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No Comments Please

I put up this new blog two days ago, wrote two new posts, invited my entire email list to come review it, and waited for the applause.


No comments.

No emails.

No love letters, cookies, cigars, care packages, Amazon gift certificates, or anything else.

What happened to my audience?

I started to think that no one loved the new blog, or my new posts, or me.

Amazing how the mind falls back to negativity if it isn’t guarded against.

So I decided I would continue writing these posts for me, because I love doing it. I’m a writer so I must write.

I then went into my hot tub, which is my literal “think tank.”

As I was percolating, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe people were commenting and I didn’t know it. After all, I’m new to WordPress.

I staggered out of the tub, went inside to my computer, poked around WordPress, and sure enough, there were 74 comments sitting there waiting for my approval.

They were all glowing, too.

Goes to show you (or me): You can’t assume anything, you can’t allow negativity to slow you down and, with a little education, anything is possible.

Ao Akua,


PS – Thank you for reading my posts. Comments are wlecome.


Nothing to Say

Last week I was placed in front of a video camera twice and filmed, once for a movie to be released in September and another for a DVD to be released next week.

Both times I had nothing to say and almost didn’t do the filming.

Both times I didn’t stop talking for almost 45 minutes.

How is that possible?

I learned a long time ago that even if I felt I had nothing to say or write, if I just started talking or writing, something would appear. More often than not, that something ended up being pretty darn good.

Decades ago, when I was studying great authors, I learned that they often sat down with no idea what they were going to write. But they wrote anyway. They trusted their unconscious to deliver something. It always did.

I think too many of us talk ourselves out of even trying.

Yes, sometimes what you write or say will have to be revised afterwards. That’s why we have editors and editing software.

But, surprisingly — and I say that literally as I’m still amazed at how this works — what comes out of “nothingness” is often brilliance.

My tip for today is to trust yourself more. Don’t refuse to speak or write because you have nothing to say. When the time goes, something will surface and you just might surprise yourself by what comes through you.

Ao Akua,


PS — When I began this post, I literally had “nothing to say.” I started typing anyway. Now look.


Welcome to Zero

What do you think?

This is my new blog – a sort of reincarnated version of my old one.

This contains all of my old posts (nearly five hundred of them), but with a new look and feel, and of course with a new blog title: Dr. Joe Vitale at Zero.

For taking the time to stop by, here is a gift for you:

Kenneth MacLean, popular author of The Vibrational Universe, and 6 other books, has put together a home study course called “The Keys to Deliberate Creation.”

You can read about it, as well as grab it for free (for a limited time) at —


Ao Akua,



PS – I’m not sure how to post anything to this WordPress blog yet, so please forgive any irregular formatting, etc. Thank you.


Your MonkeySphere

The reason you don’t personally know a lot of people is because of your brain.

The reason most of the six billion people you don’t know are grouped into categories is because of your brain.

Appears our noggins can only hold about 150 people — people you know the first name of and feel comfortable with.

Beyond that amount your brain lumps people into things like races, stereotypes, organizations, cultures, etc.

This is all because of something called the MonkeySphere.

Since I’ve been recording and filming all week and am bushed right now, I don’t have the time or energy to explain this concept to you.

But someone else has already done so.

His writing is excellent, and for mature audiences only, and located at www.pointlesswasteoftime.com/monkeysphere.html

Watch your bananas and go read it.

Ao Akua,


PS — A wikipedia article on the underlying research of the MonkeySphere is at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunbar’s_number Enjoy.