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All Ways Zen Retreat

111_1188.JPG I just finished the Chicago Learning Annex Wealth Expo, where I spoke after Tony Robbins and before Donald Trump, and will give you a report on it once I get home. For now, here’s a quick report about a different recent talk I gave. http://senseitristan.blogspot.com/ Enjoy.


What's It Mean?

img00201.jpg  We came home from Canada and found our pool broken, dry, and beyond repair.

If you came home and saw that, what would you think?

How would you explain how you attracted it?

This is a beautiful exercise in how to uncover your beliefs.

What you decide an event means is the belief that attracted the event.

Let me explain:

From a pure life standpoint, events are simply events. They have no meaning. It just “is”.

From a personal involvement with life standpoint, the meaning you give an event is very relevant.

When I looked at my pool and saw the damage, here are a few thoughts that I remember thinking:

1. This would be a great place for a car port.

2. This is a great opportunity to build a bigger and better pool.

I didn’t fall into a victim mentality.

I didn’t see the event as negative.

I didn’t regard the destruction as a reflection of my self-worth.

I did wonder how it happened. (A hair line crack in the side of the pool finally gave way under the weight of the water and split open.)

But wondering about the why is how we humans learn new ways to prevent something undesireable from happening again.

The lesson here is about how the meaning you give an event reflects the underlying beliefs that attracted it.

This is a new concept for many, so just sit with it.

Ao Akua,


PS – The meaning you give this blog post reflects your beliefs, too. 🙂


Predictable Transformation

teach-learn.jpg Three hours in a stretch limo with Secret co-stars Lisa Nichols and John Assaraf can be enlightening and exhilarating.

Lisa spent time on the phone with her editor, working on her first book. She’s on a mission to help teenagers survive. I was so impressed I told her I would pay to bring her to Austin to do her special workshop for local kids. 

John and I talked about life, marketing, speaking, consulting, and more. He used the phrase “predictable transformation” to describe how his coaching program works: it’s designed to get results.  

I told him about my Miracles Coaching and Executive Mentoring programs. The same philosophy is behind both: do what is asked of you and you’ll get predictable results.

What I loved most about being in the limo with these two wonderful people is their energy. They aren’t caught up in the world of external reality. Instead, they are creating their external reality by what they are doing inside and outside themselves.

I also noticed that when I hang around upbeat people like them, my own energy and thoughts go up. I want to do even bigger and bolder things in my life.

There’s a lesson here for you, too. Choose your coaches and support team well and shoot for the moon in your goals.

Ao Akua


PS — The November issue of News You Can Use is now online at www.mrfire.com/nycu-archives/nycu-2007/november.html 


Quiz: Where Am I?

The following are photographic clues as to my whereabouts. I’ve mentioned several times that I am on a speaking tour. Right now I’m parked in one location. The first person to leave a comment accurately guessing where I am wins a signed copy of my recent bestseller, The Key. www.unlock-the-secret.com Good luck.


The Rorschach Blog Post

Psychologists sometimes use the controversial Rorschach ink blot test to see what is inside a person’s unconscious mind. You look at an odd blot of ink and quickly announce what you think you see. It can be surprising and revealing.

Yesterdays’s blog post seems to be a type of ink blot test: people responded to things that weren’t even there. A few people even got angry, which I find surprising and revealing.

For example, I made no direct comments about my fellow Secret co-stars and why they escaped the San Diego fires; I also made no direct comments about those who were harmed by the fires.

What I did say was I found it “interesting” and I invited readers to consider asking a different question about the experience.

From there, the blog post was interpreted depending on the readers’s mindset.

Considering the few people who seemed upset, it seems under their feeling is the idea that victims and victimhood are real; there is such a thing as powerlessness and bad luck; no amount of healing or cleaning or clearing can help.

I find that mentality to be the real problem.

Too often people say “luck” — whether good or bad — is the trump card in life.

Yet I tend to view luck as a scapegoat. We seem to use it when we don’t understand why something happened. We chalk up an event “to luck.”

But I’m suggesting you are more directly responsible for your life then you ever before imagined. You’re simply calling your unconscious involvement in life “luck.”

This is where we need to awaken.

It’s not awakening to more blame, more criticism, more powerlessness.

It’s awakening to your responsibility for all that occurs in your life.

All of it.

“If it’s never our fault, we can’t take responsibility for it. If we can’t take responsibility for it, we’ll always be its victim.”
– Richard Bach

Ao Akua,


PS — But maybe all of the above is wrong and I’m just a victim, too. I wonder which thought is more powerful, feels better, and will lead to more positive, concrete, life-enhancing results?