The GreatEST Self-Help Book EVER

The book I regard as the greatest self-help book ever — and the most hypnotically written one — is now available as an e-book for only $7.99 — but only for the next few days. Go here to get it:

Here’s why you need to go get it right now–

There are only a handful of books that have dramatically influenced my life.

There’s The Magic of Believing and The Robert Collier Letter Book.

But number one on the list is one you may never have heard of before:  The Book of est.

Here are two reasons why I love the book:

GreatEST Book EVER

GreatEST Book EVER

First —

The book is the famous “est” experience in written form.  est, or Erhard Seminar Training, was the controversial self-help movement of the 1970s.

It was intense.

Anyone who withstood the heat of the weekends was never the same again. Lives were transformed forever. You faced yourself and your story in a way that was confrontational and oh so real.

I never got to do est. I was a skeptic and a hold out. I made fun of it when I saw all the articles about it.

Truth is, I was afraid of it.

I was young and in college and unsure of everything, including myself. By the time I got around to wanting to experience est, it was gone and reincarnated into something called The Forum. I did the Forum and endorse it today. But it’s no est.

The Book of est puts you into the seminar room and gets you to feel the intensity.

You  experience est.

And it’s hot.

When my late wife began to type up the book in 2004 to be republished by me and a friend, she had to keep stopping.

She said it was intense and dramatic. She died during the transcription process. But that had nothing to do with the book. It had more to do with her choices and what the book urged her to face.

Obviously, a book isn’t a drill sergeant self-help instructor yelling in your face about what isn’t working in your life.

But The Book of est comes close.

It’s safe.

It’s easy reading.

But it’s still real.

Oh so very real.

Just reading it can cause you to awaken to your own patterns. And once you see them, you can let them go.

Or not.

After all, what you get from the book is what you get.

But that’s only the first reason I love The Book of est.

Second —

The other reason I love this book is because the writing is, well, hypnotic.

It’s riveting.

Luke Rhinehart has the gift of writing dialogue and description that puts you in the seminar room with the characters experiencing est.

You FEEL it.

You are THERE.

In many ways, this was one of the first examples I ever found of what I eventually labeled as Hypnotic Writing.

While I later wrote a book called Hypnotic Writing, it was Luke Rhinehart who paved the way for me to know what it was when a true master was at work.

For me, this is one of the best written books of all time.

The author wrote some other cult classics, too. The Dice Man is a masterpiece. It’s well written, engaging, humorous, and in some ways dangerous. Just like The Book of est. But where The Dice Man is alive and well in print, The Book of est has been gone for decades.

Search on eBay or Amazon and you might find original hardcover copies going for one hundred dollars on up to a thousand dollars. I’ve paid that much for first editions, too. I collect them.

The Book of est is one of the rare life changing gems that I can’t get enough of or read enough times.

Sometimes I give the book away. Usually I don’t. I just keep it for myself, as one of the most powerful books of all time kept hidden in my own secret vault of wisdom.

The good news for you is this: Luke is now a friend of mine. We’ve corresponded, shared books, and decided to join a partnership. With the help of a mutual friend, the most powerful self-help book of all time — and the most hypnotically written one — is now available to you.

And right now, the investment to get the e-book version has been cut to only $7.99 — but only for the next few days.

All you have to do is go here right now to grab it as an instant downloadable e-book  —

Go get it.

I dare you.

Ao Akua,


PS – est was all about being real. The Book of est will challenge you as never before. How? And why is  it the greatest self-help book of all time? How is it hypnotically written? Go see for yourself at —

Note: If you prefer a printed copy of the book, we also made it available in paperback. Just go to Amazon to order it.

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  1. June 26, 2013 at 10:14 pm

    Wow! Sounds amazingly intense! Will surely try it. Thanks for your convincing authenticity!

  2. Ari-Reply
    July 18, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    Read the book, and it was amazing! I usually start books yet never finish them; not this time! Life changing, and I thank you for sharing!

  3. November 29, 2013 at 9:17 am

    WOW just what I waas looking for. Came here by
    searching for est

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