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My friend Mark Ryan just posted two short videos of me visiting a fan of The Secret on YouTube:    Part 1       Part 2



Kill the Divine

Steve Chandler, author of the excellent new book, 100 Ways to Create Wealth, sent me the below email (used here with his kind permission):

I just finished Zero Limits, and I loved it that Hew Len got to ‘kill the Divine’ near the end… you know (and I love your persona in the book…the enlightened skeptic! everyman!) even ‘the Divine’ is a human CONCEPT, a story, in other words, and therefore it is interfering with ZERO.

BUT, as your master told you, just like your earlier books, it is a STEPPING STONE to ZERO… have to evolve up the spiral of spiritual evolution (itself a concept: awakeness on the way to zero) through such levels and your books boost and boost people up and up and you have to master INTENTION before you master NO INTENTION/just Inspiration, and then there’s something even better after that.

Zero Limits is a huge gift to the world, and you have ‘translated’ Hew Len through hard writer’s work (I know) so that the average seeker can experience him through the eyes of a lovable skeptic and therefore GET HIM!”

Thank you, Steve.  🙂

If you haven’t read Zero Limits yet, you can still do so. It’s in book stores, on and and even as an audio book on  

Also, Steve’s books are fantastic. I strongly recommend The Story of You as well as his latest one.

To a life of Zero Limits

Ao Akua,


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How Magic Happens

lynette-and-joe-nsa.jpg Lynette Landing wrote my office several times before I went to San Diego to speak at the National Speakers Association gala event.

She wanted to find a way to meet with me and talk.

She wasn’t the only one. Several people made similar requests.

Because I was flying in and right out after my presentations, I had to tell everyone I’m sorry, but I can’t meet with you. There’s simply no time.

Lynette didn’t take no for an answer, though.

She turned inside and focused on what she wanted.

She wasn’t attached to the outcome, but she playfully spent time imagining meeting me and having lunch.

Then she let go of her mental request.

There were maybe 2,000 people at the event. The halls were flooded with people. I often had small groups around me, wanting pictures or autographs or hugs or just to say hi.

But then, on Wednesday, I was wandering around, a bit lost, when a woman came right up to me and introduced herself.

It was Lynette.

We instantly had rapport. Since it was lunch time, and I was disoriented being my first time at the NSA event, she took me by the hand and led me outside to a table, where we sat and talked and ate.

Her dream came true.

That’s her and me in the above photo (on a windy day by the water).

When you really want something but aren’t attached to the outcome, you up the odds of attracting your desire.

Then, magic happens.

Truth is, of course, magic is happening all the time.

Even right now.

Ao Akua,


PS – Lynette’s website is 


Gravity and the LOA

Sometimes I get nasty emails.

They are usually from people who strongly disagree with my book, The Attractor Factor, and/or the movie The Secret

They say the law of attraction isn’t a law.

They’re pretty angry about it, too.

Their number one proof is that the law of gravity is repeatable: drop something and it falls.

But, they say, the law of attraction can’t be repeated at all.

What these well-intended people don’t see is that they are attracting all the time.

They even attract other like-minded skeptics, completely oblivious to the fact that they have attracted each other, but let’s leave that observation for someone else to ponder.

They say they aren’t attracting because they appear to attract what they don’t want.

So, in their mind, the law of attraction can’t be a law.

I can’t blame them for thinking that way. They simply expect the law to work in their favor at all times. (As if gravity does.) They expect everything to be measureable and predictable.

But this is where their logic is twisted.

They never seem to notice that they can drop a pen from a roof a million times but it won’t land in the exact same spot every time.

Why not?

Isn’t gravity a law?

Shouldn’t gravity be exactly repeatable?

In other words, because something falls, they say gravity is proven.

Well, because you attract something, even what you didn’t consciously want, doesn’t that prove the law of attraction, too?

I think the confusion comes from expecting to hit a specific target every time.

With gravity, people are forgiving. If it falls, that’s proof of gravity. They don’t look any further. Experiment over.

But with the law of attraction, people are more demanding: if they don’t attract precisely what they said they wanted, then the law doesn’t exist (in their mind).

Now this is what’s interesting to me:

If the law of attraction is working just as the law of gravity is — neither are precise (they can be but that’s a different blog post) but both are laws — why don’t some people want to agree to it?

And why are so many of these outspoken people angry?

My guess is that as soon as they admit the law of attraction works, then they have to take full responsibility for what they are getting in their life.

Few can admit that.

It’s scary.

It means there is no one to blame.

Think of the apparent burden this places on a person.

If I could shirk responsibility, I’d do it, too!

But once you understand the truth, there’s no going back to sleep again.

And get this —

Taking full responsibility for your life is only stage two in the process of awakening. There’s still stage three. (I explain all three in my latest book, Zero Limits.)

Considering how tough it is to get people out of stage one, I think I have my work cut out for me.

Please join me in saying —

“I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.”

Ao Akua,


PS – If you want help in understanding all this, consider my Miracles Coaching program. I also have a DVD that helps explain the law of attraction – and then how to transcend it. It’s at Go see. No charge to go look. 🙂

Note: It would be fair to ask, “Joe, why did you attract those nasty emails from the skeptics?” Good question. I attracted them to get me to write this post. Had I not gotten any emails, I may never have written this or even thought about writing this. In short, those nasty emails were a good thing and I attracted them. Now that I’ve gotten the lesson from them, I don’t need to attract any more of them (unless there’s another lesson to learn from them).  This is called getting clear. I believe it is The Missing Secret to a successful life.


Giovanni's Passion

“I love you, Joe.”

I was sitting at the San Diego airport, minding my own business, my nose stuck to my Blackberry, when the gentleman now sitting beside me looked at me and said those words.

He heard me speak at the NSA convention the day before. Lots of people have been saying “I love you” to me who heard my talk.

Of course, they’re supposed to say it silently, and not to me, but saying it at all is a good thing and a good start.

The man turned out to be a creative genius. A fan of my P.T. Barnum book, There’s a Customer Born Every Minute, and a full-time corporate magician with a Disney-like imagination. He even lives in Orlando.

His name is Giovanni Livera. He’s got passion in his eyes and he’s plugged into the electric current of life. He’s writing, producing, creating. He specializes in astonishing people. He is all about creating experiences for people.

He performed some jaw-dropping magic for me. Made a coin disappear and showed me where it reappeared – under my watch. I never saw it coming. Or going. Or reappearing.

I was astonished.

He handed me a copy of his book, Live a Thousand Years. I started reading it on the plane home and was riveted. The thing is a masterpiece.

It’s about a man who stops time, loses all the numbers on his watch, and regains them one by one as he learns life’s lessons. I strongly suggest you get the book from Amazon.

But my thought for today is about passion.

I heard Donny Deutsch say on his TV show, The Big Idea, that the most common trait of all the people he interviews, who are successes despite all odds, is their passion.

They don’t focus on money. They focus on doing what they love. They may use money as a way to measure their success, but that’s not the focus or the end result.


That’s the real secret.

And the real magic.

Giovanni has it.

So do you.

But you may have to let it out.

Ao Akua,


PS – Giovanni’s website is Take a look. No charge to peak inside. Might find some magic there.

Note to all Texas readers: I’ll be doing a book signing for Zero Limits in Wimberley, Texas on Saturday, July 28. It will be at from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. That’s at Rancho Deluxe, 14010 Ranch Road 12, Wimberley, TX. I rarely do book signings these days, so if you’re in the area, drop by and say hi. Feel free to bring friends. Let’s party.