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The Secret 24

What is this all about?

Even I’m not sure just yet.



Outrageous Marketing

stuff-030.jpgoutrageous-nc-cds.jpg Back in 1999 I recorded The Power of Outrageous Marketing for www.nightingale.com

It’s a big audio program with books, workbook, bonuses and more. It’s been a bestseller ever since it came out. I’m proud of it.

This week Simon & Schuster just released an abridged two CD set of the material. I saw it yesterday. Looks good to me.

But here’s what’s interesting…

Nightingale-Conant, the publisher of my original program, tried to get Simon & Schuster interested in the abridged version for the last six years.

Despite the success of the big package, Simon & Schuster kept saying no.

So why did they change their mind now?

Look at the cover and you’ll see the answer.

See the top line?

Simon & Schuster want to capitalize on my being in the movie The Secret.

And on the back of the package they lead with the line about my being the author of the bestselling book, The Attractor Factor.

Success breeds more success.

You can’t do one thing and stop. Keep producing. Keep promoting. Keep taking inspired action.

People will begin to follow your work and sooner or later others will come knocking on your door, without you having to do much more than answer it.

But you have to make the first move.

Ao Akua,


PS — The picture of the young lass and me has nothing to do with outrageous marketing. It’s there to keep you reading all the way to this PS, to find out who she is. Her name is Megan Drescher, and she was one of many people (men and women) who wanted their picture taken with me. Now you know why I said I felt like Elvis at the NSA event.  🙂


Trance of Love

Getting 2,000 professional speakers to say “I love You” was not only thrilling, it led to a standing ovation for me and enough compliments to last, well, a long time.

These people are remarkable. They are high-energy, upbeat, supportive, positive, nurturing and respectful. They treated me like a super star at a rock concert. I now know what Elvis felt on stage.

Some highlights for me were —

Having dinner with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Mandy Evans of www.mandyevans.com Mandy has been a miracles coach in my life for decades.

Seeing old friends, such as Donna Fisher of www.donnafisher.com was also a joy. She knew me back in my Houston daze.

Of course seeing my mentor and friend Dan Poynter of www.parapublishing.com was a treat. Dan introduced me this morning, which was memorable for both of us. He came up after my talk and beamed, “That was FANTASTIC!” I’m still relishing his compliment.

I met a long list of great speakers, from Randy Gage to Charlie Tremendous Jones. All legends.

I saw my fellow Secret co-star John Assaraf of www.onecoach.com as well. John was the reason I was even at the event. He’s a good guy, too.

I was also filmed for yet another movie. This one will probably be out in September.

But the greatest moment for me was standing on stage and talking about Zero Limits. You couldn’t even hear breathing as people were riveted to the story and the four phrases I taught them. I had them in a trance of love.

After the talk, people came up to me all day, many in tears, telling me they felt shifts and openings as a result of hearing the message.

One person came over to me this evening, as I relaxed and smoked a cigar, and told me the Zero Limits method took away his judgement of people. He was walking around San Diego accepting people, feeling at peace, silently thinking “I love you” to all.

I’m going to a party shortly and I head back to Texas in the wee hours.

It’s been a magical day.

Ao Akua,


PS – I’m going to join NSA. Surrounding yourself with supportive people is a major key to success.


On Selling Serving

Now that Zero Limits the book is an official Top 100 bestseller on www.amazon.com and the audio version is an official bestseller on www.itunes.com in the Audio Books section, the reviews are flying in.

Some of them are hilarious, like the person who didn’t even read the book but flipped through it for 15 minutes in a book store and then “reviewed” it, saying it was all hype.

Or another “reviewer” who said Dr. Hew Len doesn’t exisit, that I created him as a literary device. (!)

Most people declare the book to be a life transforming read.

But others say it’s just packed with sales pitches for more stuff.

The latter confuses me.

I looked through the book and didn’t see any sales pitches at all. There certainly are links for more information, much like in these blog posts, but not sales copy to go buy anything.

In a later chapter in Zero Limits I describe some products I created because I had been cleaning, clearing and giving. My zeroing out limits within me opened me to receive money-making ideas.

Those were examples of how wealth can be generated. After all, the subtitle of the book includes wealth as a topic.

I suppose some people interpreted those well intended examples as pitches.

I was with friends over the weekend and I told them all of the above. They pointed out how people are sensitive to my success, that it makes them more aware of their not trying or not succeeding. It’s easier to blame me than to take responsibility for themselves.

Someone remembered the famous quote by German physics professor Georg Christoph Lichtenberg,

“A book is a mirror: If an ass peers into it, you can’t expect an apostle to look out.”

We began to have fun imagining people sitting around their homes and bad mouthing me when they saw “yet another” email from my hand, saying things like, “There goes that hypster Joe Vitale selling something else AGAIN!” or “He just wants another Panoz car!”

We had a good laugh and let it go.

But as the weekend evolved, and we were looking for some things online, we saw opportunity to imagine how skeptical minds would react to what we were doing.

For example…

I wanted to find out what the famous song writer and singer Jackson Browne was up to, so we googled his name.

We found his site, saw he wasn’t touring, but saw his online store. You can buy shirts, Cd’s, song books, etc.

So naturally we pretended to be one of my critics and we declared, “Look at that Jackson Browne! Selling more things– even SHIRTS!”

That conversation led to us looking for a Winslow, Arizona site, since Jackson wrote a famous song called “Take It Easy” (which the Eagles made famous), mentioning that city in it.

Sure enough there’s a site the town has up for the famous line in the song “standin on the corner”. And when you browse it, you see they are selling stuff, such as bricks that you can have your name engraved on and then placed on the corner in Winslow, Arizona.

We could imagine people throwing up their arms in disgust and screaming, “Oh my God! The city is selling BRICKS!”

And later Nerissa said she had some old records that Thomas Edison put on the market long ago. Everyone thought they might be valuable. But there were so many records issued during that time period that the things are barely worth a dollar each today.

That led to us jokingly declaring, “Edison was a WHORE!”

We could do this all night, of course.

Many people do it all their lives.

They critique rather than create.

I wrote a blog post a while back about the difference between selling and serving. It goes like this:

If you want the information someone tells you about, you’ll say the person offering it is serving you.

If you don’t want the information being offered to you, you’ll say the person offering it is selling.

Well, is it serving or selling?

It depends on their motivation and your interpretation.

I’m doing my best to serve people.

But what you decide is entirely up to you.

Ao Akua,


PS — I hope this post serves you. If you want to read more, see Thresholds of Deservingness at http://blog.mrfire.com/uncategorized/thresholds-is-it-serving-or-selling/ Hey, I’m just trying to help here. (At no charge, at that.)


Hot Trends

Google has a tool called “Hot Trends” that shows you the top 100 searches per day. I think this is useful information. It’s always good to know what is on the public’s mind, and then find a way to tie you, your product, or service, to it. Here is today’s list of Hot Trends.

Hot Trends (USA). Jul 3, 2007

1. cloverfield
2. david ritcheson
3. cloverfield movie
4. bad robot
5. cloverfield trailer
6. megan fox
7. jj abrams
8. stone phillips
9. eutube
10. dracula s castle
11. ready to rumble
12. life style
13. nick lachey
14. transformers 2
15. beverly sills
16. resultat bac 2007 algerie
17. argentavis magnificens
18. film lovers will love this!
19. alvin henry
20. eu youtube
21. نتائج شهادة البكالوريا
22. nick lachey and vanessa minnillo
23. india vs pakistan
24. transformers sequel
25. david richardson
26. j.j. abrams
27. david henry tuck
28. transformers cast
29. carmella decesare
30. rashard lewis
31. clinton pardons
32. transformers reviews
33. cupcake baking arts scholarship
34. jeff garcia s wife
35. transformers soundtrack
36. national precast concrete association scholarship
37. society of vacuum coaters scholarship
38. gentleman chris adams
39. foundation of flexographic technical association scholarship
40. press tv
41. 1/18/08
42. phished
43. sean sherk
44. arthur agee
45. myspace phishing
46. optimus prime
47. sly stone
48. dominic habsburg
49. نتائج بكالوريا 2007
50. valerie plame
51. peter cullen
52. new godzilla movie
53. rajdeep sardesai
54. 1 18 08
55. see spot run
56. prince vlad
57. mp3sparks.com
58. april bowlby
59. cricket.com
60. nick lachey sex photos
61. kwik e mart
62. transformers characters
63. carmella garcia
64. daisy lowe
65. colleen haskell
66. prince vlad the impaler
67. derek fisher
68. excellence in predicting the future award
69. marge simpson
70. trailers before transformers
71. niurka marcos playboy
72. autobots
73. tatyana ali
74. youtube europe
75. starscream
76. passhe
77. bac2007.dz
78. cloverfield jj abrams
79. quints
80. horney manatee
81. 1/18/08 movie
82. transformers wikipedia
83. grandcentral
84. mallory dylan
85. transformers wallpaper
86. libby
87. biff wellington
88. colin jackson
89. lewis libby
90. eu tube
91. lal masjid
92. val puccio
93. carlos slim
94. life style nick lachey
95. marc rich
96. bernini
97. wendy rice
98. trees
99. how to be happy
100. turners syndrome

I have no idea what many of those search terms mean, so I feel way out of the loop on what the public is interested in these days.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t go to Google’s Hot Trends, do some research, and then either write about one of the hot searches of the day or in some relevant way comment on it. By doing so, I may increase my own blog’s rankings in the search engines.

Who knows, maybe “Joe Vitale” will end up on Hot Trends one day.

You can do your own research at www.google.com/trends/hottrends 

Ao Akua,


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