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The Secret of Life Attraction

The other day a woman asked me for the secret to life attraction.

I didn’t understand the question.

Most ask me how to use the secret Law of Attraction to attract money or attract a partner. I’m not used to the question, “What is the secret to life attraction?”

As I thought about it, I realized the secret to attracting anything is the same: be clear about what you want and clear inside so you can attract it.

But what does that mean?

Being clear about what you want means to be so detailed and specific that you can tell it to another person and they could repeat it back to you, or maybe go get what you asked for. They would not be confused.

No matter what you ask for in life, the clearer you can articulate your request, the easier time you’ll have in attracting it. You’ll have a destination. You’ll have a target. It all begins there.

Of course, you can’t ask for a specific person or thing. You have to allow room for something better to come your way.

Being clear inside means you don’t have any counter-intentions stopping you from attracting what you want.

In other words, if you want to attract a new job but also feel you don’t have the skills or experience, or the economy isn’t right, then your internal belief could slow or even stop your progress.  You need to be in alignment with your goals. You need to be congruent. You need to be clear.

Being clear means you are consciously and unconsciously in alignment with your desire.

I don’t think you could name anything in life that doesn’t require the above two steps. Whether you want to attract money or health or work or a relationship, it all boils down to knowing what you want and being clear about deserving it. To me, that’s the secret to life attraction.

Obviously, there’s more to the story.

You still need to take action. When inspiration hits, or an opportunity appears, your job is to take action. When I was on FOX News & Friends November 8, the first thing I told the viewers was they had to to do something to attract and achieve results. It’s a major secret to success.

So now we’re up to three secrets:

1. Know exactly what you want

2. Be clear about accepting it

3. Take action to attract it.

Are there more secrets?

Of course.

When I was on Donny Deutsch’s TV show, The Big Idea, November 19, 2007, I explained the five step formula from my book The Attractor Factor:

So are those five steps the complete secret of life attraction?

Life can’t be distilled into one blog post.

This is why I have books, such as Attract Money Now, and audios,  such as The Secret to Attracting Money, and DVDs, such as Zero Limits: The Final chapter, and of course my Miracles Coaching program.

It’s all available for you to choose from and enjoy, so you can finally understand the secret of life attraction.

But you have to do something to make any of it work.

What will you do now?

Ao Akua,


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Russia's Secret Wish Maker

While in the Siberia region of Russia last month, I met many wonderful fans and received numerous loving gifts. One of the latter was the curious figure called Hochun, known in Siberia as Russia’s Secret Wish Maker. He’s a cool Law of Attraction partner.

hochunHochun is a Russian doll in the same family of the famous Matreshka. The name of the doll comes from the Russian verb “hochu”, which means “I want.” What Hochun does is help you focus on stating what you want, otherwise known as formulating your intention.

Here’s how it works:

What you do is take Hochun and put him before you. You’ll note he has no pupils in his eyes. That’s a little spooky. There’s a reason for this. He needs you and you need him.

joe in siberia

You then formulate your wish. It’s important that you are clear and specific, else no one can help you attract your desire, not even Hochun. I love this aspect of using Hochun as your Wish Maker. As I teach people, you can’t attract what you can’t articulate. Neither can Hochun.

After you express your desire, you write it down.

You then take a pen and draw a pupil in one of Hochun’s eyes. He can now see what your desire, wish, or intention is.

You then place him someplace where you can see him, and he can see you. He will remind you of your goal.

Later, after your wish has been fulfilled, you draw in Hochun’s other eye, so he can see your success, too.

joe in siberia signing

I love Hochun. I think this is a smart tool for helping you pinpoint what you want for yourself. Hochun won’t actually do anything to bring your wish about (you still have to take action), but he’s a great help for formulating your desire and reminding you of it.

I’m not aware of Hochun in English, but the Russian site is at www.hochun.ru I am creating a three-part audio system on how to use Hochun to attract what you want in your life. I’ll tell you about it soon.

Reminder: This Friday I’ll post the story of my hair-raising escape from Russia. It won’t be for the faint of heart. Stay tuned.

Ao Akua,


PS – If you want to use the law of attraction to attract money, Hochun has some advice: Order the beautiful hardcover printed version of my book, Attract Money Now, and get a free DVD of a live presentation by me when you do. Just click here.

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How to Attract Money Fast

When it comes to “the secret” to success — especially in manifesting money or using the law of attraction to attract money — few know what I do is the very thing I teach: I get clear, connect with the Divine, and act on what I receive.

Let me explain…

Read Attract Money now

A few months ago I received a divinely inspired idea, complete with marketing plan. It was so sudden and so complete that I stopped everything and wrote it down. I’ve been acting on every step in it since that day.  Some of my own staff think I’m nuts to implement the idea, but virtually everyone else thinks it’s pure genius.

Here’s the idea in a nutshell:

Pat O'Bryan on TV set

The first leg of the plan was to write another book. I wasn’t keen on that. I’ve already written maybe thirty books, including The Attractor Factor. But I’ve learned not to argue with the Divine. So I’ve written a new law of attraction book, called Attract Money Now. The seven step formula in it was mentioned in my Nightingale-Conant audio program, The Secret to Attracting Money. But it was only mentioned. I suspected it could be turned into a whole book. So I took that tiny section and expanded it, explained it, and made it my new book, called Attract Money Now.

Victoria Belue Schaefer

I then decided I would give away the book. Yes, for free. This is where some on my own staff thought I was losing focus. They feared “You won’t make any money.” I knew in my heart this was the way to go. There are numerous stories of authors who gave away the digital version of their book, who saw the hardcover version of the same book skyrocket in sales. Not enough people give away their goods due to fear. Well, I’m not afraid. Plus, Chris Anderson’s new book, FREE, proves giving is a terrific way to make money. Besides, I truly want to help people. By giving away the book, I give people access to the very formula they need to attract money now.

Scott York

Then, I shot a television show about the book. I’ve been involved in numerous infomercials over the last twenty years. I could have made one for the book. Instead, I wanted to create a TV show where I gave away the ideas in the book, had some testimonials from people who have used my ideas, and then urged the viewer to go read the book, gratis, at my website. Obviously, I am paying for the air time, paying to create the show, and not making a dime from either. Still, I am following the Divine plan.

This is a real secret to success: when the ideas come, act.

Will this plan work?

Austin All Natural

Of course!

I’m honoring my heart, my passion, and the Divinely inspired marketing idea. It can’t help but work.

This is how you truly attract success:

You get out of your ego and its petty desires and instead allow the Divine to direct your way.

This is why I say I gave up intentions and now follow inspirations.

Big difference in results.

It will be two weeks before the TV show is edited into something worth airing. When it’s done, I’ll post it online so you can go watch it.

Meanwhile, go register to be notified when the book is ready (any day now) by clicking right here.

Ao Akua,

Dr. Joe Vitale

PS – Above photos were snapped on the set of my TV show for my next book, Attract Money Now. You can see Pat O’Bryan at top, Victoria Belue Schaefer in middle, and then Scott York (looking at his iphone). The cover of Austin All Natural magazine with me on it is evidence people want to hear more about how to use the law of attraction to manifest money or attract wealth. Is this exciting or what?

Attract Money Now


Bonnie Meets Francine and Learns The Mightest Motivator

When my sister, Bonnie, visited me last week and saw my 2005 Panoz Esperante GTLM named Francine, she lit up.

Bonnie has never been into cars, but she sure wanted in Francine.

And once behind the wheel, she didn’t want to let go, or get out.

It was raining that day, so Bonnie didn’t get to drive Francine.

Bonnie has been married for almost twenty-nine years. When her husband, Frank, got into the car, his eyes grew large and his smile grew wide.

I let him start the car. As he heard the roar of Francine’s engine, he seemed to radiate bliss.

Bonnie looked at him and said, “I haven’t seen that look on your face in twenty-nine years.”

Frank replied, “Get me a car like this and you’ll see it all the time.”

Ao Akua,



PS – If you think desire is bad, or the cause of all suffering, then you are believing a myth. Buddha actually said misunderstood desire and attachment to desire cause suffering, not desire itself. As Mandy Evans points out in a guest article just added to my site, babies learn to walk because of natural desire. It’s the most powerful force. It’s your inner compass letting you know you are on your path. But most of us squelch it. What do you desire?


Principles of Change

A dear friend who knew me over thirty years ago, when I was in poverty and struggling, is baffled by my level of success today.

She’s still struggling.

I’m not.

So she asked me an interesting question:

“How’d you do it?”

Sheesh. This is a question I get a lot.

I’ve tried to answer it here on this blog, on my main site, and in my various books.

I’ll try to answer it yet again.

I think my change came from the following principles of conscious creation:

1. Constant belief clearing.

I feel we live in a belief created universe. Most of us, myself included, are living our lives based on programming we aren’t even aware of. Those unconscious beliefs are causing us to see the world the way we do, and to take the actions (or not take them) that we do. To get different results, you have to change the programming. I keep working on myself with books and audios and seminars. But I also know sometimes you need what I’ve coined a Miracles Coach. This is clearly the number one thing I’ve done and continue to do to keep improving myself. The only limitations are my own. The way to change them is inside me. If I can’t see the beliefs operating in me, I may need an outside trusted party to help me find them and release them. This is the most important key to permanent change. Everyone who finds their limiting beliefs and changes them will get new results. Everyone. And “everyone” includes you. This is the Missing Secret to dramatic change.

2. Constant action.

I rarely sit around waiting for things to happen. I’ve tried many things that failed, and many that succeeded. Recently Suzanne, my chief assistant, compiled a bibliography of my work. It’s forty-three pages long. How in the world did I create 43 pages worth of products? From constant action. Most people don’t take any action because they talk themselves out of it. They are afraid of failure, or success. This is why step one (belief clearing) is so important. Take care of the doubts and you naturally take actions. I’m the guy in the movie The Secret that urges you to take inspired action, so it should come as no surprise to you that I still believe action is one of the essential keys to change. Action is a great way to install and transcend The Secret.

3. Constant ruthless honesty.

Most people lie to themselves about what they really want. They say things that are socially acceptable or safe in some other way, instead of opening their heart and speaking the truth about their desires. Being ruthlessly honest with yourself helps you discover your passion, and passion is the fuel that brings you new levels of success. Passion is my secret to success. Passion is your guidance system that leads you to change. Passion adds fire to the Law of Attraction. Passion is one of the key principles of change.

Again, there are numerous principles of change, self-empowerment and deliberate creation. I’ve written about them in my books, The Attractor Factor and in Life’s Missing Instruction Manual, and in forthcoming books, such as Zero Limits, and The Key. But if you want a quick answer to a big question, the above three points are it.

Having shared them here with you, which one are you going to passionately act on right now?

Ao Akua,


PS – As you may already know, I also created several DVDs based on the Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation to help you easily change. See www.subliminalmanifestation.com/ and www.missingsecret.info/ and www.installthesecret.com And of course there’s always www.miraclescoaching.com/ You can change and experience self-empowerment, but you have to do something to begin that change. Choose. Act. Now. GO!

NOTE: Some books that can help you awaken and begin to change are ones by Steve Chandler, who I am reading lately. See his gems at www.stevechandler.com/books.htm Great stuff.