At Thanksgiving, when I was a kid, my mom
would save the turkey “wishbone” (technically
called the furcula), lay it up somewhere on
the kitchen sill to dry, and then a few days
later I’d get to make a wish and snap the
wishbone with my brothers or sister holding
the other side. When it broke, whoever held
the longer piece would receive their wish.

I did a bit of research and found out that
this custom came from an ancient Italian
civilization known as the Etruscans. They
passed it on to the Romans, and eventually
it reached the English.

Being Italian, I was curious about the
Etruscans and discovered that they believed
chickens were oracles, capable of predicting
the future. According to an article in
Mental Floss:

Attend this. Click image.

Attend this. Click image.

“They exploited the chickens’ supposed gifts
by turning them into walking ouija boards with
a bizarre ritual known as…’rooster divination.’
They would draw a circle on the ground and divide
it into wedges representing the letters of the
Etruscan alphabet….Bits of food were scattered
on each wedge and a chicken was placed in the
center of the circle. As the bird snacked,
scribes would note the sequence of letters
that it pecked at, and the local priests would
use the resulting messages to divine the future….”

The Etruscans believed that the bird’s fortune
telling power remained even after its death,
and would dry the bone in the sun to preserve it.

“People would then pick up the bone, stroke it,
and make wishes on it, hence its modern name.”

This simple custom has withstood the vagaries
of time, changing very little throughout cultures.

It’s hard to believe that even though this ritual
is thousands of years old, it will still be a part
of many Thanksgiving dinners again this season.

But that’s the power of belief.

And as you can see, unless you change something,
things can go on quite indefinitely.

Releasing this month!

Releasing this month!

Still…there’s another reason I wanted to tell
this story, which is that we simply don’t need
to go through all this. We certainly don’t need
a turkey, a chicken, or a bone – fun as it is.

Here’s the secret of the ages: If you want to know
your future, you are the oracle.

Yes, you.

With this knowledge, you can transform your life
into one of joy, peace, inspiration, love and
enthusiasm at any time you choose.

This may seem like a tall order now, but it won’t
after my two-day life-changing event in Austin
this weekend  (and you won’t have to wait for the
wishbone at Thanksgiving).

On the other hand, not understanding this is the
cause of an untold number of struggles, be they
in the realm of finance, relationships, health
and body, or work.

In fact, most of these problems poof and vanish
like magic once you know how to access your deep
connection to the Divine and, thus, cause your
own transformation.

Truth – or fortune – be told, awakening is the
key to manifesting your true destiny and calling.

And it’s the only future really worth knowing.

Join me at my event (or watch it from the comfort
of where you are sitting right now) —

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ao Akua,


PS — Have faith. Take action. Expect Miracles.

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Member BBB 2003 -2014

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  1. November 6, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    After 3 months of using your materials I totally changed my life. I used to be a shy guy have no friends but now I am happy and date 3 cute girls. THANK YOU!

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