Releasing Limits

Peter Michel¬†got an advance copy of Zero Limits and sent me the following email. I loved it and asked his permission to share it here with you, which he gave. Enjoy. ūüôā

Dear Joe,

Wow, gosh.¬† I’m blazing through your book here.¬† I rarely do more than dip and skim books very quickly.¬† I’m already up to page 45, having read every page so far.

It’s yummy —¬†filled with love… clear, concise… again, your best book so far.

I’m not sure if I shared this with you or not, but I shared this with Dr. Len at the dinner you held in his honor in Texas, and I still stand by it — though I’m not sure Dr. Len understood what I was sharing, as it takes a little more explanation that I had time to give to it.

In the Release Technique (see www.theabundancecourse.com), Lester Levinson taught us that every program (memory) is rooted in desire… one of three: wanting approval, wanting control or wanting to be safe/to survive.¬† Above these three¬†is the desire to be separate (from the “I” or “All”).

By applying ho’oponopono only to the individual memories, we are mostly addressing just the branches.¬† We are not snipping the roots.¬† Thus, the tree of illusion regrows until true Self-identification/Self-realization happens.

Releasing isn’t just about “cleaning”; it is very much about Self-identity or “I”-Dentity as Dr. Len calls it.¬† It is about knowing *that* you are — consciously.¬† Being your Beingness only — I am that I am.

Releasing is a tool for clearing the memories so that one can more easily *taste*, consciously, the open awareness in which the memories arise and return to.¬† The more we taste what we truly are, the more we identify with it.¬† This is the ONLY way to identify correctly with who and what we are — to consciously and repeatedly taste or drop into it by relaxing into the open, peaceful experience of just simply *being*… also known as “zero.”

Applying ho’oponopono is, to me, far more powerful¬†when each feeling, clutch, thought, program, pattern or problem that arises in the mind is taken down to: “Is this coming from a wanting approval, wanting control, wanting to be safe or a wanting to be separate?”¬† Then, we can¬†offer that lacking feeling (desire) to the Divine with ho’oponopono (love/acceptance) and clear these MASTER programs, into which EVERY other memory/program is tied (no exceptions).

When we clear these roots, we clear far more “charge” off all the other memories/programs and we sink further and deeper into the “I” with far greater ease… leading us, again, to more fully and completely “I”-Denitfy with what we truly are… Openness.

Here’s an example:

If I feel pride over something, I can ask myself which of the “wants” is it coming from.¬† For me, pride arises often from a “wanting to be separate” root program.¬† By saying, “I love you.¬† I’m sorry” to that wanting to be separate feeling in my body-mind, I allow myself to let go of not only that pride program, but also EVERY OTHER program that is FED by that master control program of wanting to separate myself from others… such as my being “bossy” or “not listening,” etc.¬†¬†Everything tied into this root can be cleared much more rapidly when I “ho’oponopono” the root instead of just the branch (the particular memory or current expression born from that root).

I have felt to share this with you each time¬†I have thought of ho’oponopono.¬† This occurred to me first as Dr. Len was speaking to the group.¬† It feels born of inspiration.¬†

You don’t need to do anything with this perspective.¬† I’m just feeling to share it with you.¬† In truth, I’m the only one who needs to apply it ūüôā

I love you and deeply appreciate you for sharing this, Joe.

Your book is living up to what I had felt it would be — POWERFUL and full of LOVE.¬† Tears came to my eyes reading Dr. Len’s words.¬† And, the book is¬†beautifully¬†written.¬† It is some of your better writing.

If I’m around on July 10th, I will be buying a bunch¬†to help ensure it reaches number one on Amazon.

What’s amazing is that it was written just for me, as “I” am the only one Here.

With much gratitude…

Om Namah Shivaya and Aloha,


Note: Peter sells a “release machine” that I endorse. Get details at
www.releasemeter.net/zero-limits and of course remember to check out www.theabundancecourse.com .

Ao Akua,



Attracting All

Someone sent me a blunt email saying they were surprised I didn’t realize I attracted my food sensitivities, and even more surprised that I didn’t know I could un-attract them.

Of course I know both.

After all, I’m the¬†teacher in the movie The Secret who went on Larry King (twice, thank you) and declared you attract everything via the Law of Attraction.

No exceptions. No loopholes.

You simply do the attracting UN-consciously.

In fact, some advanced teachers are now explaining that all manifestation is unconscious.

When you read my (and Dr. Hew Len’s) book, Zero Limits, you’ll learn that even your intentions — which you think are being consciously decided — are actually bubbling up from your un-conscious.

The great goal is to awaken.

To become conscious.

No matter what you have in your life, you can “un-attract” it, or attract what you prefer, by doing some work to clean up the unconscious.

That work can be anything from EFT to releasing to Sedonna to belief work to hypnosis to ho’oponopono to DVDs to therapy to Healing Codes to coaching to even transcending The Secret— the list goes on.

But here’s my point:

You usually have to do something to get clear and attract what you prefer.

People seem to forget that when you want to un-attract something, you usually still have to take action.

The fact that I took a blood test doesn’t imply I don’t know about the law of attraction.

The fact that I’m abstaining from unsafe foods for me, at least for a short time, doesn’t mean I don’t know about the law of attraction.

When you awaken to a problem in your life, you have to do something to handle it.

This fact seems to get glossed over by even fans of The Secret.

They watch the movie but somehow forget I’m the guy in it saying the universe likes speed and action is usually necessary to attract results.

So, if you discover you attracted something you consciously don’t want, whether a food sensitivity or anything else, you¬†might have to do something to un-attract it.

You might have to get clear.

You might need a Miracles Coach.

You are a co-creator in this universe.

The “co” means YOU have to participate.

Ao Akua


PS — Zero Limits is shipping to people who pre-ordered it. The big launch will be July 10. Get ready to start your engines!