Maybe you’ve seen this, too —

Lots of people claim to be Law of Attraction experts — and yet continue to struggle.

Lots of people claim to be marketing experts — and yet can’t market their own goods.

Lots of people claim to be life coaches — and yet can’t influence their own children.

My favorite story is of the person who wrote a book on marketing – and then asked how to market it.

Or of the wealth coach who said he couldn’t meet potential clients for lunch — because he was broke.

I don’t know if these people are aware of their own hypocrisy, but this sort of self-deception is rampant.

Sadly, they also prey on the public.

They probably do it unconsciously and unintentionally, but they still do it.

You deserve better.

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Expect Miracles.

Ao Akua,


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Member BBB 2003 - 2015

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  1. Kevin-Reply
    October 19, 2015 at 7:23 am

    Yes you are right

    The worst lies we can tell are to our selves

    Having said that, some of your the products you have sold or promoted for others has not been really helpful either.

    Some of these products include songs that “will make you successful automatically with no effort”

    Pillows that have been blessed that will clear you automatically

    You even say that your website ( “is infused with energy to help you clean your limiting beliefs”

    It says that right on the website itself…

    And many, many other products that you have sold over the years or promoted for your friends that didnt do what you claimed they would

    Besides…Joe….you have told us many times how you were writing books on success back in the day and your were still kinda broke, until you slowly made more money to be where you are today.

    Calling someone a hypocrite is easy…..but we need to look inwards to clear our own issues of judgement and hypocrisy

    I love you brother

    Please dont mind words

    I wish you success

    Kevin D.

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