love all women. I attracted every woman in the room.

Did you ever meet a UFO alien?


What was it like?

That’s a secret.

Do you believe in astrology?

I am fascinated with Eastern Astrology, but I find it wiser to go to the source that moves the planets than to the planets.

How can anyone be happy with so much suffering in the world?

How does your unhappiness help those suffering?

Do you ever get tired of being happy all the time?


If the Law of Attraction works and you can have everything you want, how come you’re fat?

I am a work in progress, just like you. While I’ve dramatically transformed my body, I’m not done with it yet. Anything you’re trying to attract but don’t have yet could be simply on the way.

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Are there any new clearing tools since writing Zero Limits?

Yes. I’m inspired to say Russians are to eat or drink the Siberian berry, Sea-Buckthorn.

Many wealthy people help others. What are you doing to help others?

Many things. I give money to people and services I believe in, I started Operation YES to end homelessness, and I’m a contributor to the Circles program to end poverty.

I want to believe you but there are other books out there that say the Law of Attraction is bogus. What do I do?

You choose. The Law of Attraction is based on what you believe. If you believe it works, you’ll attract evidence to prove it works. If you believe it doesn’t work, you’ll find evidence that proves it doesn’t work. In both cases, the Law of Attraction is giving you what you believe.

I want to attract a man. How do I do that?

You clear the beliefs in you that say there aren’t enough good men out there, or you don’t deserve a man, or even you don’t feel lovable.

My man left me. How do I get him back?

You have to allow people their free will. The more you can be happy now, enjoy your life and be present, the more that person — or someone better — will come to you. But don’t target any one person.

What if what I want for me is wrong?

If you want something that makes you feel whole and happy, and helps others, it’s not likely to be wrong. But end all your requests with the phrase, “This or something better.”

What is your next book? Will it be in Russian?

My next book is Attract Money Now. It’ll be in Russian as soon as someone translates it. I’m giving it away, gratis, to the world.

I was fascinated by Russia (the little I saw of it), but I had to leave it unexpectedly and in great danger. Soon I’ll post an account of my harrowing escape.

Stay tuned.

Ao Akua,


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  1. October 1, 2009 at 7:39 am

    Joe, this is awesome. I’m really proud of you. By the way, looks like you’ve lost a few more pounds!!! Look forward to getting to Russia someday. Hey, my video for the Glazer-Kennedy contest Outrageous Advertising made #3 in the world so should help with the book. Have a great week, Buddy. Love you! Stage Hypnotist Simone

  2. Kelly-Reply
    October 1, 2009 at 8:15 am

    Wow Joe, it sounds like you had quite the trip. Some of the questions they asked you were fantastic. I’d love to come to a booksigning if you were ever in the DC area. 🙂


  3. October 3, 2009 at 7:27 pm


    What if what I want for me is wrong?

    If you want something that makes you feel whole and happy, and helps others, it’s not likely to be wrong. But end all your requests with the phrase, “This or something better.”

    I love that answer!


  4. October 5, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    Most exciting post Joe. I was actually coming on here for a reason of just commenting something to you over a recent e-mail post you had sent. I felt something hypnotic in that e-mail and I wanted to let you know I felt it while browsing through like I do cause I like to read them and I also archive them for later use if I have a flier/letter to create or something similar.

    But first, I wanted to go ahead and tell you this is a funny post that really hits at the heart with your personal touch, makes me feel your more real. Very hypnotic indeed! Have you sent this to your e-mail list yet. If not – maybe you should, it really hit home for sure my friend.

    The e-mail was Recession-Proof Yourself. Super hypnotic for scanning through.


  5. October 9, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    well i think you needed that to strengthen you more and more because god wants you to keep doing his work and some times i think he puts us in the battle field to train us up and make us stronger,well you made it through and i feel your going to be better for it,for the higher good of all,well when i read this it made me look around to some of the challenges i have compared to this and to tell you that they really aren’t challenges anymore yours was and you made it through with gods guidance,i love you & thank you

  6. IrenaPerson-Reply
    October 22, 2009 at 6:44 pm

    I am a Russian Hereditary healer, engineer-physicist and metaphysician from Siberia. I invite you to be a co-author of a philosophical book about the Harmony. Irena Person. [email protected]

  7. November 9, 2009 at 11:08 am

    OMG! I can’t believe I got so behind in reading your blogs. I’m doing a marathon right now. lol.

    I looooooove all your answers here, esp to the question “I want to believe you but there are other books out there that say the Law of Attraction is bogus. What do I do?”

    You are really awesome! Did you know that you inspired me to have a blog of my own http://jmjfamily6.blogspot.com/? And did you know that out of the many LOA gurus in “The Secret”, I was attracted to you and all your works? I don’t know why, but one thing I’m definite about is that my family will always be grateful to you. I cannot express in words the gratitude we feel towards you.

    But just so you know, I am your number one fan! We love you. (www.jmjfamilyenterprise.com)

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