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On Giving

I just wrote an original article for a local magazine (Austin All Natural) about giving. It will appear in their December issue.  As “luck” would have it, I just received this email, shared here with the author’s permission:

“Hey Joe, hope this email finds you doing well.  I just had to write you and give you a quick testimonial.  Remember I had sent you the leather bags and in turn you sent me all your books.  They are awesome.  So here’s my story.

“I had just finished reading your book “The Greatest Money Making Secret in History” and I was thinking about how much I liked giving things away.  But I currently really wasn’t giving money, services, etc. to anyone on a regular basis.  So I was pondering who in my life I wanted to give to. 

“Then I remembered a homeless gentleman that hungout a few blocks from my apartment.  Now generally speaking I’m not in favor of homeless people hanging out on corners with their little signs asking for money.  But this guy was different.  He was handwriting poems that he made up each day.  I found it fascinating and I loved the fact that he was using his brain and at least offering people something of value and all he was asking was a quarter for a poem! 

“I would typically see this guy 3 times a week.  So I started buying a poem from him every time I saw him.  But I was giving him a 20 dollar bill each time.  It made me feel great and of course I could afford it. 

“In your book we were told to give what we were comfortable with and I was.  It cracked me up because he never remembered me but each time I drove off I could see him in the rear view mirror jump up and down in delite.  On top of that I really liked his poems! 

“This went on for a couple of weeks and in the mean time I was getting ready for a big move.  I just recently moved from Los Angeles to Denver and I was really dreading the move, not only from a monetary standpoint but also mental.  I knew it was going to be costly to move and I really didn’t know where I was going to get that much free cash flow for my move. 

“Well low and behold two weeks after I starting giving as instructed in the book I had Macy’s North (the retail store) which is comprised of 10 of their stores on the east coast find my website out of the blue and they ended up placing a $12,000 wholesale order of which I profited over $5,000.  

“Now consider this, I do both retail and wholesale orders but even my wholesale order on average are around $300 per order.  NEVER, NEVER have I had one of this size.  It paid for my entire move.  I just can’t think of any other reason than the Power of Giving that I was given this order in return.  Joe, it works.  It really works.”

— Rob www.robdiamond.net for belt buckles and belts!

Well done, Rob.

What have you given today?

Ao Akua,


PS — Money is only one thing you can give.


Chicago Wealth Expo

I’m a keynote speaker — along with Donald Trump, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, George Foreman, Lisa Nichols and others — in Chicago Nov. 3 – 4. It’s a weekend designed to make you a millionaire. Details are at — https://www.learningannex.com/realestate/realestate.taf?coursenum=ch07ex&menu=&refer=&ccode=
This Wealth Expo promises to be fantastic. Pass the word. 🙂


Steven Tyler's Ladybug

img00167.jpg I thought the circus came to town the other night when a transport truck big enough to ship the entire city of Wimberley pulled up in front of my home.

img00168.jpg Of course, inside were a lot of rare and collectible automobiles, including the one Aerosmith rock star Steven Tyler once owned: a 1998 Panoz AIV Roadster.

img00174.jpg  I bought it as investment, as I mentioned here this past week, but I never knew how much I’d love driving it until I slid behind the wheel.

Imagine being strapped to the side of a rocket. The car is scary fast. It screams with power, responds to my touch with instantaneous precision, and begs to be raced.

I buzzed the neighborhood a few times, being certain to hit the power and make the car roar as I shot by Bill Hibbler’s house, all as Mark Ryan and Nerissa filmed the whole wild thing.

Mark later said I looked like a rock star on steroids.

Nerissa refused to get in the car, saying I looked too “wild eyed.”

After the dust settled and I parked the car beside Francine, Mark and I sat under the late night Texas sky on a cool evening and talked about the lessons for you (yes, you) in attracting this car.

I told him that when I share any success of mine, it’s with a childlike enthusiasm that wants to shout, “Look! Look! Look what happened to me!”

It’s also with the spirit of inspiration, as I want you to realize that if I can go from homeless/poverty/desperation to small time car collector, than what’s possible for you, too?

None of this is about cars (okay, some of it is); instead, it’s about manifesting the life you prefer, following your passion, and treating yourself well.

Here’s a final thought:

I caught an interview with billionaire Donald Trump the other night. He’s out promoting another book he didn’t write, this one called Think Big and Kick Ass!

During it he said that you must love your business. When you do, everything else is easier, from learning the business to working long hours at it, and so on.

Love was his first secret to success.

I write because I love to. I don’t always get paid for what I write. (No one is paying me to write these blog posts.)

But as a result of doing what I love, I’m able to live a happier, healthier, wealthier life.

You can do this, too.

It’s all about passion.

What’s yours?

Ao Akua,


PS — Steven Tyler’s car is signed by him under the hood, but doesn’t have a name. Panoz started naming the cars they built in 2001. As I admired the Roadster in my driveway last night, a ladybug landed on it. For now, I’m calling the car “Ladybug.” I’m open to other names, though, so feel free to suggest something.

PPS – You can see a short video clip of me receiving — and then driving — the amazing Steven Tyler exotic Panoz muscle car on my video blog at http://drjoevitale.blogspot.com/ Nerissa made it and it’s fun to watch. Also, Mark Ryan put a longer clip up of me receiving and driving Tyler’s AIV Roadster at http://media.libsyn.com/media/nevada45/Joes_new_Rod.wmv 


Tap of the Morning

Brad Yates is the co-creator of the Money Beyond Belief audio seminar, which shows how to release blocks to abundance with EFT. He just put up his first youtube video explaining how to use EFT the first thing in the morning. It’s an easy, clear demo of the tapping points and one master EFT practitioner’s approach to the method. Go see at www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoSzivsQkVI 


Is Guilt Necessary?

A few weeks ago I was tag team interviewed by two men for a new DVD series on how to become a millionaire.

Everything was going fine until one of the interviewers asked me, “Is guilt necessary?’

I almost spit out my teeth, which aren’t false.

I was surprised by the question.

It seemed to come out of nowhere.

He went on to say, “You have a rare car, so do you feel guilty driving it?”

That really made my head turn like a confused puppy looking at a foreign object for the first time.

“I don’t feel guilty at all,” I said. “I love my Francine and love people seeing me drive her. I’m hoping people get inspired when they see me drive my Panoz. They can go for their dreams, too.”

As I asked a few questions of my own, I learned the man with the guilt question owns a brand new Porsche 911 luxury sports car and only drives it at night, when the neighbors can’t see him.

Turns out he felt guilty about owning such an expensive car.

I wasn’t sure why he felt guilty about it.

Did he steal it?

Did he flaunt it?

No and no.

I chewed on the subject of guilt for some time, though, not knowing how to answer this man with his sincere question. I asked if I could get back to him.

I reflected on it all that night. It seemed to me that anyone who had to hide his wealth didn’t feel guilt but shame.

He somehow felt he didn’t deserve it.

He somehow felt others opinions of him were more important than his own.

He somehow felt out of alignment with his own desires.

What about guilt?

Was guilt even necessary?

I went to my friend Mandy Evans, author of Emotional Options and Travelling Free. She’s a belief clearing expert. I asked her what she felt about guilt. She wrote —

“I do NOT think guilt is necessary. In fact eventually it usually leads to resentment and justification of whatever people feel guilty about as often as it works for whatever they brought it into play for in the first place. You really have to want to correct your ways already to be willing to feel guilty in the hope that it will help you to do that. Awareness and desire are stronger by far than guilt — which feels really awful and rarely works. When it does, the price is too high.”

In other words, awareness of what you are doing and desire to do something different are far better and healtheir than guilt or shame.

But does having a really nice car require any change at all?

Randy Gage (who owns a very expensive car and is proud of it) is a prosperity guru who says watching television and movies programs us to think rich people are bad. A nice car might push your buttons about wealth. He writes — 

“Is it any wonder that you grow up hating rich people and unconsciously not wanting to be like them? Once this is ingrained in you, the guilt starts. And it is that guilt that can stop you from accepting the abundance you are meant to have!”

Anyone who feels guilt or shame hasn’t gotten clear within themselves. There’s still a tug of war inside.

The part of them in touch with their pure desire is saying “drive the car” but the part of them feeling beliefs of lack or deservingness is saying “hide the car.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, once you get clear inside, you can have, do, or be virtually anything.

The Divine may be offering you a new car.

Who’s to say It isn’t?

It’s your beliefs that make it right or wrong.

Walk, take the bus, or drive your Porsche 911.

It doesn’t matter.

Just do whatever you do with clairity and love.

Ao Akua,


PS — For help in getting clear, which I regard as the missing secret to success, consider Miracles Coaching. I always use a Miracles Coach. Mandy is one of mine, but she no longer takes clients. That’s why you might consider www.miraclescoaching.com

PPS – A great article by Randy Gage on prosperity thinking is at www.prosperityuniverse.com/lack_program.html Anything by Randy or Mandy is worth reading.

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