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Dr. Joe Vitale 56th Birthday Party

My birthday party on December 29, 2009 was a blast. Yes, I paid to have the singer and yes, I paid my own meal, but people came far and wide bringing gifts and celebrating my 56th with me. It was held at the Vitale Cigar Bar. The incredible Sarah Marie sang opera to me once again. You can get a taste of the love by clicking on the image below. Enjoy!

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Attracting Kindle

I attracted a Kindle for Christmas. It’s the wildly popular device from Amazon for reading books, magazines, newspapers, select blogs, and more without actually carrying anything more than the thin, light device itself.

I’m such a bookaholic that I wasn’t sure I wanted one. But I’m also a gadget nut and curious enough to try it. So I told Santa and he delivered.

The Kindle is light, intuitive, easy to use, and fast.  Mine is the 6″ display, Global Wireless, Latest Generation, which I prefer for all the travel I do, but there is a US only version with a bigger screen (9.7″), called the Kindle DX.

After charging the battery, I turned it on and started using it within minutes. I synced it to my existing Amazon account and wondered what book I should buy first.

Since I had been reading Bruce Lee’s philosophy of living, called Striking Thoughts, I thought it might be cool to have it on my Kindle. I could look at it every day, chew on some Kung Fu (actually Jeet Kune Do) wisdom, and not have to lug the actual book around.

kindleThat’s when I discovered not all books are on Kindle. Striking Thoughts wasn’t listed. But a few other books by or about Lee were. I ended up choosing Bruce Lee’s Strength Training Secrets, a booklet by Justin Frost. I’ve always been interested in martial arts (Aikido, Chi Kung) and strength training (Steve Reeves/Hercules), so this would be a good first Kindle download for me.

It cost less than a dollar. I selected it and within a minute it was on my device. While the look and feel of the text on the Kindle was more like a poor quality newspaper, or even an old mimeograph, and the pictures are more like x-rays, the instant gratification couldn’t be beat.  The only thing better might be a direct download into my brain.

Side note: Bruce Lee sometimes trained with a Bullworker, an isometric exercise device I bought when I was sixteen years old — about forty years ago — and still sold today. I still have my original Bullworker, but doubt I’ve ever used it as much as Bruce Lee used his.

I wondered what book I would buy next. I have about $1,000 worth of books sitting in my shopping cart at Amazon. I picked a few of those titles and searched to see if they were available on Kindle. Most weren’t. That was a tad frustrating. But no matter, I was having fun shopping.

I searched again and found the complete works of James Allen (As A Man Thinketh, From Poverty to Power, etc) were ready for download. Called Mind Is the Master, I now have it on my Kindle.

The next book was Keith Cameron Smith’s The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class. This one has some great insights. As I was reading, I came across a line that was so good I re-read it three times:

“Middle-class people talk about things that came from a millionaire’s idea.”

Thanks to a feature on Kindle, I was able to hi-light that line and save it in my “My Clippings” folder. Way cool. I just wish there was a way to email the things in my clippings folder on Kindle to my Twitter, or blog, or email account. To share it with you here, I had to open the Kindle, open the clippings folder, and then re-type the line for you here. Not a tedious process but in this day I would think we could make it even easier.

Side note: Don’t underestimate the power of  Smith’s quote. I told it to Pat O’Bryan and master photographer Rodney Bursiel one evening and their heads reeled as they considered what it meant and I explored the implications out loud. In short, if you want to attract more money, create the products and services that make the middle class talk — and buy.

The next book was Facts Can’t Speak For Themselves: Reveal The Stories That Give Facts Their Meaning by Eric Oliver. This is a book on persuasion for trial attorneys.  It’s about how the mind creates stories out of facts, but often without the ending story actually being faithful to reality. To be sure you communicate what you intend, you have to be aware of how people frame information. If you’ve read my books, such as Hypnotic Writing and/or Buying Trances, you know how important it is to get your message across accurately. Oliver’s book is hefty and expensive (even for Kindle) but, so far, well worth the time it takes to absorb it.

Obviously, I’m enjoying my Kindle. It even seems to assist my focus. Instead of reading a dozen books all at once, jumping from book to book on my desk or night stand, Kindle gently leads me to pick one book and keep reading it until I’m done.

I also like that I have a special Kindle e-mail address that I can send e-books to, which then get downloaded direct to my Kindle.  Amazon mentions a “small fee” for this service, but I can’t find what that charge actually is.

To test it, I emailed the PDF version of my latest book, Attract Money Now, to my Kindle. It showed up just fine. I then went to Amazon, went into my account, looked up my Kindle charges, and saw the transfer cost was sixty cents. I’d prefer free. I later discovered I can put ebooks on my Kindle for free by plugging the USB port from my PC to my Kindle, and then just dragging the ebooks over. Easy.

On Christmas day, I showed the Kindle to a friend. She quickly figured it out, liked it, and even accidentally bought a book on it. She clicked on a book cover and before she knew it she had clicked on the buy-it-now button. She didn’t know the purchase or delivery would be so instantaneous. Fortunately it was a book on Reiki (The Original Reiki Handbook by Mikao Usui) which I wanted to read anyway.

I like my Kindle. It has some features I haven’t tried yet, such as reading books to you, but for what I’ve done with it so far, it’s cool. I’d like to see it have color, improve its screen, and make it less sterile. I still love printed books and still prefer paper, color, and all the other elements that make a book real.

ray bradbury signatureFor example, I received two copies of beautiful printed books, one signed by sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury and the other signed by comedian Jerry Lewis. Both came as gifts. Both are hardcovers. Both are collectibles. Kindle will never replace those.

But when it comes to traveling and convenience, the Kindle is great. I’ll be curious to see what the other devices are like, such as Barnes & Noble’s new e-reader, called Nook, which has color and over a million titles to choose from. And geniuses such as Ray Kurzweil are creating ways to read books in full color on any device, with programs such as his new Blio. Of course, I’ll also be waiting to see how Amazon upgrades Kindle over time.

For now, I’ll keep my Kindle. It’s where I can easily find such relevant Bruce Lee gems as this –

“To change with change is the changeless state.”

Right on, Bruce.

Ao Akua,


PS — You can’t yet read my new book Attract Money Now on Kindle (unless you already have the PDF and email it to your Kindle or transfer it over with a direct USB link, as mentioned above), but you can still get the PDF and read it for free by clicking the below banner:

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"Got Spirit?"

Years ago I wrote a dissertation for my Doctorate in Metaphysical Science called “Got Spirit”? It was an in-depth study of the most popular metaphysical, new thought and new age movements and the marketing practices their founders used to establish them.

I wrote it because so many people seem to have a negative attitude toward money and marketing that I wanted to see for myself how the biggest and most famous spiritual movements got that way.

I suspected the greatest meta-physicians — from Jesus to Phineas Parker Quimby to Mary Baker Eddy to Ernest Holmes to Mother Teresa — were all comfortable with money and either did marketing or had someone do it for them.

It was an illuminating study. Turns out every one of these spiritual teachers and their movements knew the value of money and marketing. Each did everything from writing, speaking and advertising to publicity events to get attention and attract followers.

If that’s the case, then why do most metaphysical practitioners today — most people, period — dislike marketing and money?

The most obvious answer is they believe, “God will provide.”

That reminds me of the story of the man with a beautiful garden in his backyard.  One day a man walked by, saw it, and stopped to admire it.

“You have an amazing garden here,” the stranger said.

“Thank you,” said the owner.

“It’s really God’s garden, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is,” replied the owner. “But you should have seen it when God had it all by Himself.”

phineasThe point is, God (or the Divine or Nature) provides us with the basics, and we have to do something with what we’ve been given. If we just allow things to grow in the backyard, we’ll have a jungle, not a garden. Someone has to tend to the earth. Even if we’ve been given (or learned) the talent to heal, we have to let people know we have it for us to be able to use it. In other words, we have to spread the word.

That’s marketing.

It’s no different than what Jesus, Phineas Parker Quimby (pictured above), Mary Baker Eddy, or even Mother Teresa did. If someone hadn’t helped them spread the word, we wouldn’t know of them today.

The success of Unity Church is a case in point. Charles and Myrtle Fillmore managed to raise all the money they needed to build and expand their business. It wasn’t until 1942 that the real secret of their financial support was revealed. The Fillmores had created a now famous “Dedication and Covenant” on December 7, 1892, that read:

“We, Charles Fillmore and Myrtle Fillmore, husband and wife, hereby dedicate our selves, our time, our money, all we have and all we expect to have, to the Spirit of Truth, and through it, to the Society of Silent Unity.

“It being understood and agreed that the said Spirit of Truth shall render unto us an equivalent for this dedication, in peace of mind, health of body, wisdom, understanding, love, life and an abundant supply of all things necessary to meet every want without our making any of these things the object of our existence.

“In the presence of the Conscious Mind of Christ Jesus, this 7th day of December, 1892 A.D.”

Please note that while the Fillmores signed an agreement with Spirit, they also wrote, published and distributed materials to market their message and their offerings. In short, they had to do both: Implement marketing and work with Spirit. I call it the phrase I coined: Spiritual Marketing. It could have easily been called Spiritual Money.

The point here is that money and marketing are not separate from Spirit at all. They are in fact Spirit.

When someone says, “I don’t care about money, I just want to follow Spirit,” they are revealing their own limitations about the reality of the world.

Money is Spirit.

Saying you aren’t interested in money, or marketing, is a form of self-delusion. You don’t need to be in love with money to appreciate it and attract it. When you realize it’s a tool of Spirit, you are in a position to create miracles.

Dr. Hew Len, my coauthor for the book Zero Limits, is clear that money is of Spirit. He uses the ho’oponopono practice to clean on everything, including any negativity around money. As a result, our book is a bestseller and I send him huge checks for half of everything that I ever receive from anything related to Zero Limits products. He simply receives.

When you have Spirit, you can have money.

They aren’t separate.

Got Spirit?

Ao Akua,


PS — Miracles Coaching can help you with all of this. Click here for more information.

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The Secret of Life Attraction

The other day a woman asked me for the secret to life attraction.

I didn’t understand the question.

Most ask me how to use the secret Law of Attraction to attract money or attract a partner. I’m not used to the question, “What is the secret to life attraction?”

As I thought about it, I realized the secret to attracting anything is the same: be clear about what you want and clear inside so you can attract it.

But what does that mean?

Being clear about what you want means to be so detailed and specific that you can tell it to another person and they could repeat it back to you, or maybe go get what you asked for. They would not be confused.

No matter what you ask for in life, the clearer you can articulate your request, the easier time you’ll have in attracting it. You’ll have a destination. You’ll have a target. It all begins there.

Of course, you can’t ask for a specific person or thing. You have to allow room for something better to come your way.

Being clear inside means you don’t have any counter-intentions stopping you from attracting what you want.

In other words, if you want to attract a new job but also feel you don’t have the skills or experience, or the economy isn’t right, then your internal belief could slow or even stop your progress.  You need to be in alignment with your goals. You need to be congruent. You need to be clear.

Being clear means you are consciously and unconsciously in alignment with your desire.

I don’t think you could name anything in life that doesn’t require the above two steps. Whether you want to attract money or health or work or a relationship, it all boils down to knowing what you want and being clear about deserving it. To me, that’s the secret to life attraction.

Obviously, there’s more to the story.

You still need to take action. When inspiration hits, or an opportunity appears, your job is to take action. When I was on FOX News & Friends November 8, the first thing I told the viewers was they had to to do something to attract and achieve results. It’s a major secret to success.

So now we’re up to three secrets:

1. Know exactly what you want

2. Be clear about accepting it

3. Take action to attract it.

Are there more secrets?

Of course.

When I was on Donny Deutsch’s TV show, The Big Idea, November 19, 2007, I explained the five step formula from my book The Attractor Factor:

So are those five steps the complete secret of life attraction?

Life can’t be distilled into one blog post.

This is why I have books, such as Attract Money Now, and audios,  such as The Secret to Attracting Money, and DVDs, such as Zero Limits: The Final chapter, and of course my Miracles Coaching program.

It’s all available for you to choose from and enjoy, so you can finally understand the secret of life attraction.

But you have to do something to make any of it work.

What will you do now?

Ao Akua,


PS — You can still read my latest book for free by clicking on the banner below:

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Bugatti Billionaire Mastermind

I’ve been doing at least one Rolls-Royce Phantom Mastermind a month for one year now in my beautiful 2008 Rolls-Royce Phantom. In fact, I’m doing one tonight.

That’s where two people pay $5,000 each to ride and talk with me in that luxurious car, have dinner with me and a copilot, and share in a historic evening focused on them.

I’ve had people fly in from Switzerland, Japan and Italy just for this event. I’ve had them bring me Cuban cigars and foreign cash as gifts and tips. Every single evening has been exhilarating and all the people wonderful. I love doing these Masterminds.

But something strange happened in early October.

Suddenly more people wanted to attend these Rolls-Royce Phantom Masterminds. I had to add new dates to the schedule. For December alone I’m doing two or three each week!

I still don’t know why the event is suddenly so popular but I also experienced something even more unique.

One person told me the Rolls-Royce Mastermind was thinking small.

“Do a private jet mastermind and I’ll be there,” he said.

A mastermind on a private jet?

I love the idea!

joe_scorpion smaller

Another said when my Scorpion hybrid car comes in (see above pic), he wants a private Mastermind with me in it.

Obviously, I love that idea, too.

Yet another person said I should go ahead and get the dream car I want and then offer a Billionaire Bugatti Mastermind.

Do a billionaire mastermind in a Bugatti super car?

I love it!


In fact, Bugatti has plans to build a Bugatti 16C Galibier, a four-seat super car. Perfect for masterminds where speed is a need. Talk about a rush.

All of this made me start to wonder if I really was thinking too small.

I’m the guy who urges people to “Dare Something Worthy”.

I’m the guy who encourages people to “Think BIG!”

But I’m also the guy who needs a little nudge to think even bigger and dare even more boldly.

Why is that?

It’s because unless someone lovingly inspires you to do more, and assures you that you can do it, you probably will stay in your comfort zone.

You’ll just do what you’ve always done.

You’ll just think what you’ve always thought.

If that’s working for you and you’re happy, so be it. But most of us are living Thoreau’s observation: we’re living lives of quiet desperation.

How can you break free?

The best way I know to get out of your mental programming, and comfort zone, and start to achieve and attract bigger, better and bolder results, is with coaching.

Please check out Joe Vitale’s Miracles Coaching, the program that has been running for more than four years now and changing hundreds to thousands of lives.

Meanwhile, if you want to experience the evening of a lifetime, consider The Rolls-Royce Phantom Mastermind.

When I attract the private jet, Scorpion, and/or Bugatti, I’ll let you know.

Ao Akua,


PS — You can still read my latest book for free by clicking on the below image:

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