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Don't Watch This

Years ago I wrote an article disapproving the NLP and hypnosis communication principle that people ignore the word “don’t” in a command. For example, “Don’t read this blog” is actually a command to read this blog, because the human mind doesn’t process the word “don’t”, at least according to NLP/hypnosis schooling.

Obviously, people are smarter than that. We learn what “don’t” and “no” mean when we are very young. When you learn accurate and advanced language patterns, as explained in my books Hypnotic Writing and Buying Trances, you can go beyond the basic misconceptions of communication.

Anyway, when I was in Krackow, Poland last month, Andrzej Batko and myself demonstrated the silliness of “don’t” in a short hilarious video Nerissa filmed. You can watch it by clicking on the below image. Better yet, don’t watch it right now.

Note: The article I wrote years ago on “don’t” thinking is at https://www.mrfire.com/article-archives/new-articles/do-not-read-this.html

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