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The Story of Fit-A-Rita

Where do you find ideas for products? Whenever you say, “I wish someone would solve this — (fill in the blank)”, there’s a clue. Here’s my own example….

Fit-A-Rita™ – World’s First 6-calorie zero-sugar zero-carb all-natural margarita mix hits market – as a result of a weight-loss joke 

(Austin, Texas) Fit-a-Rita™ is the first sugar-free, instant margarita mix with added minerals, vitamins and herbal extracts designed to buffer the toxic effects of alcohol. The average margarita has over 200 calories. A Fit-a-Rita™ margarita has just 6 calories. No sugar. No carbs. And it contains as much anti-oxidants as two glasses of red wine.

“This is the first alcoholic drink mix designed for the health-conscious customer,” says Jeff Sargent, product formulator for Frontier Nutritional Research.

The mix was born when Joe Vitale, a star in the hit movie The Secret, wanted a margarita but realized with 200 to 600 calories in the average one, that they wouldn’t help him lose any weight. He jokingly said he wanted a “Bodybuilder’s Margarita.”

He went to Marcus Gitterle, M.D., a product creator, and Jeff Sargent, a former health food store owner, and asked them to create a margarita mix with no sugar. “I wanted a healthy margarita,” Vitale, 53, said. “I suspected they could sweeten it with a natural herb.”

The result is Fit-a-Rita™, which hit the market today at www.fit-a-rita.com and is already signed into Latin area distribution.

According to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS), since 2002, U.S. imports of tequila have grown 28 percent — an average rate of 8.6 percent per year. In 2005 alone, a total of 9.2 million 9-liter cases, and 9.8 million cases in 2006, were sold.

Tequila is now the fastest growing spirits category of them all, even besting vodkas. Tequila sales represent a multi-billion dollar market and most of this tequila is consumed in the form of margaritas.

Frontier Nutritional Research designed Fit-a-Rita™ to appeal to the market segment that appreciates a tasty margarita but would rather avoid the sugar, calories and of course, the hangover. Just add one packet of Fit-A-Rita™ to 6 oz of water, add one shot of your favorite Tequila, and mix. “It contains as much anti-oxidants as two glasses of red wine,” says Dr. Gitterle.

Frontier will consider distributorships for established dietary supplement, food, beverage or liquor distributors within the United States. Their toll free line is 800-396-5942. 


The official Fit-a-Rita™ website for US customers or US distributors is www.fit-a-rita.com  


How to Attract Women

image123.jpg  “Blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere”?

Advertising works, but usually the copy needs to be updated.

Ao Akua,


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Dummy Phobia Cure

Some people (like Nerissa) don’t like dummys like Danny. They saw one too many Chucky movies growing up.

I thought that was pretty funny until I saw this:


I suspect the web site changes depending on the type of fear people search for. But I was surprised to discover anyone was looking for “ventriloquist dummy cure.”

And yes, I forwarded it to Nerissa.

Ao Akua,


PS –  You can see Danny behind me on the short video at www.thesecret24.com


Who's the Dummy?

Well, I just launched what is shaping up to be my next “famous” product.

As buzz builds and orders are flooding in, everyone keeps asking me this question about the video I just posted explaining the package:

“Who’s the dummy in the background?”

“What’s he holding?”


I could tell them that his name is Danny, and that he really didn’t mean to cause a ‘scene’ and show me up.

And that he really shouldn’t be holding that blue thing, because only customers of The Secret 24 get to find out about that.

But I could just as easily turn the question right around, and ask them the same thing:

“If you miss out on this chance to get a historic training…

“Who’s the dummy?”  🙂

(You know I’m smiling when I say that – I love you.)

Ao Akua,


PS:   There are only 500 of these sets available and I suspect they won’t even last the duration of the 24-hour promotion that Nitro marketing has scheduled. At least go see Danny show me up and decide if you want one of the 500 limited edition sets of The Secret 24.  You may kick yourself later if you miss out on my next famous course that *was* available. Don’t mind Danny. He was only trying to help.


"You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet"

“You ain’t seen nothin yet.B-, b-, b-, baby, you just ain’t seen na-, na-, nothin yet. Here’s somethin’ that you’re never gonna forget!”

That’s the chorus to the infamous Bachman-Turner Overdrive unlikely hit single “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” that won the Juno Award for the best-selling single of 1974.  

The unlikely hit was recorded as a joke by Randy Bachman for his brother George, who had a stutter.

And that’s exactly what you are going to be singing when you get your hands on my newest, hottest life and business transformation package, “The Secret 24” 

These recordings are definitely no joke, though…

This 24-part, 24-hour turnaround kit that I’ve carefully put together is going to prove to the world that we all have the potential to accomplish more in 24 hours than most do in months.

More products will be created than ever before.

More sales records will be shattered. 

Marketing will never be the same again for those who get “The Secret 24”.  (Breakthrough’s in all areas of life and business will be the norm for those who have these 24 trainings.)

This 24-part course will only be available for 24 hours.

You can get 4 parts free until Tuesday night.

Note:  The first 24 get a special fast mover’s bonus.

Note:  My last release through Nitro Marketing in May sold over 3,000 units – however there are only 500 units of “The Secret 24” available.

Ao Akua,


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