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Asking Right Questions

What’s the right question to ask in virtually any situation?

The right question is the one that moves your energy (and vibration) upward.

Most people ask “what if down” questions.

What if this goes wrong?

What if it doesn’t work out?

What if she leaves me?

Those questions take your energy (vibration) down. It closes your mind from seeing possibilities.

But the right question to ask is the one that takes you UP.

What if this goes right?

What if this works out?

What if she stays with me?

Those questions take your mind in an expansive, possibility thinking new direction.

The best way to understand “What if UP” thinking is to get Mindy Audlin’s new book, What If It All Goes Right?. That’s her and me below.

mindy and joe

What if her book changes your life forever in a positive way?

What if you went and ordered it right now?

Ao Akua,


PS – If it means anything to you, I wrote the foreword to Mindy’s book. It’s about how I taught the Russians what if UP thinking. You’ve got to read that.

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"You Can Have It All"

In the early 1980s one of the authors who inspired me was Arnold Patent. He came out of nowhere with a book titled You Can Have It All and quickly went on the cover of national magazines and even appeared on Oprah.


Arnold is still around. He’s eighty years old and still writing and speaking. I interviewed him recently for my Hypnotic Gold members. He’s an easy guest, as he’s so loving and relaxed.

One of his tips for growing is what he calls stretching.

The more you reach for goals that you think are beyond you, the more you will stretch yourself into being the kind of person who can reach those goals.

arnold patent book

He also noted that you can’t dramatically change without a coach.

He openly said that books and audios won’t do it, even though he (like me) offers both.

He said you need someone to take you beyond yourself. In his opinion, that’s a coach.

Of course, I agree. That’s why I started Miracles Coaching more than four years ago. Books and audios helped me, but coaching transformed me.

When it comes to stretching, just talking to Arnold was making me stretch beyond my limits. Through our interview, he was a temporary personal coach to me.

For example, as you may already know, I had been contemplating buying a Spyker car for well over a year. It’s a hand-made exotic sports car from Holland. It’s rare, stunning, and expensive. Since I already attracted several nice cars, including a Rolls-Royce Phantom and three Panoz sports cars, I wouldn’t let myself even test drive a Spyker.

But then I remembered Arnold and the idea of stretching.

I had to admit I was letting my limiting thoughts stop me from trying out the Spyker. I had to come face to face with my own issues of deservingness, wealth, status, opinion, and much more.

Please note: It’s not about the car. It’s about stretching.

As a result, I flew to Houston to do one thing: test drive that car!

I wrote about that experience in a previous blog post (April 2nd: Are You On the Right Path?). It illustrates how taking action leads to unexpected miracles.


Now it’s your turn.

Please think about what you have been afraid to do.

That fear may be a stretch for you.

But stretching often leads to transformation.

Go read Arnold Patent. I endorse him and his work. As his famous book title declares, you really can have it all.

But in order to experience that abundance, you may have to do something you’ve been afraid to do.

The next move is yours.

I wonder what joy awaits once you take the first step to stretch into what you want….

Ao Akua,


PS – Want help in overcoming fear and other inner blocks? Get a free thirty minute consultation with one of my Miracles Coaches by clicking right here. Discover how to use the Law of Attraction and the ideas in the movie The Secret to finally attract what you want.

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The Money Mind Trick

A massage therapist I know asked me if he should start asking people to donate money for his services rather than pay a specific price. He thought the former would be the ultimate demonstration of abundance consciousness.

What do you think?

Is leaving the payment up to the customer or client a sign of prosperity?

I say NO.

Not wanting to charge for your services is a cop out. It’s a mind trick. It’s a sly way to trick yourself into thinking you’re so prosperous you don’t need to charge, where in face you’re actually saying you’re so afraid of money that you don’t dare ask for what you want.

Think about it.

If your electric company said, “Hey, we’re prosperous, so just pay us what you think we’re worth,” what would you pay them?

Be honest. Most people would practice scarcity consciousness and pay little or nothing, even when the service provided is one most of us need to survive comfortably.

Don’t think you’re immune to the money mind trick.

Decades ago a therapist I knew experimented with not charging for his service, charging a high fee, and charging a low fee.

The people who saw him for free or the low fee didn’t respect him, or his time, and didn’t change.

The clients who paid the higher fee showed up on time, paid attention, did the work, and got better results.

Money is just a tool, but it’s a loaded gun emotionally. Unless you get clear of the meanings around it, you’ll be like the massage therapist who thought he was being prosperous by asking for love offerings, when in fact he was being afraid.

amn book ad

I wrote an entire book to help you get clear around money, called Attract Money Now. I’m giving the e-book version of it away to take away your excuses for not being prosperous.

Have you asked for the book?

Have you read it?

Have you applied the seven principles in it?

Face it. You need money to accomplish most of what you want in life.

Even people who want to make a difference in struggling countries, find that having money makes it easier to make that difference.

I’ve been able to donate thousands of dollars to build schools, fix schools, and help children in need, as well as start a movement to end homelessness which CNN will televise.

Even people who want to volunteer for non-profit organizations find that they need money to live, travel, eat and work.

A friend of mine once said, “I want to do volunteer work, but I can’t afford it.”

Money is a powerful tool. You can use it however you please, but only if you have it to begin with.

Get clear with money and attract more of the results you want in life.

Begin by reading my book. Just click right here.

Remember, it’s free.

But if you’d feel better buying the hardcover version of the book, and if that would get you to actually read and implement what you learn, it’s available right here.

Consider what Arnold Patent wrote, “The sole purpose of money is to express appreciation.”

Go express some.

Ao Akua,


PS — The beautiful hardcover edition of my latest book, Attract Money Now, comes with a DVD of a fiery live presentation by me. It’s described right here. It’ll shake up your beliefs about money so you can use the Law of Attraction and the Law of Right Action to actually manifest some. Go see.

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Scientific Evidence for The Secret's Law of Attraction

People have been asking for scientific evidence for the Law of Attraction ever since the movie The Secret hit the Internet four years ago last month.

I’m excited to report it’s here in the form of a readable book.

I was in Utah last week visiting my Miracles Coaching team when I decided to walk off dinner by going to a bookstore. There I found the brand new book, The Science Behind the Secret: Decoding the Law of Attraction, by Travis S. Taylor, Ph.D.

science behind secret

That book kept me up all night. It’s riveting. Taylor is a physics, aerospace and electrical engineer. He worked for the Department of Defense and NASA. He also writes sci-fi books. After he saw the movie The Secret, he began exploring the history and evidence for the Law of Attraction.

According to Taylor, the Law of Attraction is not new. He can trace it all the way back to Jainism in ancient India, about four thousand years ago. He follows its development through Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) on to around the mid-1800s, when people such as Helena Blavatsky, James Allen, and William Walker Atkinson specifically used the term “Law of Attraction” in their books. Taylor continues his historic overview right through the 1980s, with books by Jerry and Esther Hicks.

Also according to Taylor, the Law of Attraction is not a law. He declares that the “law” is more an adage; a philosophical or psychological maxim. He doesn’t dismiss it; he simply says it’s not a law by strict scientific proof. There’s no empirical evidence for it.

But Dr. Taylor doesn’t stop there.

Turns out he’s a fan of The Secret. He calls the teachers in it (apparently even me) “Yoda’s.” He really likes Louise Hay (who isn’t in the movie). He says you can influence reality by how you think. His entire book is a respected scientist’s view of how the Law of Attraction (law, maxim, or adage) actually works.

He goes on to explain new theories of the brain, and of reality, and states you can influence reality by holding a thought with emotion and imagery. In essence what you are doing is sending a “qwiff” into the energy field we’re all in. That qwiff (a quantum wave function) goes out and gets “attracted” to (or seeks and finds) other similar qwiffs. The result is often a new reality.

Stop and think about this…

Stating there are new theories of the brain, as well as of human experience, reveals that “reality” must be a construct that matches whatever we say.

In other words, if you believe that the brain is like a computer (called a Turing Machine), you look at it as you do your Mac or PC. It’s a mechanical device that works in a linear way.

But if you trash that model of reality and say the brain is more like what physicist Roger Penrose and anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff say, that human consciousness is a Orchestrated Objective Reduction (a type of quantum computer), then you now have a new, empowering theory: that the human mind impacts reality.

Again, please note that these scientists are all trying to figure out how the world works. Also note that they are creating theories and then testing them. Further note that as long as they believe in their theories, they can find proof for them.

Doesn’t that in itself prove what you think is what you create?

According to Dr. Taylor, who prefers the quantum brain theory of everything, you can create a new reality for yourself by imagining it’s already fulfilled. This creates an energy field that gets launched into the Universe, on a mission to find whatever it needs to become your new reality.

This fits with the concept that photons and other particles don’t organize until they are observed. It appears that when you state an intention, you help organize them. This is what I called “Nevillizing” (named after author Neville Goddard) in my book, The Attractor Factor. This is what gets everyone excited, including me.


Want a new car?

joe_scorpion smaller

Imagine you already have it.

Want more money now?

amn book ad

Imagine you already have it.

What a new job?

expect miracles

Imagine you are already working it.

Want better health?

secret to money

Imagine it’s already here.

Want a new bike?

Dr. Taylor writes —

“The right way to use your quantum brain is to set up the thought pattern of the reality that you actually have that new bicycle. You must envision yourself riding that new bicycle. You just fantasize how it feels to ride the new bicycle…This is how you set up a qwiff to get a response from the universe in a positive manner.”

By focusing your energized thought on the finished goal of what you desire, you send a type of cosmic order into the Universe. As you act on the ideas and opportunities that come to you, after you place this focused intention into the world, you tend to attract what you desire into your reality.

Of course, this is nothing new. Here’s what the mystic Neville wrote in his 1944 book, Feeling Is The Secret:

“To impress the subconscious with the desirable state you must assume the feeling that would be yours had you already realized your wish.”

Or, as Neville hand signed in one of his books: “Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.”

neville note

All of this is to say the Law of Attraction is real.

It may not be considered a law (yet) by strict scientific experiment, but it definitely works.

This is why you must monitor your thoughts and choose the ones you prefer. Those thoughts – especially when combined with emotion and image and focused on – tend to go out into the world as “qwiffs” and attract a match to create a physical new reality.

This is why new tools such as Mindy Audlin’s “What if UP” thinking are so important. What you focus your thoughts on with emotion tends to come to pass. This is why you tend to attract what you love, fear, or hate. There’s raw emotion behind those thoughts. Since you have a choice, why not choose the high road?

mindy book

In fact, it’s so important to keep “upping” your thoughts to better feeling ones that I saw this sign on the sales floor of my Miracles Coaches offices:

what if up

Again, the Law of Attraction is real.

Don’t call it a law if that makes you feel better.

But the operating principle behind The Secret works.

Taylor’s book is a fun, fast read. He’s a friendly, conversational writer. He knows his readers are not physicists. He’s patient. He’s kind. He’s wise.

I love his book. It’s the best one I’ve seen yet explaining the science behind how your thinking creates your reality.

I also like that he included a chapter about skeptics. He urges you to ignore them. They aren’t helping anyone. They are very often sinister, anecdotal, and without logic.

Instead, Dr. Taylor advises to “…focus our efforts on the brighter , happier side of things and simply test our theories. The outcome will shine light on the darker corners of humanity and wash them out.”

Einstein put it this way in 1954 –

“A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

You can help yourself break free with Dr. Taylor’s book. If you’ve been looking for scientific evidence for the Law of Attraction or the movie The Secret, you’ll find it in the pages of The Science Behind the Secret.

You’ll find the book in book stores and of course online at Amazon.

Meanwhile, watch the thoughts you “qwiff” into the world.

What you think does make a difference.

And that’s no secret.

Ao Akua,


PS — Pictured below with me is Janeen Detrick, voted Coach of the Year in 2009. She’s one of my Miracles Coaches. Hear me interview her by clicking right here. janeen miracles coach

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The Great LOA Secret

When people tell me they are having trouble using the Law of Attraction to get what they want, I can’t help but wonder what they are thinking. After all, what they have right now is what they attracted. On some level, they wanted it.

In other words, this very moment is the result of the thoughts and actions you had earlier. You are already creating. The Law of Attraction is already working. It’s just that the process was unconscious to you. It happened without any conscious direction or control.

Or, as psychologist Carl Jung said –

‘Whatever is not conscious will be experienced as fate.’

The great secret then is to wake up.

As I spelled out in The Awakening Course, we are here to awaken. Most of us are on the first level of awakening. Few get to the second or third, let alone the fourth. If you’re reading this, you’re probably on the second level, which is Empowerment.

With that in mind, the way to make the Law of Attraction work for you faster and with more control of the end results, is to realize you are already creating with it.

Stop and consider that fact.

If you created this moment based on previous thoughts and actions, what will your next moments be like based on your current thoughts and actions?


You’ll tend to attract more of what you already have.

If you want to change the results, you need to change your thoughts and actions.

Sounds simple enough.

But is it?

While you can learn the intellectual basics of how to do this with a book or audio program, actually doing it will require help.

I interviewed Arnold Patent the other day. He’s now 80 years old. He wrote You Can Have It All and other books. He told me on the phone you can’t dramatically change with a book. You need a coach.

I agree. I know you can change in baby steps with books and audios, but the quantum leaps come from having a personal coach.

That said, even if you don’t currently have a coach, don’t make any excuses about where you’re at. You can take the reins and start creating different moments by monitoring your thoughts and actions.

Are your thoughts taking you in the direction you want to go?

Are your actions taking you in that same direction?

If not, here’s your chance to change them.

This moment is the parent of the next ones.

Choose wisely.

Ao Akua,


PS  – You can learn about Miracles Coaching by clicking right here.

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