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Hear Me Now

life-missing-manual-audio-cds.jpg In case you didn’t know it, most of my books are now available as audios.


If you go to www.Amazon.com and search “Joe Vitale”, you’ll find many of the books as completely unabridged packaged CDs.

If you also search www.itunes.com, or www.audible.com, you’ll find the same audios but as downloadable products.


Of course, The Missing Secret is still a bestseller over at

www.nightingale.com, too.  missing-secret-nc-set.jpg

I am the one reading the books, except for some brief passages read by others.  

In the case of Zero Limits, Dr. Hew Len himself reads his own passages from the book, which makes this one a lively and exceptional audio experience.

Just sharing in case you love audios over books. 🙂

Ao Akua,


PS — All product photos (except for The Missing Secret) were taken by master photographer Rodney Bursiel of www.rodneybursiel.com (Left click on any image to enlarge it.)