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Twisted Law of Attraction Method

Mathew Dixon just released an amazing new e-book, titled Attracting for Others. It’s free. And fun. And eye-opening. I wish I had thought of it. Meanwhile, here’s my introduction to his book, which explains why you should go get it right now:

When you want to attract something, what do you typically do?

If you are like most people, you sit and visualize what you want, write affirmations about it, set an intention for it, and hope for the best. If you’re smart, you might even take action on the ideas and opportunities that come to you. That’s the basic mechanics of the Law of Attraction.

Sometimes you actually attract what you want that way.

Sometimes you don’t.

Why not?

Why doesn’t it always work?

Why can’t you always attract what you declare you want?

I’ve been teaching for years, through my books and audios, that there is a “missing secret” to the Law of Attraction. Basically, you’ll have a tough time attracting what you want if you have counter-intentions in your unconscious mind.

For example, if you say you want to attract money, yet at the same time think money is bad or evil, you will cancel out your own intention.

Why would you attract something you felt was evil?

If you say you want a relationship, but deep down don’t believe you are worthy of one, you won’t attract your dream person.

Why would you attract someone new if you felt you didn’t deserve someone new?

You can see the problem.

What you believe unconsciously is more important than what you believe consciously.

So, what can you do about this snag in the Law of Attraction process?

Well, you can work on your unconscious beliefs, enter my Miracles Coaching program, or do any number of things to get clear of your inner blocks. All of that would be wise. All of it would work. I’m in favor of it.

But Mathew Dixon rides to our rescue with an entirely new method. I think it’s a little “twisted,” but I also know you’ll love it.

While everyone else is scrambling to find new ways to attract more for themselves, Mathew quietly created a way to do just that, but with a twist: he found that the more you attract for others, the more you actually attract for yourself.

In other words, while the average manifestation junkie is sitting in a chair, meditating on the new car or sexy partner they want, Mathew is sitting in a chair imagining you already have that new car or sexy partner.

He’s focused on your end result, not his.

He’s using the Law of Attraction for you.

Why is this important?

Free E-Book Reveals "Twisted" New LOA Method

Free E-Book Reveals "Twisted" New Law of Attraction Method

His state of mind is at a higher frequency because his intentions are pure and his interference is low.

He can attract what you want faster than you can because he’s not emotionally tied up in your end result.

He simply and innocently wants you to have what you desire.

He doesn’t have your baggage, or limited belief system.

He doesn’t have any stake in you getting what you want, and as a result, he can more clearly, powerfully and effectively make the request for you.

That’s why his approach is “twisted.”

The “Twist” is he is focused on attracting for others, while most people are only focused on attracting for themselves.

Big difference in perspective, right?

And the grand insight is this: you can attract faster when you do it for others.

You also learn more about the inner dynamics of manifestation when you first do it for others.

You also earn what I call “Good Karma Points” by focusing on others before yourself.

And the more his book spreads around the world, and the more people learn how to attract for others, the more people will be attracting for you, too.

Besides, everyone you see is really a mirror reflection of your inner being, anyway. So when you attract for others, you’re really just attracting for the reflected versions of yourself. The cosmic joke is you are attracting for yourself when you “attract for others.” The other is you.

But don’t worry your mind over that. You don’t need to understand it or accept it to make the concept in his book work.

This book is evidence that Mathew’s technique is powerful. His stories are riveting and true. I know because a couple of them are about me or people I know. I’ve seen him create the method, try it, and secretly do it to help people. I also watched him write this book, which he decided to give away.

Again, he’s helping you.

The point of his book isn’t to make Mathew the “go to” guy when you want to attract something. Don’t write him and say, “Attract for ME, Mathew!” That’s an easy trap. That’s again giving away your power to another.

Rather, the point of this book is for you to start “ATTRACTING FOR OTHERS.”

The more you do it, the better you’ll feel, the more “in the flow” you’ll be, and the higher your level of energy and happiness. You’ll love it.

Simply read his wonderful, breezy little book, and follow Mathew’s guidelines.  They are easy. And fun.

And as you use them, you will learn how to attract more for yourself – by first learning how to attract for others.

Go get his e-book — it’s entirely free — over at Attracting For Others.

Ao Akua,


PS — Mathew’s name should be familiar to you. We created the bestselling healing music album titled Aligning to Zero. The incredible music we were inspired to record helps open and align your chakras and is (if I say so myself) divinely beautiful. Hear samples at the site:  http://www.aligningtozero.info

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Member BBB 2003 - 2013


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Thank you
I love you

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Member BBB 2003 – 2012

The Story of Little Taco

A few weeks ago I met a tiny dog. She’s a Chiweenie, a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund, and maybe one month old. If you follow me on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/drjoevitale), you saw the photo of her there. She’s in the picture with me here:

Meet a Chiweenie puppy

Meet a Chiweenie puppy

We already have a dog, an elderly girl named Wolfie who has a lot of pain and needs a shot every Friday to help relieve it. We also have a senior citizen cat, Nona, who has been on Animal Planet TV, and who likes to be the only feline in the house. After all, she’s a star.

Still, I was drawn to this little puppy in the photo. Turns out, she has a brother.

I asked about the brother and learned he needed a home. His mom was a stray who was rescued and then had a litter. The pups from it were being adopted. The sister was adopted. The brother was still available. Despite the circumstances in our home, I was drawn to him. The owner sent me a photo of him and I took it with us on a trip to Canada. Here’s the pic she sent to me:

Meet the little brother

Meet the little brother

I looked at him every day. I used to enlarge his picture so I could look into his eyes. Something told me to meet him.

When we returned from our international trip, we called and arranged to meet the little guy. We did and it was love at first sight. We brought him home and introduced him to the family. We called him Taco. I fell in love.

Lonely No More

Lonely No More

Not everyone was happy.

Our TV star kitty ran upstairs and moved up there. She wouldn’t come back down.

Our elderly dog didn’t like a little Tasmanian Devil snipping at her face and wanting to play.

Wolfie meets Taco

Wolfie meets Taco

After three days of this, we realized it would be a mistake to keep him. Even our vet told us not to have a puppy. It would hurt our great-great-grandmother of a dog. It didn’t help our cat. The writing was on the wall.

With tears in our eyes, we made some calls. As it turned out, the friend who introduced me to the little girl puppy told me that her friend visiting from Dallas was interested in the little brother. Within thirty minutes, they came over, met Taco, and fell in love. Taco now lives in Dallas, has a home that adores him, and is happy. His new name is Bugsy.

Taco is now Bugsy

Taco is now Bugsy

But here’s the rub:

Why did we take Taco to begin with?

Why was he led to us?

And why did we have to give him up?

This bothered me for a day or so. I look for the signs and signals in life that tell me where the flow is. I then usually follow that flow, and all is well. I felt in the flow to hear of Taco, meet him, adopt him and love him.

But letting him go hurt.

Why did it all happen?

I finally realized that our home was simply the stop over in an unseen chain to get Taco to Dallas. Had we not adopted him, we may never have been in a position to find the Dallas home for him. In a way, we were a delivery system. Our job was to get him for a weekend and pass him to the woman visiting from out of town that very same weekend.

Wow. There’s the flow. We just didn’t know it.

Some Divine current was directing me to do something, and directing the woman in Dallas to do something. It all worked out in Taco’s favor. It all ended up being good. Even great.

But during the weekend we had Taco, we didn’t know that. There was a script being acted out, written by an unseen hand, and we were playing our parts. We just couldn’t see the end result. We were caught in the moment and thought the moment was permanent.

The lesson, at least for me, is to trust the flow and the process.

It all leads to happiness, and is happiness, even when you think or want otherwise.

Just ask Taco.

Ao Akua,


PS — Stay tuned for a blog post revealing the secret stories behind The Healing Song, my fourth music album.

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Member BBB 2003 - 2012


Three Urgent Life Lessons

As I write this, my mother is dying. She is in pain, looks horrible, and cries out a lot. It shakes me to the core to see her this way. She’s beyond recovery with any of the healers or healing I know.

My father, 86 and going strong, is her basic caretaker. He has refused most offers of help. When I return home to see them both, I struggle with what I see.

I’ve been reflecting on the insights here for you and me. This is a time of letting go and processing. There are at least three urgent life lessons that I feel compelled to share with you. Maybe you know them; maybe you don’t. But I feel obligated to describe them, hoping they will help all of us.

Here they are:


If you don’t take care of your health, your enjoyment of life, and most likely your length of time here, will suffer. This isn’t to be taken lightly. I’m not just talking about how you feel today, but how what you do today will influence how you feel a few years to decades from now. You are sculpting your future self from today’s thoughts, decisions and actions.

My mother hasn’t taken care of herself. For the last 13 years she has suffered from depression and procrastination. Over time, that created the deteriorating body I see today. Yet my father has exercised every day for the last fifty years. He’s 86 and basically in good health. Seeing him handle my mother is an inspiration.

Your health should be your top priority.


Unless you do something today about your finances, years to decades from now you may find yourself relying on others. That may not be a good thing. The health care system we currently have in the USA isn’t very healthy, or reliable. You don’t want to burden family or friends, and you don’t want to count on them. The only way out is to be financially free. That way you can hire the best care, even a personal doctor or nurse. You can take care of yourself and be comfortable.

My parents are “OK” financially. Their bills are paid. They have some insurance. But they can’t afford what I think my mother needs right now. I can, of course, and I am doing whatever my father will allow. But I don’t think you want to end up in a position where you are dependent on others.

Your wealth should be a top priority.


Throughout life, the goal seems to be happiness. A better word might be contentment. Yes, we want life experiences and “stuff,” but that’s because we think they will bring us happiness. The real goal is to be happy now.

My mother is not happy. My father is, or at least appears to be. And I confess that during this time with my mother I have had difficulty finding my center; that place of peace in the center of the cyclone. Yet happiness, or contentment, is the secret passageway to making all of life enjoyable, or at least acceptable.

Contentment should be your central priority.

Those life lessons are important. But how do you make them a reality?

Here are a few answers that have helped me:


Take care of your health

Take care of your health

Today the average life span is about 78 years. Thanks to better nutrition and better medicine, we are living longer. But you can’t stop there. Read Dr. Marc Gitterle’s book on anti-aging, called Growing Young. I realize there are numerous books on health and wellness. I know Dr. Gitterle. He’s helped me. His book is a breakthrough. Get his e-book direct from his website or get the printed version at Amazon. (I don’t make a dime when you buy it.)


Take care of your finances

Take care of your finances

According to the Associated Press on November 17th, “People who are 90 or older have nearly tripled in number since 1980, to 1.9 million…The trend is posing unique health challenges and adding to rising government costs for the strained Medicare and Social Security programs.” Save yourself. Read Attract Money Now. It’s free. I wrote it to help you out of the money mess. Quit giving your power to others; quit being a victim; quit complaining. Find your path to freedom. Get it direct from this link: http://www.attractmoneynow.com (Remember, it’s free.)


Erase beliefs to be here now

Erase beliefs to be here now

This moment is the miracle. Even with all the challenges, even with all the sadness, even with all the suffering, this moment is still a miracle. Finding peace within the circumstances of the moment is your test. There are many ways to help yourself return to this moment. When I was getting on a plane to see my mother a few months ago, and I knew she was in ER and didn’t know what I was going to face, I had to slow down my breathing, quiet my mind, and return to the serenity of the moment. My being at peace when I got to see my mom also helped her relax.

When I review this post, I see that I’m describing what others have said is our search and our right: the pursuit of health, wealth, and happiness. It’s not new. It’s centuries old.

The real question is, are you actively pursuing these?

The key word is actively.

It’s one thing to nod your head and agree with me. It’s quite another to stand up and do something.

I’m asking you to do something.

As I was writing this post for you, I learned a friend of mine from college died.

Then I learned the mother of another friend passed away.

What’s the best way to deal with these life challenges?

Nature reminds us of the way:

A cat we’ve had for over ten years suddenly stopped eating, looked ill, and left. He was feral. We had never been able to touch him, let alone catch him. But I marvel at how in tune with nature he was. He didn’t complain or second guess or doubt. He accepted his moment and moved on.

Sandy moved on naturally

Sandy moved on naturally

But the story gets even better.

Our dog, Wolfie, has never slept indoors at night. Not in ten years. Not during heavy rains or deep freezes. Never. But once our feral kitty left us, Wolfie moved in. Somehow Wolfie knew her friend no longer needed her outside for protection or company.

It’s inspiring to see nature work in such perfection. I want to be so in tune with my Divine connection to know what to do in each moment. For now, it’s writing this message to you.

What is it for you?

Finally, I’ve sometimes asked my readers to join me in holding an intention. Whether to stop a hurricane, clean up an oil spill, or put out wildfires, every time I’ve made such a request there was a measurable difference in the world.

This time I’m asking you to help my mother.

Please hold the intention that she is at peace in her body and mind. Send her love. Pray, clean, meditate, or whatever else you feel guided to do.  Ask for her most benevolent outcome.

Thank you.

I love you.

Ao Akua,


PS — I wrote a song called “Three Months” that you’ll be able to hear on my forthcoming music CD, Strut! It’s based on a true story, where a friend was given three months to live. The song asks you to reflect on the question, “What would you do if you had three months to live?” It might be worth meditating on today, especially since tomorrow is Thanksgiving holiday in the USA: What would you do if you were given a short time on earth? What are you grateful for? Who are you grateful for? Who would you call? Thank? Hug? Kiss? What would you do? The moment to do something is right now. BTW, Happy Thanksgiving.

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Member BBB 2003 - 2012

Member BBB 2003 - 2012


Decoding Your Childhood

When I was a kid I wanted to play the guitar. I told my parents. They listened and bought me a Roy Rogers cowboy guitar — made out of cardboard.

Being a smart kid, I knew the guitar was a symbol. It meant my parents didn’t believe in me. They never thought I would amount to anything as a guitar player. After all, if they had faith in me and my potential, they’d have bought me a really nice guitar.

I held that memory in my head for almost fifty years.

Fifty years!

That’s a long time to hold a grudge.

When I hooked up with Daniel Barrett, my music producer for my forthcoming album, and told him my sad Roy Rogers guitar story, he suggested I make peace with it.

1960s Roy Rogers Guitar

1960s Roy Rogers Toy Guitar

He suggested I find an old Roy Rogers cardboard guitar and buy it. He thought there might be a lesson in it for me.

I didn’t think so.

But I trust Daniel and did what he asked. I searched, found a nice 1960s Roy Rogers toy guitar on eBay, and bought it.

When it arrived, I felt sick.

When I opened the box, I felt depressed.

There was that damn guitar again.

But I walked off my sadness, sat with the guitar, glanced at it every now and then, played it a little, and relaxed.

I started to remember all the warm fuzzies I had about Roy Rogers, the man, the singer, the actor, the legend.

Who didn’t like Roy Rogers?

Roy Rogers, the Singing Cowboy

Roy Rogers, the Singing Cowboy

He stood for good in the world.

He was the superman of the wild west.

It then occurred to me to get the background story on my parents giving me that guitar. After all, there might be more to what I remembered. So I called my 85-year-old father and asked him about it.

“Dad, do you remember that Roy Rogers guitar you gave me as a kid?”

“You mean that cheapee?” he quickly replied. “I drove to Pennsylvania in a blizzard to get that thing.”

“Why did you get me that particular guitar?”

“We were broke but we wanted to get you what you wanted,” he said. “We got you the best guitar we could afford at the time.”

And there it was.

The truth.

I felt tears well up in my eyes.

My father and me eating garlic and peanut butter (his idea not mine)

My father and me eating garlic and peanut butter (his idea not mine)

My parents did believe in me.

They simply struggled with money. My father was the bread winner in the family. He had an entire platoon of kids to raise. I wanted a guitar. He got me one, doing the best he could at the time.

And for almost fifty years I thought he didn’t believe in me!

My entire story was wrong.

Most likely you have stories from your childhood like this. When we’re too young to know how the world works, we make conclusions that simply aren’t true. (Actually, we do this as adults, too, but that’s a different blog post.)

“When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished by how much he’d learned in seven years.” – Mark Twain

Maybe it’s time to reexamine some of the childhood stories you still carry.

Maybe it’s time to revisit, understand or reinterpret, and forgive.

Maybe it’s time to dig out that Roy Rogers guitar and play a tune.

Pull up a chair…

Ao Akua,


PS – Now that I’ve decoded my childhood, the first song I wrote is a tribute to Roy Rogers. He was a cool guy. And if you’re a guitar collector like me, you might like to know that Roy’s own Martin OM-45 guitar sold for $460,000. You read it right. Almost half a million dollars. Roy bought it for $30 used in 1933 and never knew it was a rare guitar to begin with. It sold for more than Roy’s 1964 Bonneville convertible or his stuffed legendary horse, Trigger. You just never know the value of a guitar —  emotionally or otherwise — even if it’s made out of cardboard.

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Member BBB 2003 - 2011