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The Abundance Network

I was interviewed about my new audio program (The Abundance Paradigm) while in Chicago recording it. The host asked, “Joe, with the economy in the tank and sinking, what are we to do?”

“How do you know it’s sinking?” I asked. “Where did you hear about it?”

He seemed surprised by my questions. But I didn’t give him a chance to reply. I went on saying —

“The only reason you think it’s terrible out there is because you are being programmed to think so by the mainstream media.”

The host stared at me as I went on my soapbox and continued —

“The media is trained to find bad news and broadcast it to you. The more they do it and you believe it, the worst the world looks. It then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You live from the new paradigm of scarcity and the media, doing its job, broadcasts it. You don’t even see it happening. It feels real. You take it as reality.”

At that point I could have told the true story of how ABC News came to my home – twice – and interviewed me for hours. They even filmed an entire evening with me and celebrity fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee during one of my Rolls-Royce Phantom Masterminds.

Six months later all that footage was edited down to barely three minutes of highly distorted “news.” The same news station that broadcast a slimy angle about my work also broadcast commercials for drugs with known side effects, such as death.

That’s mainstream news.

You might call it the Scarcity Network.

The Scarcity Network typically airs facts in negative terms and slants. For example, a reader sent me the following —

“Joe, just a further example for you of negative news.  The US originally thought that we lost 131,000 jobs in July, it is actually 77K jobs better and it is still packaged as bad news.  Then, some people feel that their job prospects are better so they decide to enter the labor force and we show an uptick in unemployment. Wouldn’t a headline of:  “US retains 77,000 more jobs than originally thought while more workers choose to enter the labor force” be a better headline?”

Yes, it would be a better headline. But the Scarcity Network won’t broadcast that. It’s not the programming they want you to have in your head. They need you to live in fear. They need you controlled. They’re not doing this out of any intentional conspiracy, but because they were programmed, too. This is their paradigm.

But I didn’t relate either of the above to my interviewer. Instead, I turned direction and said —

“But what if there was a different channel to watch or listen to? What if there was an Abundance Network and all it broadcast were inspiring stories of people succeeding, accomplishing, attracting and achieving? What if they spun everything in a good way?”

I continued with —

“We all know that there are people doing well in the world right now. If this alternative media broadcast their positive news, and that’s all you watched, you would soon be programmed to see the world as an abundant place. You would then create a self-fulfilling prophecy of abundance. You would then see abundance. You would then see opportunities. You would live in a world of miracles. That would then feel real.”

At that point I could have related the true story of the man who gave out credit cards to a handful of homeless people as a test to see what they would do with them. In every case, the homeless person used the card as they said they would, didn’t misuse it to buy drugs or alcohol, and even returned the card when done.

The Abundance Network would report this story to show the hope and responsibility in the destitute; the Scarcity Network would run a similar test but air what didn’t work, even if they had to make it up, or they would complain that the cards had low limits, etc.  They would find a weakness in an otherwise inspiring story. But they would focus on the weakness not to correct it but to communicate the unspoken programming, “See, told you homeless people were unreliable and its hopeless to try to help them!”

Back to my interview.

My host barely had time to stutter before I kept going with —

“Look. Both types of world exist right now — the lousy economy one as well as the abundant economy one. I’m not denying that. But it’s like an optical illusion. Depending on how you look, the image is either an old woman, or a young woman. Reality itself is neutral. The question is, which view are you going to let program you? Which do you want to live in?”

old woman illusion

I’m not aware of an Abundance Network yet. But until something like it exists — or until my new audio program comes out in late October or The Dr. Joe Vitale Show starts airing on CBS radio — what are you to do?

Here’s my suggestion —

Reprogram your mind.

Take charge of it.

Feed it the positive and you’ll see and then attract the positive.

You’ll “tune in” to the Abundance Network in your own mind. You’ll have a paradigm shift (a shift of your view of the world) and you’ll see abundance where you didn’t before. It’s basic Law of Attraction at work: you attract what you expect and believe. Just change the channel in your mind.

And then you can thumb your nose at the doomsayers out there.

You can become immune to them.

You can see reality as the grand optical illusion and choose which view of it best suits you.

How can you do this?

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It’ll tell you the true story of a broke man who found the secret to fulfilling virtually any desire you may have.

And it’ll tell you how to easily program your mind with the positive while you do something even easier than watching TV.

Go to — http://milagromanifestationmethod.com

And check out Miracles Coaching right here.

What station will you choose — the Scarcity Network or the Abundance Network?

It’s your move.

And your mind.

Choose wisely.

Ao Akua,


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Note: My new audio program will be out late October. It’s called The Abundance Paradigm: Moving from the Law of Attraction to the Law of Creation. Stay tuned for details. For now, visit Nightingale-Conant. It’s pretty close to an Abundance Network all by itself. Go see. You’ll love it.

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