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I don’t watch sports at all.

No football.




Not even boxing, though I thought I was going to be world heavyweight boxing champion back in the early 1970s. (For real.)

Today I couldn’t tell you the name of the current heavyweight champion.

But all this non-sports watching changed a few weeks ago when I discovered the most exciting athletic competition ever seen on television.

I’m talking about Ninja Warrior.

I stumbled across this wild game show one night while flipping through channels, waiting for Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show to come on.

As soon as I saw these Japanese athletes run through the most bizarre and demanding obstacle course ever created by madmen (or madwomen), with a clock ticking away and an audience cheering them on, I was hooked.

Even Nerissa – another non-sports watcher – got caught up with the Ninja Warriors.

At times I found myself holding my breath, wondering if a competitor would make it across a trippy obstacle. (Most don’t.)

At other times I actually spoke to the TV, urging the people in Japan to make it across the mind-boggling obstacles.

You’ve GOT to see this show to believe it.

I find it inspiring. This morning after I worked-out, I looked at my 15 ft climbing rope and said, “If a Ninja Warrior can do the incredible feats they do, I can go up a frickin rope!”

I then went up higher than EVER before.

Check out Ninja Warrior at www.g4tv.com/ninjawarrior/index.html

Ao Akua,


PS – Ninja Warrior is called “Sasuske” in Japan. Talk about stretching limits and doing the impossible. What will they try next?


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Ao Akua




When is something bad?

As I begin this post I’m still without my computer and wireless in the house. I only got online with my laptop a few minutes ago.

As you know from my last post, lightning hit a tree here and knocked out almost everything. Even my hot tub was hit. Now that was bad.

Or was it?

I started wondering when something we attract gets labelled as “bad.”

The power going out isn’t preferred but is it bad?

The Internet going down, the wireless router burning up, and the cable modem being fried aren’t desired either, but is it all bad?

The computer dying on me isn’t on my wish list either, but is it bad?

I’ve often said that most of marketing is perception. Well, so is most of life.

What if I looked at the lightning strike and the resulting power problems as actually good?

What if I asked myself, “What’s the positive reason for this experience?”

For example, I’m supposed to be on vacation this week, anyway. What do I need my computer or Internet for? We cancelled the actual trip to Las Vegas due to Brownie’s death, but I can still read and relax at home. The lightning strike could be seen as a statement from the Universe to STOP WORKING.

I didn’t understand why the hot tub would have a problem though. I use that to relax. But then I realized only half the hot tub doesn’t work. I can still get in it and still use it. So even that isn’t really bad.

I’ve been reading some good books while on this enforced vacation. I’m becoming a fan of Steve Chandler. His book The Story of You is inspiring.

It’s about learning to choose a new story – or to give new meaning – to whatever happens.

When you do that, you have control of your life experience.

So – What’s bad?

Maybe nothing at all.

Maybe all it needs is a new story. A new interpretation.

Thank goodness for that lightning strike.

Without it I may never have written this post or paused to read a really good book.

Not bad, eh?

Ao Akua,


PS – I don’t know Steve but his books are excellent. See www.stevechandler.com or of course shop for him at Amazon.


Hit by Lightning

Last night a fierce Texas sized thunderstorm hit over the house. Lightning just missed my BMW Z3. It hit a tree and knocked out power, the Internet, and my computer. We still don’t have net access and my computer remains unconscious. A word to the wise: keep flashlights, water, and your Blackberry handy. And backup everything.
Ao Akua

** Sent via Wireless E-Mail with Blackberry **
(I could be anywhere) 🙂


Hitting #1 on YouTube

Yesterday Pat O’Bryan put a 9-minute video excerpt from one of my talks on YouTube.

By the same evening it was ranked #1.

It was the #1 most popular clip in the how-to category.

If you missed it, go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay86J3ZH1fU

This is amazing. People went and watched the clip and then voted on it. Neither Pat or I did anything more than invite our lists to watch it. The rest was viral and unexpected.

I love the Internet.

Ao Akua,


PS — I have a new DVD out as of this morning. No one knows about it yet. Check it out at www.installthesecret.com Thank you.