When I was conducting my Rolls-Royce Phantom Masterminds, I met already successful people who knew they wanted more – more money, more success, more insight, more spirituality, more of the full life experience.

Many were millionaires or multi-millionaires.

Quite a few had widespread recognition, but only in relatively narrow niches.

In short, most of these people were already highly successful by anyone’s standards. But many wanted worldwide success. They were truly ready for “the major leagues” – they wanted to play the bigger game and make more of a difference for more people, in a much bigger way.

You could say, they wanted to become “household names”

I loved helping these wonderful people attain widespread fame and new levels of financial success. Some were surprised, but I never was. I knew in advance what was possible for each person. Even so, I learned something new as I helped so many of them move to their own personal next levels.

Here is what I found: There was a surefire way to predict whether or not they would get where they said they wanted to go.

It all boiled down to seven major blocks to worldwide success.

Take a look at these and see how many of them could be holding you back from reaching your next level.

In no particular order, here they are:

#1 Your Dream Just Isn’t Big Enough

It’s gotta be BIG. OUTRAGEOUSLY BIG. Because if you don’t have a clear, powerful enough vision – one that really excites you a lot (and even scares you a little) – then you JUST aren’t going to do what it takes to get where you want to go.

You see, to achieve worldwide fame, you need a big, bold dream to propel you into living that dream.

You need a vision to turn on the radar in your mind to seek and find opportunities and connections. Without a big dream – a goal, a desire, a vision – you will survive but not thrive; you will exist but not exhilarate.

How this worked in my own life: When I decided to become a musician at age 57, it was a scary yet exciting dream. But it was my big dream – that “humongous” vision – that gave me the energy and confidence to create 15 albums in less than five years. Which made more than enough money to buy some of the most expensive guitars in the world.

And most important of all: It was my “humongous” vision, ultimately, that got my music in the hands (and ears) of more people around the world than even I dreamed of!

#2 You’re Not Taking Consistent Action

Willingness to take action, and keep taking action, is a major factor. You don’t need an entire step-by-step plan, as you might have to create it as you go. But you do need to take action.

Any action, even a baby step, is moving in the right direction. Because you have to keep moving forward for the path to unfold.

The rest of the road will become clear as you do. It’s like driving your car at night. You can only see the road as far as your headlights shine, but you can make the whole trip if you keep driving.

Personal example: Whenever I write a new book, I begin with the same blank page. But by typing words on it, I end up building what becomes a book. Many of them are worldwide bestsellers, such as Zero Limits and The Key.

#3 You Aren’t Congruent Enough In Your Beliefs

People who obtain worldwide success have an unreasonably strong – even stubborn – belief in themselves. If you don’t believe in yourself, or in your dream, you probably won’t take any action, or last very long. Limiting beliefs about money, success, yourself, and more, could limit your vision and curb your enthusiasm.

Your beliefs create your reality. Supportive beliefs can attract the massive success you want.

Again, my decision to become a musician is relevant. I had no prior experience in singing, writing songs, recording them or much else. As I systematically erased the limiting beliefs, using what I teach in my Miracles Coaching program, I freed myself to pursue my dream.

#4 You Lack the Necessary Courage

“No guts, no glory.” It’s true! It takes courage to face your fears and come from faith and make a massive worldwide impact. You don’t have to be flamboyant or showy, but you do have to be willing to step into the limelight. This is more about being willing to gamble on your dream than it is about being an extrovert.

You can be shy and successful. But you have to have the inner faith in yourself to pursue your dream.

I’ve often said that whenever you go for a dream bigger than what you’ve attempted before, you will feel fear. It’s natural. You are leaving your comfort zone. But as you take a deep breath and just do it, you find the inner power to get going, and the movement forward creates a momentum that is virtually unstoppable.

#5 You’re Not Willing To Do the Marketing

“Build it and they will come” works great in fictional stories, but face it: Nothing gets noticed unless somebody is marketing it (including the movie where the phrase “Build it and they will come” comes from!). The visionaries who are making a long-term difference on a worldwide scale all either conducted noteworthy marketing, or hired someone to do it.

Take Freud. While his ideas and books were being published and considered, they weren’t reaching a wide audience. It took a marketer to do that. Edward L. Bernays, the father of modern public relations, was the nephew of Freud. He saw his uncle struggle and did something about it. Today, largely thanks to the marketing work of Bernays, Freud is a worldwide name.

#6 You Didn’t Launch the Skyrockets

Getting worldwide success means standing out in the crowd. Doing big things in a big way is how you send a “skyrocket” into the world and get people to turn your way.

Consider Trump. Love him or hate him, vote for him or not, he is getting his name and brand increasingly recognized around the world.

Same goes for Branson. His daredevil exploits and well-promoted adventures, from ballooning to space flights, get his name locked into the mind of the world.

#7 You Haven’t Vastly Exceeded Expectations

Ultimately, you need to surprise people with what you deliver. Your product or service has to be way more than promised or expected. It needs to WOW them.

Zappos is known for this. So are many other companies that have worldwide recognition. They go beyond what is expected to deliver a “wow” service experience. Barnum in the 1800s did the same by offering tens of thousands of oddities in his museum. We still know his name today.

So, that is my list of the seven major blocks to worldwide success.

Any one of them can stop you.

All of them would have kept you from even reading this blog post.

But if you are here, and you’ve read this far, than you probably want more, too.

And here’s some encouraging news:

I have the personal experience and proven techniques at my disposal to help you get past every single block and onto the Worldwide Stage.

If you want to overcome these blocks and achieve the level of success others write about, then consider my one year Gullwing Mastermind.

There’s nothing else even remotely like it.

And, to be fair, it’s not for everybody; it requires a serious commitment of time, money, and willingness to grow.

But if you’re ready to fly, I have the vehicle for you.

You can get details right here.

Ao Akua,


PS – Remember to check out Miracles Coaching, too.

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The definitive course on attracting money


  1. Janelle-Reply
    December 4, 2015 at 7:37 pm

    Dear Joe,
    A sort of chain of “events” is currently unfolding in my life right now and it has a lot to do with you. I know you hear statements similar to this very often but this is something very profound for me. I feel the Universe has been pointing me in two specific directions for a long time now but I have been blocked by my underlying beliefs for an even longer time. Years ago, I subscribed to Writer’s Digest and inside this particular issue was an ad for American Writer’s and Artists, Inc. I requested information for The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. At the time I was struggling, immensely, with finances, emotions, etc. I guess I could be a poster child for someone being blocked by my beliefs. I still struggle but the difference is that, now, I know there’s a way out.
    After receiving the info for The Accelerated Program, I read it. Even though I am someone who LOVES to write and I feel like I have a message or something inside of me that wants to come out, I told myself then that I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t good enough or smart enough. So, I put it aside until four years ago when I came across it again. I was still struggling on so many levels. I moved from Fort Myers, Florida to Tampa (to be closer to my dad and stepmom) with all these big ideas that I was going to have a fresh start and things were going to get better. Two months after moving here my stepmom passed away, unexpectedly for me. It took a terrible toll on me and I let it negatively affect my relationship with my dad. I didn’t speak to him for a year and a half. After getting back in touch with him I moved into his home until I could get on my feet. A year later he was moving, so I had to find a place to live. In haste, I moved in with a coworker without getting all of the necessary information. This is where I, again, came across The Accelerated Program. So, this time, I started studying the articles and blogs on the website to gain all the knowledge I could. I told myself that there was a reason why this came around again. Then…. I went home one day after work to find all of my belongings on the front year and there was an official eviction notice on the home of my coworker. Long story short, she told me she got permission from her landlord for my daughter and myself to move in. Things started to smell fishy when I noticed she was slowly taking things out of the home while I was at work (she hadn’t been to work for a while), some of those things which were mine. When I contacted the landlord he told me that he didn’t have a conversation with her about my moving in and hadn’t payed the rent in several months.
    So, now I was left homeless. So I gave up on AWAI once again. Thankfully another coworker (a trustworthy one) felt bad for me and let me rent a room. It was there that I was having to face some very difficult issues emotionally so I began seeking a way out of my “dark night of the soul”. March of the next year (2012) I was finally in my own home. This year, I received a newsletter from Writer’s Digest with an offer for The Accelerated Program, again. I had already signed up for your newsletters at this point. So, I decided to give it a go, again. There has to be a reason why this keeps coming to my attention, I told myself. And I truly believe this now. Due to my financial struggles right now, I’m not studying the website as much as I should, meditating as much as I should but now I don’t feel so alone in the fact that I, sometimes feel unable to move forward. I do have some work to do. I purchased The Smart Start Program from AWAI a few months ago, which is stagnating right now but I haven’t given up this time. Especially now that I know you are a part of the AWAI team! I’m also reading Attract Money Now! because I have to change my relationship with my finances. I am very serious about purchasing The Accelerated Program so I definitely have work to do. There’s more I’d like to say but, for now, I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, Joe! You have and still are inspiring me to move forward in ways I never believed I could before. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙂

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