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The Woman Who Sang Past Fear

On November 20 I held an autograph party for the release of my latest book, Attract Money Now. Despite the bad weather, some people drove hundreds of miles to the Vitale Cigar Room to meet me, talk, and get their beautiful hardcover book signed. It was a wonderful evening.

attract money now hardcover offerOne of the people who came was a young woman from my local area who I didn’t know. She had some questions. As she asked them, I kept thinking someone should film this, as her questions were sincere and perceptive. For example, she asked –

“What’s the one thing you had to change to keep stretching and succeeding?”

It was an easy answer. In my book, Attract Money Now, I say that your wealth is hiding under the very thing you are afraid to do. Face your fears and you can stretch and succeed.

Another question she asked was –

“As you grow, do your friends fall away?”

I told her yes, they often (but not always) do, but it’s a natural process. People who were best friends of mine at one level of growth just floated out of my life as I changed and evolved. There was no animosity. It just happened as an organic growth process.

She also asked –

“Do you have to learn stocks and bonds, trading, banking and real estate to attract big money?”

I told her no. I don’t know anything about trading or real estate and don’t want to. As I explain in my new book, you can attract more money by doing what you love. It helps to think like an entrepreneur but the key is in following your own passion.

She and I talked for a little longer and then, as more people came to greet me, she wandered off.

sarah marie singing

But a little later in the evening she returned with an acoustic guitar in hand. I love guitars and had to know what she was doing with one.

“I want to face my fears,” she told me. “I was wondering if I could play a song for you.”

I of course said yes.

My friend Pat O’Bryan was there.  I quickly asked him if he would film the performance. He agreed.

I guess I was expecting her to play something soft, easy, and sweet. But this woman fried the room, brought everyone to a stand still, and melted my heart as she sang an incredible aria from an Italian opera.

Her voice was stunning. I got goose bumps as she played. It was heavenly and unforgettable.  See for yourself by clicking on the below image:

Her name is Sarah Marie. You can find her music on www.cdbaby.com. She has a myspace page at www.myspace.com/sarahmariesedona

Sarah got past her fear.

sarah flower

All it took was a deep breath and a step forward.

What have you done to face your fears today?

Ao Akua,


PS — If you want help in getting past your fears, consider Dr. Joe Vitale’s Miracles Coaching.

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