1. Ritu-Reply
    August 17, 2012 at 7:27 am

    Just thought about this yesterday and said to the universe that”I’m an open and empty book..write my story of attraction..:)hope you like it!

  2. August 23, 2012 at 9:03 pm

    What concerns me the most about the concept of the LOA is that most people dont actually understand that the LOA can only work if you have dealt with you limited beliefs which essentially are emotions and feelings that reside in your cellular makeup which is the mind body connection. You can read countless affirmations, meditate, visualize and look at your goal board for days on end but if you havent cleared your emotional blockages you are going to get what you have always got. Here’s the thing, there are millions of books on the market that are re-hashes of the LOA – and none really talk about the biology of us. If we dont understand our biology how then can we understand how to attract – effortlessly. We are made up of around 70 trillion cells and each cell has a brain, heart, nervous system, respiratory system, etc. In other words its like we have 70 trillion people who make us up and all hold a belief about you. If you were exposed to poverty and believe it is your right to be poor then you can be guaranteed that you will attract situations, people, places and overall experiences that will validate this belief because your cells that act as the sub conscious mind will tell your conscious mind to take you to these experiences. To clear your limiting beliefs you need to clear the blocks by looking at forms of energy psychology such as EFT and get these sorted out immediately. Then you can move forward and start working with the principals of LOA. I have now dedicated my life to writing about this topic and have an article posted that you can if you are interested -http://www.emotionalfreedom.tv/law-of-attraction/ or if you want a free copy of my book on Amazon you can get it for free if you Like us on Facebook http://on.fb.me/MHNQHt. We all deserve to stand on that stage and shine – it is our birth right so go get what you want and stop reading these books that make you chase your tail and never get you to your destination. Mary Henderson.

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