I went to a party about six years ago and apparently said something that made a difference in one woman’s life. Through mutual friends, six years later, the below story came to me. I’m posting it here to remind you that you never know how what you say and do could influence another, and to also remind you to believe in yourself and go for your dreams. Here’s the story (used here with her permission):

After 13 Banks Turned Down My Loan I Could Still See the Fields Full of Crops

Six years ago I started a farm in Wimberley. I’d been swimming at Jacob’s Well for years and had baptized my son in the waters, so Wimberley was very special to us. It wasn’t until we moved here that I realized just HOW special! The moment I found our land I had “the goose bumps” so intensely that I knew God wanted me to buy it-even if it looked like the biggest mission impossible. I’ve just learned to follow His orders, no matter how crazy and impossible they appear! If you get the goose bumps you have to leap, but at the end of construction of our new home, the bank reneged on our loan and for the first time I could remember things with this mission just weren’t falling into place financially.

I could still see the field full of crops someday, hundreds of bees and chickens everywhere and a healthy happy son. God suggested this in the first place, so it was going to work out somehow, but as quiet as I got, thinking, listening, and waiting, I wasn’t getting anywhere with the Bank . I began to wonder if I’d just made a huge mistake. What the heck was I thinking? A man at our church was a mortgage broker, and he offered to help us find another bank. He went to 13 banks and they ALL turned down my loan. It was looking mighty grim. You can’t imagine the pressure I was feeling from the situation but mostly from my head! I’d started thinking I was a completely selfish idiot, but I never got mad at God. Somewhere there was either going to be a lesson or there was going to be a miracle…and that’s where Joe Vitale came in.

We’d been invited to a New Year’s Eve party at a cool new friend Elizabeth Lee’s. I dressed up but was so preoccupied with our “situation” that it was hard to relax. All over the party people were drinking and laughing, and all I could do was smile to hide the worries I was feeling. Then I noticed a guy across the room that looked like he might be interesting and didn’t look busy, so I went to introduce myself. As he started to say his name I realized I’d seen him in a movie, and he said, “Why yes, I was in the movie The Secret”, which I’d seen and LOVED! He invited me to sit and the rest is history to me.

He told me all about his recent trip to Romania and how he’d traveled all over the world. He so enjoyed meeting all the different types of people and cultures, recognizing the common thread in us all and guiding folks to dream and create bigger. What really struck me were this man’s eyes. When he spoke to me about my farm, the banks, and the crisis at hand he just kept asking me to really dig down deep and ask myself, “Who deserves this farm more than me? Who’s worked harder than anyone? Get a number in your head, the amount of money you need to keep the farm, and then stick with that. Just focus on that number and the fact that you’re worth it, you DESERVE it, and it will come to pass.” During that two hour conversation with Joe I went from feeling like a horrible loser to a worthy, hard-working woman who just might able to pull this off after all!

I remember he kept saying to search “somewhere in your DNA. You feel unworthy, and you’ve got to pull that up. Who else is worthier than YOU?” It was an amazing conversation that I will never ever forget. Two days later I walked confidently into a little bank in Dripping Springs, and they picked up my loan! I was thinking about my conversation with Joe the whole drive there – drumming up that good “deserving” vibe feeling, and it worked! Thank you, Joe, for teaching me how to dig deeper, to believe in myself, to focus and to bring in all possibilities. There’s no limit-except maybe sleep deprivation! Wish I’d had a tape recorder that night!

Kathleen Mooney

Owner of EIEIO Organic Farm www.eieiotx.com

Member BBB 2003 - 2015

Member BBB 2003 - 2015


  1. Ella-Reply
    March 24, 2015 at 7:05 pm

    Wonderful post. Currently listening to your series on audible, and wrote down the name of your website. Just know that what you do keeps impacting lives, so thank you for doing what you do.

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