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Are You On the Right Path?

I flew to Houston recently to do one thing: test drive a Spyker, a hand made exotic super car from Holland.

It was a departure from my usual way of doing things. I never take a day off to fly to another city just to see a car. But it felt right. It felt like I almost couldn’t stop myself from doing it.

That bothered me.

I wondered why I was so intent on seeing that car. It was a stretch to see it. I had to interrupt my day, my business, my life. But I know the power of stretching to increase personal growth. I also know the power of trusting those hunches. So I stretched.

Now here’s where this gets interesting.

spyker car

I thought I was going to see the Spyker. After all, that’s why I booked the flight.

But from a higher plane (no pun intended), I actually went there for a completely different reason.

Yes, I went to see the car. That was the sole purpose of the trip. But once I knew I was going anyway, I started to think of what else I could do in Houston.

Recently I had been interviewed for three different CNN radio shows out of Houston.  The host liked me and asked to talk about filming a TV show with me. I told him about Operation YES, my movement to end homelessness. He liked it. So we planned to talk again soon.

Well, since I was going to Houston anyway, I asked if he wanted to meet. He did.

spyker 2008 back view

As it turns out, I loved driving the Spyker car.  It’s fast and furious and oh so unique looking. But it’s also tough to crawl in and out of it, like entering a fighter jet.

I didn’t buy the car.

It appears the real reason I went there was the CNN interview. It was intense brainstorming, high energy, and led to solid action. We made plans to make a realty TV show out of my helping homeless people with the Law of Attraction and my other work.

So why did I go to Houston?

Was it the car or CNN?

Obviously I consciously thought it was for the car.

But unconsciously I was really going there for CNN.

The lesson here is to trust the process.

Even when it may seem like you are off track, you may actually be on the right path.

You might doubt yourself or feel disappointed when you take action for a reason (such as to see a car) and it doesn’t work out.

But if you relax and breathe and remain aware, you will probably find there’s a better reason for the action you took.

Since you can learn from everything and everyone, it’s most likely true that you are always on the right path.

Assume that’s true and see if life takes on more of an exciting charm.

What if what you’re doing right now, no matter what it is or what you prefer, is exactly the right moment for you?

What if there’s something in this moment that is for you to see and act on that you hadn’t previously seen or considered?

Think about it.

For funsies, you can watch me meeting the 2008 Spyker Laviolette in Houston right here:

Ao Akua,


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Law of Attraction Steroids

How do you speed up the Law of Attraction? How do you get results faster? How do you almost instantly manifest your intentions?

Big questions. But the answer is the same:

Raise your vibration.

In short, the clearer you are, the faster you attract; the happier you are, the faster you attract; the more grateful you are, the faster you attract.

Clarity, happiness, and gratitude all raise your vibration.

But how do you raise your vibration?

Here are some fast ways:

1. Be happy now. If you’re not happy right now, you’re missing a great opportunity.

2. Smile. It will change your brain and confuse others.

3. Laugh. Just let it rip. This will transform you. You don’t need a reason to laugh, either.

4. Practice “What if UP” thinking. Instead of asking what will go wrong, keep asking what will go right.

5. Imagine the end result you want, complete with the satisfied feelings. Really get into the experience.

6. Remember a time when you were happy. That memory can be relived in the present.

7. Play with a puppy.

8. Look into the eyes of a child.

9. Feel grateful.  There’s bound to be something you can feel grateful for right now. You’re alive. Give thanks.

10. Get a Miracles Coach.

Obviously there’s more to the question, but this is a tip-sheet, not a book or audio program. For that, consider The Secret to Attracting Money.

Remember – Expect Miracles.

Ao Akua,


PS – Hear an in-depth and revealing interview with the top Miracles Coach of 2009 by clicking right here.

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A Secret to Self-Help

What’s a key to self-help, self-improvement or self-development?

Meet Ace Pepper.

Ace is the most upbeat, revved up and amped up guy I know. He absolutely loves making amplifiers for musicians.

I’ve seen people in love with their work before – from plumbers to postal workers to electrical repair people — but Ace Pepper takes the passion award.

The man is plugged in. He lives to make amps and does for famous musicians. I met him at a guitar show I attended with Pat O’Bryan. I liked Ace’s energy and was curious to what made him so contagiously happy.

I didn’t see Ace for almost a year, though. When one of my amps started to whistle when it was supposed to hum, I thought of Ace. Pat and I went to see him, my old amp in tow.

Ace gave me an hour lesson in how amps are built.

It was exciting.

It was in-depth.

It was intense.

I didn’t understand any of it.

But the guy’s boyish enthusiasm for his work was riveting.

I ended up hiring Ace to make me the amp of all amps.

amp man ace pepper

I told Ace I wanted something so astonishing that Bruce Springsteen would hear the legend of it and contact me, wanting to buy it.

Now here’s where this gets interesting.

I don’t know how to use a professional amp.  Oh, I know how to plug a guitar cable into it and turn it on. But Ace’s amps have a dozen dials, multiple plug-in holes, and wires coming out of the back of it. He makes amps that would challenge Tesla. Having him build me a professional custom-made amp was asking him to build me a car I couldn’t drive.


And that’s a secret to self improvement.

amp chassi

I told Ace I wanted him to build me an amp that I would “grow into.”

What I meant is this: I’ll learn how to use the amp once I have it. I’ll experiment, ask questions, make mistakes and grow. I’ll stretch myself into a comfortable fit.

This is true of virtually anything you want to learn.

amp mrfire

Set an intention and then start working/playing/learning to grow into it.

Same with singing.

I don’t sing.  Never used to, anyway. But I decided to do something huge and daring – not knowing exactly how I would accomplish it – and announced one day I would put on a one-man theatrical show called “Mr. Fire’s Wonder Show: An Evening of Magic, Music and Miracles.”

Talk about establishing a goal I’d need to grow into!




Well, the Law of Attraction kicked in and I started to attract the people and coaches I need to make that goal come true.

I stumbled into a vocal coach by the name of Guy Monroe. The guy is a-maz-ing. He’s also amped up about his work.

He took me under his wing, coached me with his vocal and verbal methods, and terrific upbeat energy, and I’m now singing Neil Young, Neil Diamond, Harry Chapin and more.

Recently I startled myself by singing Glen Hansard’s wonderful song, Falling Slowly, from the movie Once. I didn’t think I had a shot at getting close to the song, as it has such vocal extremes in it, from soft to shrill.

But Guy coached me, encouraged me, and I went for it.

I not only sang it, but I sang it pretty darn good.

Of course, I’m no Glen Hansard, but I’m an excellent Joe Vitale.

I’m proud of myself for daring something worthy and learning how to sing, accelerating my guitar playing, and getting an amp I have no idea how to use — yet.

Again, if you want to know a secret to self-help and self-improvement, re-read this post.

And then set a big, bold, daring goal for yourself, based on your passion.

It will help you “amp it up”.

Expect Miracles.

Ao Akua,


PS – You’ll notice that a key to growing fast and achieving your dreams with the Law of Attraction and more, is to have a coach. Listen to my interview with the Miracles Coach of 2009 by clicking right here. It’s another secret to self-improvement and self-help. Go for it!

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How to Treat People

A reader watched my DVD, Humbug, and emailed me this question:

“Was there one point in your life that was the turn around? I often ask people who’ve obviously hitched themselves to a Saturn 5 rocket the same question.”

I get that question a lot.

I’ve been thinking about it long and hard.

I know that taking on the attitude that anything is possible is part of the answer.  So is knowing the Law of Attraction and the idea that getting clear leads to preferred results.  So is always saying yes to life. And so is the idea of being ruthlessly honest about your desires.

But those are mindsets I’ve developed over time. They don’t answer the question about the single event that changed my life.

The thing is, there’s no “one point” where everything shifted for me. It was more a series of defining moments, some more memorable than others. For example:

Landing the book deal to write The AMA Complete Guide to Small Business Advertising for the American Marketing Association back in 1993, was a marker for me. I wasn’t paid much money (almost none) but it was my first book deal with a traditional publisher and the project made me feel accomplished and important. It also got me more clients and more speaking engagements. (I still love the book and use it myself, though sadly it’s now out of print. Some of it ended up in my book, Hypnotic Writing .)

Recording my program, The Power of Outrageous Marketing for Nightingale-Conant in 1997, was another turning point for me, one I had longed to have for over ten years. People who knew that company and their wonderful products began to treat me like I was a deity in the marketing world. That also influenced my own sense of value. (That’s also when I raised my fees. ) The program still sells like crazy today, and I’m still very proud of it. (One of my favorite sections is where I stage an interview with the great circus showman and master marketer, P.T. Barnum.)

Certain people helped me step up to a new level, as well.

Paul Hartunian changed my life. This publicity genius who once sold the Brooklyn Bridge as a PR stunt and got on Johnny Carson for it, once spent three hours over dinner in Houston telling me how to change my business. I took notes. I acted. Paul’s giving was a defining moment in my career. I’ll never forget him. He’s one of my heros.

Mandy Evans has been a “miracles coach” in my life for more than twenty years. This wonderful author of such books as Travelling Free has always been only a phone call away. Whenever I feel stuck and ready for the next level, I call her. I love her. She helps me get clear .

Bob Proctor — a living legend in the self-help movement — changed my life when he politely nudged me to publish the little book I was fearful about releasing, Spiritual Marketing. That book became an Amazon bestseller twice, got me into The New York Times, and led to my rewriting it and seeing J. Wiley publish it as the now long running classic, The Attractor Factor. And of course that book got me into the movie The Secret, which led to my being on Larry King, eXtra TV, CNN, CNBC, ABC, Time, Newsweek and…well, you get the idea.

Obviously, there’s no one event that transformed me.

If you want to know more, I’ve written about my journey through life in such books as Adventures Within.  It reveals other defining moments and the people who triggered them for me.


I really wish there was a simple answer to the question of what was my turning point moment, so we could both learn from it. But what may be better is to assume every moment is your turn around one, and act from that perspective. Life would then take on a glow .

Backed into a corner, and forced to say something was the one thing that changed my career, I’d give credit to the Internet.

I began as an Internet skeptic in the early 1990s. I didn’t believe all the hype about gold in cyberspace.

I was wrong.

I later wrote one of the first books about online marketing (CyberWriting).

And later, when Mark Joyner urged me to let him release my first e-book (Hypnotic Writing ), I began to taste fame and fortune.

So I have to give credit to being active online as a turning point in my career. (Note I said active online. I was and am busy creating and promoting products, not waiting for the world to come to my door.) The Internet let me take what I was doing locally and distribute it to the world.

But, as you can see, it was one of many defining moments.

Maybe the best way to wrap this up is with the following story:

I’m hearing from people from my past who saw the movie The Secret and then searched for me online. When they get to my main site , they write me and ask something like, “Are you the same Joe Vitale I worked with thirty years ago?”

One gent did that a while back. Turns out we had worked at Exxon together long, long ago.

He saw me on Larry King and couldn’t believe my level of success. He wrote to me saying, “I wish I had known what a gem I was hanging around back then.”

I thought, what if each of us treated each other like we were gems already — just unrecognized and maybe unpolished.

Wouldn’t that single change of perspective make every moment of our lives a turning point?

As Goethe wrote, “Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them become what they are capable of being.”

Ao Akua ,



PS — A way to get a turning point moment for yourself is through Miracles Coaching. I believe that trained mentors can help you leap to the next level, and I still employ them for myself today. Expect miracles. And remember, every moment counts.

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The "59 Seconds" Self Help Book

When ABC News interviewed me for their upcoming show on the pros and cons of positive thinking and the Law of Attraction, one of their questions was, “Why are there so many self-help books?”

Apparently a published skeptic felt that if self-help books really worked, we wouldn’t need so many of them.

Does that make sense to you?

Consider —

With all the cookbooks in the world, there will always be more published, guaranteed. With all the books on psychology, or sales, or aviation, or pottery, or martial arts, or law, or religion, or marketing, or sports, or politics, or parenting, or skepticism, or – well, name any category – there will always be more books.

That doesn’t mean there’s a problem with the books already published. It doesn’t mean there’s a problem with the fields themselves, either. It means people are still growing and learning, discovering and sharing.

But somehow with self-help, it’s not accepted.

I find that odd.

I’ve spent most of the day reading Richard Wiseman’s book, 59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot. It’s mis-titled, as you can’t read much of it in 59 seconds. Still, it’s an excellent book. It’s research-based self-help. It’s packed with study after study proving or disproving concepts taught in the self-help movement. You should read it.

Side note: It’s interesting that scientific studies in the filed of psychology don’t usually come to any definitive conclusions. In other words, the studies indicate results may “suggest” a particular pattern or insight, but they don’t guarantee it. Even the so-called Law of Reciprocity can’t be guaranteed to work all the time.  When you give something to someone, it’s no guarantee they’ll give you anything in return. Still, authors call it a “law” when they don’t allow any leeway for the Law of Attraction. In short, read the psychological studies as entertainment but test their conclusions in your own life. After all, a different study done with a different audience may indicate a different result. Or so it appears to suggest.

But isn’t 59 Seconds yet another self-help book?

Since it has the blessing of science behind it, it tends to be “allowed” as a self-help book, even by the skeptics.

Do you see the illogical nature of this?

I love self-help and success literature. If it weren’t for those books, and my taking action on what I read, I’d still be unknown, unpublished and unhappy.

One night I watched a documentary on happiness. An author being interviewed (I don’t recall his name) said over 70% of the people who change on their own, without therapy or a coach, do so because of a self-help book.

When celebrity fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee visited me for the Rolls-Royce Phantom Mastermind (which ABC News filmed) she asked me, “How did you get into self-help?”

I replied, “Because I needed help.”

I told ABC News that neither I nor any self-help author I know set out to write more than one book on self-help. It’s the readers who ask for them. It’s the market that demands more. We simply supply what they request.

When I wrote The Attractor Factor, I never considered I’d write The Key or Zero Limits after it. Neither was in my mind.

And lord knows I never intended to write my recent book, Attract Money Now. That came as a result of my seeing so many people struggling. I even decided to give the digital version of the book away, for free, to help them.

I’m proud to be a self-help author. I don’t plan to write any more books, but I never thought I’d be the author of fifty books, either. (Yes, fifty.)

The point: When you need help, consider books. Yes, there are plenty to choose from. But that’s why restaurants have more than one special. Each person is different. Each desires and feels best with a particular approach.

Books that have helped me include —

The Book of est

The Magic of Believing

Think and Grow Rich

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Why Is This Happening to Me…Again?

The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

What self-help books have made a difference in your life?

Leave a comment and let me know.

Ao Akua,


PS – Studies suggest that if you read my new book, Attract Money Now, you’ll learn how to use the Law of Attraction to attract something you might need in your life: money.

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