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Missing Dr. Scott Lewis

The death of Las Vegas stage hypnotist, author and friend Dr. Scott Lewis has left me rattled.

When I heard of his sudden death in a freak accident in Australia early yesterday morning, I hoped it was a sick hoax.

But as I searched for reliable news bulletins, I realized it was true.

I am still processing this, as Scott was one of my best friends.

Scott began as a client of mine decades ago. Over the years, he became one of my closest friends. He took me to my first magic convention in Las Vegas. He bought me magic tricks for my birthday and Christmas. He introduced me to Vegas celebrities when he was their chiropractor.

Dr. Scott Lewis

Dr. Scott Lewis

He took me back stage at Vegas shows and had me hang out with the stars. He always introduced me as a star, and told legends like magician Lance Burton that I was a marketing genius and author of a book on P.T. Barnum. Scott always elevated my status in a room full of high level people.

He used to tell me his dream of having his own show. He had a lot of doubts, fears and reservations, but one day he decided to do it.

He was so scared, he dripped sweat and kept his notes on a stool on stage. Yet he got past his jitters and ended up with the longest running stage hypnosis show in Las Vegas history.

Many of my friends got to know Scott because he’d perform his comedy hypnosis show at marketing seminars. Many were hypnotized on stage, had a blast entertaining all of us, and still tell the stories of how it happened.

I loved his sense of humor. He was fun to be around. He visited me when I lived in Houston, and more recently outside of Austin. We talked for hours, shared stories, insights, hopes and dreams.

He was supportive of me when I went through family loss and health scares, and was supportive when I expressed my own big dreams. Numerous times he invited me to be his opening act at his Vegas show at the Riviera, where he said I could perform magic or sing my songs.

Though he turned to me for marketing advice, news releases, and encouragement, he was an idea machine and a product generator on the level of uber intelligent. Recently he sent me his new promotional flyer. I looked at it, shook my head in wonder, and wrote Scott a note, saying “It’s genius! I wouldn’t change a thing.” It was true.

We created hypnosis products together, coauthored a book on Las Vegas marketing secrets, worked together on a series of videos with Las Vegas show girls, and more.

Scott was very generous, too. He helped friends of mine quit smoking, lose weight, end pain, and stop bad habits, with hypnosis sessions he never charged to do.

We spoke on the phone a lot, emailed weekly, and continued to support each other in having fun as we make a difference in the world. He was very excited about getting to be in the Australia show he loved and admired, the one he was scheduled to perform in again when he fell to his death.

Scott was 50 years old. He didn’t smoke or drink, and was almost unhealthily concerned about health.

I remember giving him a ride in my Panoz roadster (the one Stephen Tyler owned and I later gave away). Scott had to lather sun block on his face before he’d get in. He was again doing his best to protect his health.

Yet what took his life was a fall off a balcony in Australia.

I’m still processing this news, and mourning the loss of my friend.

Is there a lesson here?

Here’s one —

I had a spiritual teacher once who said that in any moment, everything can be swept away with a pen stroke, an accident, or something else.

Knowing this reality, our job is to stay in the moment and do what needs to be done with gratitude, focus and passion.

I loved Scott Lewis, and will always miss him.

He lived his dream.

May you live yours.

Ao Akua,


PS – Scott’s site is here. I just found this video of Scott and me playing and promoting from 2008. I laughed and cried at the same time. I loved the guy.

Member BBB 2003 - 2015

Member BBB 2003 - 2015


Attract Money Now LIVE

“Attract Money Now LIVE” is going to be a historic event.

I’m lining up hand picked “Speed Speakers” to give TED-like short presentations at my event http://www.attractmoneynowlive.com/ Besides the featured speakers —

Featured Speaker Bill Phillips

Featured Speaker Bill Phillips

— Body-for-Life fitness legend Bill Phillips

— movie star (“E.T.”) and healer Dee Wallace

— mind expander (What If UP?) Mindy Audlin

— I also have terrific 20-minute “speed” presenters on such subjects as —

– “Raising Entrepreneurs” (a parent explains how his grade-school children are running an online business)

– “Pain into Profit” (a divorcee turns her mess into a message)

– “Volunteer for Wealth” (a negotiating expert reveals how giving leads to receiving)

– “Remembering Your Wealth” (a musician reveals a new process for creating your new reality)

And more!

Get this —

I will also give a brand new presentation on Authentic ho’oponopono, based on the upcoming sequel to Zero Limits, that will no doubt stimulate you and maybe even “burn some hair” with the truth and new techniques it reveals.

There will also be a surprise comedy show on Saturday night, a special “install the concepts” session on Sunday morning, a live experience of Miracles Coaching, a demo of The Secret Mirror technique, and so much more.

You can also meet me and other attendees at a private social function on Friday evening.

AND you can have $12,000 in online videos to help you awaken your millionaire mind the very moment you register for this once-in-a-lifetime  event. (!)

People are already signing up and coming from everywhere — Canada, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, France, South Africa, and more!

Go get the details at — http://www.attractmoneynowlive.com/

See you there!

Ao Akua,


PS – Only 200 seats are available as that is all the room holds. If you want to be at this historic event with Bill Phillips, Dee Wallace, and the other amazing presenters, please register right now: http://www.attractmoneynowlive.com/

Member BBB 2003-2013

Member BBB 2003-2013


The Secret Mirror

Recently four people won flights to Texas to have personal consultations with me.

They were a diverse group, all seeking help with key goals and stubborn blocks, and wanting my assistance in using the Law of Attraction to achieve success.

They experienced The Mirror Technique

They experienced The Mirror Technique™

I was excited to meet each of them as this was my first public chance to prove — on film — a new mind technology I developed would work for anyone, anywhere, on anything.

My new method combines the best of what I already know and teach, but with a new element, and put together in such a breakthrough way that the ending result is almost magical.

I call it The Mirror Technique.

Last September, I wrote a post here about how you can use a mirror to psych yourself to accomplish something. That’s an old, reliable, proven method to coach yourself for success. (See http://blog.mrfire.com/the-mirror-technique-2-0/)

But I wanted to go beyond that to create a measurable breakthrough in your life.

In fact, I wanted this new method to create breakthroughs for anyone.

Each of the four people who met with me in private got to experience The Mirror Technique. It was astonishing to see.

I saw people start with a problem that seemed insurmountable, and leave thirty minutes later with it resolved.

Thirty minutes!

All of this was filmed, so the before and after of each person is clearly documented for all to see.

In a couple months, you’ll get to hear all about The Secret Mirror, a product based on the new mind technology I developed for instant manifestation.

I’m proud of it, as it builds on and combines more than thirty years of research and experience. It goes beyond hypnosis (which I’ve practiced since the late 1960s) and beyond language gymnastics (beyond even my own Hypnotic Writing book), and beyond my own work in the four stages of awakening and consciousness.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

You’ll hear about all of this in the coming months.

I’m just sharing my excitement with you here.

Stay tuned!

Ao Akua,


PS – Here’s a stimulating (and challenging) recent conversation with me on radio about the world as a mirror of your consciousness:

Member BBB 2003 - 2013

Member BBB 2003 - 2013


The Mind Robot

Recently I interviewed Steve G. Jones, celebrity hypnotherapist and my partner on several projects, such as Wealth Trigger I and II, and the Law of Attraction Practitioner Certification course. I found him fascinating and insightful. One key principle from our interview is worth sharing with you here.

Steve pointed out that your subconscious mind looks for and offers you proof for your thoughts. That may or may not be news to you. But let’s look at it in real life terms, and see how it ties in to what you attract into your life.

With Steve G. Jones in NYC

With Steve G. Jones in NYC

When a person says, “It’s not possible for me to attract love into my life because all the good ones are taken,” their subconscious mind begins to look around for evidence to support that belief.

They may then find themselves attracted to a person, only to get more information and discover the person is not ideal for one reason or another. Then the person with the belief “all the good ones are taken” announces, “See! All the good ones are taken!”

Of course, that’s not true. Not in objective reality terms. After all, there are seven billion people on the planet. Surely there’s a match for the person seeking love.

But let’s dial in on this and take a closer look.

When you say, “I can’t attract more money” — or anything along the lines of “It won’t happen for me” — then you are simply delivering a belief to your subconscious. Your inner mind will then do what it is designed to do: prove your belief is true.

But is the belief true?

Do you see how important this is?

It means you have to become very sensitive to how you think. When I — or anyone — suggests you can have, do, or be more, what is your first thought? If it’s anything like, “Hogwash! You are just selling hope and it will never happen!,” then you are of course commanding your own mind to prove your own limiting belief to you.

But it’s not objective reality.

These days I sometimes do consulting with people. I constantly hear them voice beliefs they don’t realize are beliefs. They think their statements are clear observations of reality. They think their observations of reality are reality. But that isn’t always so.

This is why a coach is so crucial. You need someone to hear your statements and point them out to you, help you question them, and then release them or replace them.

My interview with Steve really made me aware that none of us listen to our language closely enough. I sometimes catch myself complaining or stating a limiting belief. I have to pause and ask myself, “Is the belief true in objective reality?”

In other words, is it a fact we can all agree on and even measure?

More often than not, it isn’t.

Discover how to attract money fast

Discover how to attract money fast

Years ago, when I trained with famed bodybuilder and Olympia winner Frank Zane, I was urged to watch my mouth. Frank would tell me, “I pay attention to how people speak. Your statements are usually empowering, but when you got under the squat rack, you started to say you couldn’t do it.”

He was right.

Frank wanted me to learn that my thoughts were leading me to create my own limitations. My statements about what was possible were in fact programming me to expect the very thing I declared. I was programming a robot: me.

I’m inviting you to monitor your thoughts and your language. What you say is programming you. As Steve pointed out in our in-depth interview, your words are speaking reality into being. But the reality you speak is one fabricated because of what you speak.

Here’s what Steve suggests you do right now to remedy this:

  • Speak as if what you want is already true. “I am a multi-millionaire.” “I am in love with the perfect person for me.” “I am healthy.” You get to choose. Make it now, present tense, and positive.
  • Watch for clues. Your subconscious will hear your new language and begin to offer evidence for it. It will, in a sense, test you. Be sure to take action on the opportunities that arise, to prove you are becoming that which you speak you already are.
  • Be that person. In other words, feel as though you already are what you said. Your emotion will stir motion in and around you to bring the desired state into being.

As you review this post, what comes to mind?

What are your thoughts right now?

Do you believe you can reprogram your mind?

Do you believe you can have, do, or be virtually anything?

This is all part of the process of deprogramming the robot of you. It’s about freeing yourself of limitations. How you answer reveals your beliefs, not objective reality. You can remain programmed by circumstances and upbringing and past beliefs; or you can begin the process to take control right now and reprogram yourself for what you want.

Remember, your subconscious mind will look for evidence to prove what you believe and expect.

So, what would be really good for you to believe right now?

Ao Akua,


PS – NEWS FLASH: Steve and I will be teaching “Wealth Trigger Live!” in Austin, Texas February 15-17, 2013. Mark your calendar. Meanwhile, my interview with Steve G. Jones will be mailed to Hypnotic Gold subscribers this month. If you want to get it — and get access to about 80 a-maz-ing interviews from the last 7 years — subscribe at — Hypnotic Gold.

Member BBB 2003 - 2013

Member BBB 2003 - 2013


"I Love You" to Zero

In the book I coauthored with Dr. Hew Len (pictured below with me), Zero Limits, we explain that your unconscious mind is a database that needs to be cleaned of programming. It’s what causing you to attract what you have in your life. We also say that Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian healing method described in the book, is a great way to do that cleaning.

dr joe and dr hew len

Recently I’ve been reading books in the filed of neuropsychology and modern brain science. They prove that our unconscious mind is running the show. The conscious mind, the part you think is the driver in the game of life, is oblivious to all that is happening. In many ways, due to the programming in our unconscious, we’re robots. We rationalize our decisions and behavior, but where they originated was below conscious awareness.

For example, in hypnosis a person can be given the command to open a window. Later, after they’re out of the trance state and given the signal to trigger the command, they’ll get up and open a window. When you ask them why they opened the window, they”ll rationalize the action with statements such as, “I needed some air” or “I smelled smoke.” They will never explain that the behavior stemmed from a command in their unconscious.

Ken Eisold’s book, What You Don’t Know You Know, is all about our hidden motives in life, business and everything else. Those hidden motives are hidden from even us. They are in our unconscious. We, as conscious beings, simply act on what the unconscious prompts us to do.

Shankar Vedantam’s book, The Hidden Brain, explains how our unconscious minds elect presidents, control markets, wage wars, and save our lives. Again, it proves that the motor driving us through life is in the unconscious, not conscious, mind.

Since we are so unconsciously driven, does that mean we aren’t really responsible for what we say or do?

According to Vedantam, “We have responsibility for not only our conscious minds, but our unconscious minds as well.”

Back to Zero Limits. In our book, Dr. Hew Len and I explain that you are 100% responsible for your life. No if, ands or buts. No loopholes. No exceptions. It doesn’t matter where you think your motivation came from — unconscious or conscious — if it’s in your life, you are responsible for it. Note that you aren’t to blame, but you are responsible.

Given that our unconscious is hidden, powerful, deep and running the show, how in the world do we clean it up so we stop attracting messes?

Psychotherapy, popularized by Freud, is one way. But according to Dr. Eisold, “Today, there are over four hundred distinct psychotherapies.”

Four hundred!?

According to Vedantam, “Making the unconscious conscious is difficult because the central obstacle lies within ourselves.”

Well, what are we to do?

How are we going to clear the unconscious?

Here are some suggestions:

1. Miracles Coaching. When you have a skilled coach listen to your story and repeat it back to you, focusing on what you may not be hearing, you have the opportunity to make the unconscious conscious. Nothing works faster in getting results than having a Miracles Coach and taking right action.

2. The Missing Secret. This bestselling audio CD program offers step-by-step help in getting clear. There are several methods taught, and you can do them as you relax and listen.

3. Finally, in Zero Limits, we explain that the way out is the way in. The best clearing method I know is the one explained in the book: just silently in your mind say non-stop, “I Love You, Please forgive me, Thank you, and I’m sorry.” And if you want the shortest mantra of all, just say “I love you.”

“I love you” is the fast-track to Zero – that ultimate state of purity. But Zero is contaminated with programming. To get back to Zero, we need to get clear.

I’ll continue to report on other ways to clean the unconscious mind of its negative data, but for now, what could be easier than saying “I love you”?

Ao Akua,


mrfire crown chakra PS – Pat O’Bryan and I created a new clearing audio you will enjoy. It combines an Alien Guitar, Sanskrit chanting, and binaural beats to create a deep and powerful cleansing sweep of your unconscious. It’s a stick of dynamite to your brain, designed to chase down and chase out all the negative programming hiding in your mind. Get details by clicking right here.

PPS – Picture above shows my crown chakra opening up. Or maybe a candle burning right behind my head. I’m not sure.

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