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New Books 2013

With all the music I’ve been creating — album number five comes out this month and album six is in production right now — you’d think I wouldn’t have any time to write more books. Not so. Here are some new ones being released the first part of this year:

You'll love this one!

Available March 2013

"Faith" available February 15th

Available February 15th

Comes out later 2013

Comes out later 2013

End Homelesssness Forever

End Homelesssness Forever

As I mentioned above, I have new music coming out, too. Album number five — my third singer-songwriting collection — will be released this month:

New album out next month

New album out this month

I’ll let you know when the above books and music becomes available. Or you can be one of the first to know by subscribing to my email list over at http://www.JoeVitale.com

My intent in sharing all this with you is to inspire you to take action and go for your dreams, as well.

What are you creating for 2013?

Ao Akua,


PS – You can pre-order my next book, Faith, online right now at http://www.amazon.com/Faith-Dr-Joe-Vitale/dp/1927005159/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1357824279&sr=1-1&keywords=faith+joe+vitale

Member BBB 2003 - 2013

Member BBB 2003 – 2013

Twisted Law of Attraction Method

Mathew Dixon just released an amazing new e-book, titled Attracting for Others. It’s free. And fun. And eye-opening. I wish I had thought of it. Meanwhile, here’s my introduction to his book, which explains why you should go get it right now:

When you want to attract something, what do you typically do?

If you are like most people, you sit and visualize what you want, write affirmations about it, set an intention for it, and hope for the best. If you’re smart, you might even take action on the ideas and opportunities that come to you. That’s the basic mechanics of the Law of Attraction.

Sometimes you actually attract what you want that way.

Sometimes you don’t.

Why not?

Why doesn’t it always work?

Why can’t you always attract what you declare you want?

I’ve been teaching for years, through my books and audios, that there is a “missing secret” to the Law of Attraction. Basically, you’ll have a tough time attracting what you want if you have counter-intentions in your unconscious mind.

For example, if you say you want to attract money, yet at the same time think money is bad or evil, you will cancel out your own intention.

Why would you attract something you felt was evil?

If you say you want a relationship, but deep down don’t believe you are worthy of one, you won’t attract your dream person.

Why would you attract someone new if you felt you didn’t deserve someone new?

You can see the problem.

What you believe unconsciously is more important than what you believe consciously.

So, what can you do about this snag in the Law of Attraction process?

Well, you can work on your unconscious beliefs, enter my Miracles Coaching program, or do any number of things to get clear of your inner blocks. All of that would be wise. All of it would work. I’m in favor of it.

But Mathew Dixon rides to our rescue with an entirely new method. I think it’s a little “twisted,” but I also know you’ll love it.

While everyone else is scrambling to find new ways to attract more for themselves, Mathew quietly created a way to do just that, but with a twist: he found that the more you attract for others, the more you actually attract for yourself.

In other words, while the average manifestation junkie is sitting in a chair, meditating on the new car or sexy partner they want, Mathew is sitting in a chair imagining you already have that new car or sexy partner.

He’s focused on your end result, not his.

He’s using the Law of Attraction for you.

Why is this important?

Free E-Book Reveals "Twisted" New LOA Method

Free E-Book Reveals "Twisted" New Law of Attraction Method

His state of mind is at a higher frequency because his intentions are pure and his interference is low.

He can attract what you want faster than you can because he’s not emotionally tied up in your end result.

He simply and innocently wants you to have what you desire.

He doesn’t have your baggage, or limited belief system.

He doesn’t have any stake in you getting what you want, and as a result, he can more clearly, powerfully and effectively make the request for you.

That’s why his approach is “twisted.”

The “Twist” is he is focused on attracting for others, while most people are only focused on attracting for themselves.

Big difference in perspective, right?

And the grand insight is this: you can attract faster when you do it for others.

You also learn more about the inner dynamics of manifestation when you first do it for others.

You also earn what I call “Good Karma Points” by focusing on others before yourself.

And the more his book spreads around the world, and the more people learn how to attract for others, the more people will be attracting for you, too.

Besides, everyone you see is really a mirror reflection of your inner being, anyway. So when you attract for others, you’re really just attracting for the reflected versions of yourself. The cosmic joke is you are attracting for yourself when you “attract for others.” The other is you.

But don’t worry your mind over that. You don’t need to understand it or accept it to make the concept in his book work.

This book is evidence that Mathew’s technique is powerful. His stories are riveting and true. I know because a couple of them are about me or people I know. I’ve seen him create the method, try it, and secretly do it to help people. I also watched him write this book, which he decided to give away.

Again, he’s helping you.

The point of his book isn’t to make Mathew the “go to” guy when you want to attract something. Don’t write him and say, “Attract for ME, Mathew!” That’s an easy trap. That’s again giving away your power to another.

Rather, the point of this book is for you to start “ATTRACTING FOR OTHERS.”

The more you do it, the better you’ll feel, the more “in the flow” you’ll be, and the higher your level of energy and happiness. You’ll love it.

Simply read his wonderful, breezy little book, and follow Mathew’s guidelines.  They are easy. And fun.

And as you use them, you will learn how to attract more for yourself – by first learning how to attract for others.

Go get his e-book — it’s entirely free — over at Attracting For Others.

Ao Akua,


PS — Mathew’s name should be familiar to you. We created the bestselling healing music album titled Aligning to Zero. The incredible music we were inspired to record helps open and align your chakras and is (if I say so myself) divinely beautiful. Hear samples at the site:  http://www.aligningtozero.info

Member BBB 2003 - 2013

Member BBB 2003 - 2013


The Mirror Technique 2.0

One of the most powerful ways to transform your mind and body is something I learned four decades ago from the classic self-help book, The Magic of Believing, written in 1948 by Claude Bristol. It’s called The Mirror Technique.

I’ll explain the basic method to you, and then give you my breakthrough hi-tech add-on to it. With this new combined and upgraded approach, you’ll feel like you have superhuman powers.

Imagine what you would aim for if you had the power of a super hero. Let that roll around in your mind as you continue reading…

Bristol wrote an entire chapter on The Mirror Technique in his famous book (which is still in print today). This excerpt gives you a clear idea of how the method works:

“Many great orators, preachers, actors, and statesmen have used the mirror technique. According to Drew Pearson, Winston Churchill never made a speech of importance unless he made it before a mirror first. Pearson also declared that Woodrow Wilson employed the same technique. It’s what I call a supercharging method of stepping up the speaker’s subconscious forces so that when he or she appears before an audience, those forces flow out also and affect the listeners. By using the mirror in rehearsing the speech as you are going to deliver it, you are creating a picture of yourself, your words, the sound of your voice, and your sight of the audience, to which the immediate future is to bring reality. By looking into the mirror, you increase the mental vibrations by which the force and meaning of your words will quickly penetrate to your audience’s subconscious minds.

“This mirror technique gives a possible clue to the power and personal magnetism of certain evangelists. I knew Bill Sunday in his heyday and often heard him preach, but in those days, knowing little or nothing about this Mind Stuff, I was puzzled as to how he and other great evangelists were able to influence people to such a remarkable degree. However, we now have proof that Billy Sunday was versed in the use of the mirror technique; it was given by Eric Sevareid in his book Not So Wild a Dream, published in 1946. Mr. Sevareid tells how he – as a young newspaper reporter – secured an interview with Billy Sunday: “’He bounded about the hotel room, now peering intently out of the window, with one foot on the sill, now grasping the dressing-table firmly in both hands while lecturing his reflection in the mirror.’”

In short, you stand before a mirror big enough to see your face and torso, stare into your eyes, and then speak out loud about what you want to have, do, or be. You give yourself the pep talk of all time. You reprogram your mind with your voice and your own authority.

Reveals Mirror Technique

Reveals Mirror Technique

I was reminded of the technique while watching J. Edgar, the movie by Clint Eastwood about FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. There’s a scene where Hoover’s mother coaches him to realize he can dance by urging him to look into his mirror and tell himself he could do so.

Believe me, this works. When you first look into the mirror, you may cringe or feel weak. But when you stick with it, and truly command yourself, you can transform into a powerful Law of Attraction super being.

But let’s not stop there.

Now, what could be better than The Mirror Technique?

Brace yourself.

During the recent making of my fourth album, titled The Healing Song, the band and I spontaneously created  an original piece of music that is so engaging, it is virtually entrancing. It’s mesmerizing.

Just listening to it can put you into an altered state. I can’t explain how we actually created the music, as it feels like we were guided by Divine inspiration. Whatever the case, it is a riveting, mood altering track.

When we played the music back in the studio, famous drummer Joe Vitale — who has almost five decades of experience with rock and roll legends such as Neil Young and Joe Walsh — said the track wouldn’t allow any other sounds or instruments added to it.

Except one thing.

Creators of The Healing Song

Creators of The Healing Song

My voice.

“It wants you,” Joe told me.

At first I didn’t know what that meant. But that night, as I was driving home from a long day in the studio, I received even more Divine inspiration. I almost pulled off the freeway to write down my thoughts. But instead I turned on my iPhone and recorded the words coming to me.

When I went back into the studio, I told my music producer, Daniel Barrett, to cue up that mesmerizing track and turn on the microphone. I then recorded the most empowering commands of my entire hypnotic career.

These statements go beyond mere affirmations and feel-good self talk. These are truths about the almost supernatural power you have inside yourself to attract By-God miracles.

These commands move your attention from your little self to your all powerful big Self — yes, the Self with a capital S for Superhuman or Spiritual Human.

At the end of my spoken words, Daniel said, “Oh My God! That was phenomenal!

With the original enchanting music and the empowering commands combined, I knew we had a track that could change lives. I knew it would be a stand-out on the new album.

But I wasn’t done.

I was inspired with one more step.

The morning I was to pick up drummer Joe Vitale from the airport, I told Nerissa how he is proof of a parallel universe. She was still half asleep and didn’t process what I said. She thought I was talking about some sort of mirror. I had to explain that since the other JV was coming, it was proof a mirror universe existed.

But her confusion led to a breakthrough idea.

I thought, “What if I created a mirror that you could look at yourself in, but that also had speakers and that empowering music track already in it?”

You could step up, look in the mirror, push play, and then listen to the most empowering commands of all time as the most entrancing music of all time riveted you on the spot.

This would combine the best of all self-help and self-improvement methods to truly re-wire your brain to attract and achieve amazing results.

And all you would have to do is look in the mirror!

Talk about easy!


Right then and there, I knew this was a hi-tech improvement to Bristol’s famous Mirror Technique.

I knew I wanted “The Empowered Mirror” — the name I coined for it — right then and there.

When I told the idea to a couple of select friends, they said the same thing: “That’s brilliant! I want the mirror, too!”

I then did some in-depth Google searching but couldn’t find anything even close to my idea. I found some baby monitors that had mirrors and played soothing music, such as the Brica Day and Night Light Musical Mirror. That was for babies.

And I found a couple shower mirrors that could play your music via a wireless transmitter, which seemed complicated. And that was for in the shower.

Neither was what I wanted.

I wanted a portrait-sized mirror with built-in speakers and pre-programmed with my empowering music track. It might even have the capability to allow people to record their own commands, or to upload their own music. But my basic idea was to have a vanity mirror that could play Empowered!, the incredible track from my new album, The Healing Song.

What I needed was a manufacturer.

I then went and contacted the people behind the fitness equipment I love — the Nexersys — to ask their advice on how to create such a mirror. Terry Jones, developer of the Nexersys, is a genius at developing products and bringing them to market. I had interviewed him for my Hypnotic Gold subscribers, and knew he could point me in the right direction. So I told him my story.

Terry told me about the Alibaba site at http://www.alibaba.com, where I could post my need and manufacturers in China and other places around the globe could respond. I did just that. I received two dozen emails from people who didn’t know how to type or understand English. It was funny and frustrating.

But one woman in the pack of oddities seemed professional, persistent, and polite. I decided to wire her $120 to make a sample of what I had in mind. It took four weeks just to get the wire exactly right so her bank would accept the transfer. But you and I both know persistence is a key to success. I kept at it.

When her company finally made the prototype for me in China, and shipped it to me, I was disappointed. It was a clunky woman’s makeup compact case with a USB port and built-in speakers. I didn’t think people would want yet another heavy item to carry around. And the USP wasn’t as easy to use as it sounds to transfer music tracks. I decided to pass on the idea.

While there are still ideas I might play with — like creating an app that does what I want and plays the Empowered track for you — probably the best straight line to success is to simply suggest you go buy the album and transfer the Empowered! track wherever you want it. You could then play the track on your phone, or iPad, or any device you preferred. And you could look at yourself in the mirror as you did so.

Again, this is one of the most powerful tools you can use to transform yourself. Just look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a pep talk as you listen to the music that inspires you the most. For me, the Empowered! song off my new album does the trick. But you can use whatever music makes your heart sing and your feet dance.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

Check out The Healing Song.

Ao Akua,


PS — You can listen to samples of all 11 tracks, download the title track, and/or buy the entire album on CD by going to The Healing Song.

Member BBB 2003 - 2012

Member BBB 2003 - 2012


The Miracle of Awakened Thinking

Why is this funny?

“I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn’t work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.”

Every time I relate that line to someone, they smile and laugh.


It’s a great example of a paraprosdokian. A paraprosdokian is a sentence where the ending comes as an unexpected surprise. Another example is this –

“Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.”

I love how you can structure writing to make an impact. That’s why I wrote the book, Hypnotic Writing. But that isn’t the point of this blog post. Instead, I want to explore why the first paraprosdokian is funny, as it helps explain the Law of Attraction.

Most people believe God (or Divine, Tao, Nature, Allah, etc.) won’t grant wishes. That’s the underlying reason the above line triggers a smile. You can ask God for a healing, but you can’t ask God for stuff.  God isn’t Santa Claus. Not according to popular belief, anyway.

Deeper than that belief is the one that says while God won’t grant wishes, He/She will take away sins. God’s loving and understanding, so of course He can release you of your oops.

As a result of this thinking, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for what you want. At least, that’s how some people think.

That’s pretty messed up, isn’t it?

This is why I keep writing books, such as The Awakening Course and The Attractor Factor, to explore the programming behind what we think, feel, and do. Most of us are running on autopilot. We have no idea we are led by the nose by our mental programming or mindset. Our beliefs – mostly unconscious – filter reality.

I was reading the new book, Redirect by Timothy Wilson, and loving the idea of story editing the meaning we give events, until I realized the author was victim to programming he didn’t even see.

Read for a change

Read for a change

In his book, he blows the whistle on different causes or processes that he says don’t actually work. Early on, he takes aim at the movie The Secret.

He quotes me as saying the reason you have what you have is due to your thoughts. He apparently missed the part where I said you have what you have due to your actions. Thoughts are only part of the equation.

Glossing over facts because they don’t support your underlying message is a common way to communicate.

But it’s not real. Or accurate.

Again, it’s not the author’s fault. He’s as unconscious as the rest of us.

In the same book, the author suggests that self-help books don’t actually work, else there would be a stand out title in the field. That’s strange logic, but let’s run with it. In the same chapter, he mentions one of the all-time greatest self-help books, Norman Vincent Peale’s 1952 The Power of Positive Thinking.

How’d he miss that?

He also fails to mention such historic self-help treasures as Think and Grow Rich (been around since the 1930s), and The Magic of Believing (came out in the 1950s, still a classic today).

How’d he miss those?

On top of all that, he overlooks the fact that new cookbooks are published every week, and there are thousands of those in print, yet no one suggests “they don’t work.”

How’d he overlook that?

I’m not kicking the author’s shins, as I enjoyed his book and urge you to read it. But I am reminding us that we all have unconscious blind spots – even authors who try to help us see them. We don’t see them because they are unconscious.

The point of life is to awaken.

But how?

Paying attention to the results we get and then reverse engineering them to discover the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions that created them, will help.

New book coming October!

New book coming October!

My forthcoming new book, Instant Manifestation, explores all this. It reveals that what you attracted right now is based on what you thought and did a few days ago.

When you understand that process, you can redirect your thoughts and actions right now, to attract a different reality in the near future.

What are you thinking right now?

What are you going to do next?

Your answers will attract what’s just around the corner.

Choose wisely.

Finally, to swing back to our opening example:

“I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn’t work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.”

Forgiveness is a powerful tool for transformation. But you don’t need God/Divinity to forgive you. You need to forgive yourself.

Manifesting what you want is a God given birthright, though you may not have known it until recently. You don’t need to ask God/Divinity to deliver anything to you. You need to ask yourself and your connection to All That Is for what is in your highest good to receive.

Now go forth and make your life miraculous.

Ao Akua,


PS — Remember that an effective personal service to help you become more aware and attract more of what you want is Miracles Coaching. There are audio interviews and brief videos on the site to explain how it can help you, and you can register for a free consultation there, too. Go see http://www.miraclescoaching.com

Member BBB 2003 - 2011

Member BBB 2003 - 2011


Eye of the Needle, or, The Shocking Spiritual Truth About Money

Warning: The following may be controversial and confrontational. I’m doing my best to help you prosper during perceived tough times. I’m getting “in your face” so you can shake off limiting beliefs, drop the excuses, and begin to help yourself and others. May the following inspire you to do just that.

Often people have trouble attracting money because they unconsciously believe it’s evil. You wouldn’t want to attract anything you thought was evil, would you?

But is money really evil?

Ben Witherington writes in his book, Jesus and Money:

“Money in itself is just a means of exchange. It is no more inherently evil than any other material thing God created.”

Actually, the quote about money being evil is a partial one from Paul, not Jesus. Paul wasn’t enlightened but wisely warned about the love of money potentially being a problem.

I totally agree. Loving money over life itself could take you from the essence of life, not toward it. As I explained in my book, Attract Money Now, the wealthy people I know don’t love money. They appreciate it and leverage it, but they’re not in love with it. Big difference.

What about the story where Jesus said, “A rich man can’t get into heaven”?

It’s a misquote. Jesus said it would be difficult for a rich man to get in, not that he “can’t” get in.

And why difficult?

It’s difficult to get through the eye of a needle when you’re carrying a lot of stuff.

As I’ve taught, it’s fine to have material things — the material is the concrete form of the spiritual — it’s just not so fine to be attached to them. If your happiness is dependent on them, then you’re missing the miracle of this very moment.

What really matters is what is in your heart concerning money. If it’s your be-all and end-all, then money is your God and that, from a Jesus/Paul viewpoint, is a no-no. But if money is neutral to you, just a means to an end, then you are probably pure in heart concerning it. Godspeed to you.

What I do is appreciate money and use it to express my inspirations and Divinity. Money is just a cool agreed-upon tool to get things done. With it I can help myself, family and friends, and distribute it to causes and people I believe in. I do all that and more. It’s about being at peace with money.

I love Arnold Patent’s quote, in his book, Money:

“The sole purpose of money is to express appreciation.”

When you realize that money is neutral, that you can use it with a heart full of love, and you can be a steward for it to see that the Divine is expressed through you, then you are clear to attract all the money you will allow.

Mother Teresa said —

“Money will come if we seek first the Kingdom of God – the rest will be given.”

What is this “Kingdom of God”?

Religious wars have been fought over the answers. For me, it’s following your Divine connection; the voice in your heart that whispers what It wants you to do next. When you follow It, you move in the direction of experiencing and creating this Kingdom right here, right now.

What’s worth remembering is you can’t tell what is Divinely guided in another person any more than they can tell what is Divinely guided within you.

  • Jay Leno and his car collection might be Divinely guided. I can’t honestly say. Neither can you.
  • Bill Gates and his fortune might be there because he followed Divine guidance. We have no way of knowing.
  • Jimmie Vaughan has 200 guitars. Not inspired collecting? How would you know?
  • Donald Trump might be following his own spiritual path. Who’s to say, unless you project your own idea of wealth and spirituality onto him, and then who’s to say you’re right?

You’re on an ego trip if you feel you can determine someone’s motivation. We have to focus on our own connection and actions and refrain from judgments.

Scot Anderson, in his book, God Wants You Rich, says –

“What did Jesus say when someone was dumping perfume on His feet that was worth one year’s salary  — in today’s numbers more than $40,000 — and someone said it should be given to the poor? Jesus said, ‘The poor you will have with you always’.”

Anderson goes on to say, “…Get out of your holier-than-thou attitude. Stop judging others and live your own life.”

That may sound harsh, but maybe it’s time to be more direct.

Buddha had his own thoughts on money, of course. According to The Buddha’s Teachings on Prosperity: At Home, At Work, in the World by Bhikkhu Basnagoda Rahula —

“The Buddha never imposed limitations on his lay follower’s efforts to be successful; instead, he clearly encouraged them to strive for success. Whether in “trading, cattle farming, archery, government service, or any other profession or industry,” a layperson should strive to advance in his or her respective field. Notably, the motivation to achieve success is an important requirement in any person’s life — an attitude of “I have a job that’s enough for me to live on” has no place in the Buddha’s teaching.

Next, the Buddha set no limits to a layperson’s wealth and never told his prosperous lay followers to stop or slow down. Instead, he unequivocally encouraged them to plan, organize, and even to obtain more…”

Buddha encouraged attracting more?

Jesus didn’t think money was evil?

The sole purpose of money is to express appreciation?

Pretty eye-opening, isn’t it?

Given these insights, how do you feel about money now?

Whether you think money is spiritual or not doesn’t matter when you need it in today’s world to survive and thrive. You best make peace with it. If you want to help yourself and others, you best clean up your attitude toward wealth.

But how?

Attract Money for Good

Attract Money for Good

I’ve created entire books and courses to help you get clear and then attract money to use for your own Divinely guided actions. Some of them, such as Attract Money Now, are free.

Have you read the book? If not, why not? If so, did you apply the seven steps in it? If not, why not?

Too many people have shrugged off the pursuit of money saying it was evil or material, or that Jesus or Buddha wouldn’t use or acquire or accumulate money today.

Come on. Obviously, that’s not true. They wouldn’t be attached to money, but they’d certainly attract it and leverage it for good.

And who’s good would they use it for?

Their choice.

Meaning they wouldn’t listen to you, but to their own inner direction. You might not even agree with how they handled their wealth. You might even be surprised and confused by it. You might even think they were greedy.

Do you think your opinion would stop them?


They’d adapt to modern times, too.

Do you really think they’d ride in an ox cart today? Not fly in an airplane to get overseas? Not have a bank account — or entrust someone to have one for them? Not do marketing to get the word out?

When I wrote my dissertation to earn one of my doctorate degrees, it was on the marketing methods every great religion and metaphysical movement did to attract followers. They all used money and marketing to spread the good word of their ideas. All of them.

Apparently their leaders were just fine with money.

But let’s dig below the surface of all this:

Why do you even care what anyone does with their money? Or what Buddha or Jesus thought about wealth?

Sometimes people use not having money as an excuse for not following inspirations.

I’m sorry, but excuses are no longer allowed.

It’s time to awaken.

You have a job to do here. I don’t know what it is. You do.

Dr. Kalinda Rose Stevenson, in her very enlightening e-book, Going Broke With Jesus, says —

“When you have money, you have the power to have a greater impact in the world. Most of us are used to playing small roles, partly because we don’t have enough money.”

John Kay, in his book, Obliquity, pointed out that the wealthiest people – from Andrew Carnegie to Bill Gates – achieved their riches through a passion for their work, not because they set materialistic goals.


That’s the real ticket to success and the real thing to focus on.

Don’t let lack of money or time or energy or experience or education stop you. Far too many people with less than you have created their dreams.

Focus on your passion.

Don’t let opinions about what Jesus or Buddha would think or do stop you from following your own inspirations. That’s a cop-out.

Focus on your passion.

Don’t let religious bullies or well-meaning interpreters of ancient spiritual literature distort your perception of the world and what’s possible for you.

Focus on your passion.

It’s time to act.

Will you?

Ao Akua,


PS — Let me be even more in your face: Stop judging people with money and how they use it. How does that serve you, except to make you feel self-righteous?  Start attracting money and using it for the good you see will help the most. If you want to make a difference, make a difference. It begins with you. Will you sit on the sidelines and judge or will you enter the game and be part of the solution? Will you follow your passion or not? The whistle has blown. The game is on. The clock is ticking. Get on the field and play. Now.

Member BBB 2003 - 2011

Member BBB 2003 - 2011