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iPhone vs Curve

My name is Joe.

I’m a crackberry.

“Hi, Joe.”

I’m addicted to my Blackberry, so this post won’t be a fair review of the new smart phones: Apple iphone vs Blackberry Curve.

Plus I haven’t actually seen the iphone yet, so this is not a legitimate review at all.

But let’s look at the marketing of both phones.

Steve Jobs has done an excellent job of garnishing publicity. His new baby is being reviewed and talked about in magazines and on television. This is enormous free exposure.

He’s getting so much interest for the iphone, which releases today, that I decided to push back the book launch of Zero Limits until July 10.

I didn’t want my book promotion to drown out the release of Steve’s iphone.

I hear he gets mad easy.

Anyway, the TV commercial for the iphone is excellent. It clearly shows you how it works by demonstrating it right there on the screen, before your eyes.

Whenever you can demonstrate your product or service, quickly and directly, so people can see the benefits to them without much thought, you are very close to making a sale.

From what I can tell from the TV spot, I doubt typing on the iphone will be very easy. A few early reviewers have already complained that the on-screen keyboard is clumsy and slow to respond. In fact one reviewer said that if you do mostly email and text messaging (which is me) you had best stick to your Blackberry for now.

As for the new Blackberry Curve smart phone www.blackberrycurve.com, which went on the market last week, I love it.

It’s small, light, easy to use, now has a camera, can play music as well as video, and the battery seems to last for days.

I bet it’s better than the iphone www.apple.com/iphone/ but again I won’t know until I wander into an Apple store (the only place to get it) and examine the smart phones side by side.

But back to the marketing of these phones.

The Blackberry Curve has gotten a lot of free press, too. Reviewers are calling it the long-awaited hit from the people at RIM, who make the smart phone.

I don’t think the TV ads for the Curve are as good as the ones for the iphone. The Curve ads are more brand and image oriented, where the iphone ones are more practical and direct.

In the end, you’ll have to look at both phones, try them out, consider what you want them for, and then roll the dice on one of them.

For me, even though the iphone has a better commerical, I’m sticking with my Blackberry Curve.

At least for now.

Ao Akua,


PS – Launch date for Zero Limits is now July 10. Expect fireworks! Get your camera phones ready! Tell Steve Jobs! And Oprah! Heck, tell EVERYONE!


Quiz: What Sells?

 Here’s a quiz for you:

I have numerous DVDs on the market right now. There’s —

www.missingsecret.info — My two-DVD set of live talks on “The Missing Secret” (about the secret as in the movie The Secret and what it is missing) and how to get clear of unconscious beliefs so you can attract what you prefer.

www.installthesecret.com — My single DVD on how to fully understand The Secret and the Law of Attraction, and then transcend it, with a hypnotic subliminal installation by Mark Ryan.

www.greatlottohoax.com — My DVD telling the behind-the-scenes story of how I hired a famous P.T. Barnum-like publicist to pull off the greatest lotto hoax in modern history, all to promote my book, The Attractor Factor.

www.secretofproductivity.com – My brand new two-DVD set revealing my personal secrets of productivity and including a live talk I gave on your defining moment and how to exceed your goals.

www.subliminalmanifestation.com — These are a series of reprogramming DVDs designed to clean your unconscious of specific issues via subliminal messages and hypnotic stories:

The first DVD is on Love and Forgiveness:

The second DVD is on Increasing Sales: www.subliminalmanifestation.com/increase_sales/

Now here’s the quiz:

Out of the above DVDs, which do you think is the bestseller?

You can take some time and review the sites for each DVD, or you can just take a guess right now.

Well, which DVD is the bestseller?

I’ll caution you that guessing is the number one mistake people make in business.

You never know what’s going to sell until you present it to the marketplace.

You may have hopes. You may have dreams. You may have statistics. You may have predictions. You may have a psychic on staff.

But until you put the item on the market, you’ll never know for sure.

So, out of the above DVDs, which one do you think sells the most?

Give up?

Hands down it is the Subliminal Manifestation one on Love and Forgiveness at www.subliminalmanifestation.com/forgiveness_love/

The runner up to it is Install and Transcend The Secret at www.installthesecret.com

Now here’s the kicker:

I would have lost money on a bet about which DVD sells best.

I would have said the one Pat O’Bryan and I just released, on Secrets of Productivity at www.secretofproductivity.com (which includes how to surpass your goals) would be the winner.

I’d be wrong.

What about you? Was your guess wrong, too?

When the results come in and they aren’t want you expected, you can still make some changes and test the product in the marketplace again.

For example, I don’t think the sales letter at www.secretofproductivity.com is very hypnotic. It needs work. If we rewrite it, maybe changing the headline or focus of the offer or even the price, we would get different results. Whether we would get better results would still remain to be seen.

The point is, you never know what’s going to sell.

You do the best you can, offer it to the world, and then move forward.

Stopping to sulk is the only failure.

Ao Akua,


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Ao Akua,


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