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Wonder Woman Says "I Love You"

Actress Cathy Lee Crosby (Wonder Woman, That’s Incredible, etc), author of Let the Magic Begin, read the manuscript to my forthcoming book, The Key, and said this —

“Joe Vitale’s energy and enthusiasm for life jumps off every page of his new book, The Key. He leaves no stone unturned in explaining exactly how to attract everything you want in your life. The words ‘I love you’ have taken on a whole new meaning. Bravo!”

Just had to share…

Ao Akua,


PS – The Key will come out in October. Zero Limits comes out later next month. You can pre-order either or both at Amazon right now. Cathy Lee’s book is also worth getting, and Amazon has it, as well.


Melinda's One-Finger Manicure

While escorting my sister around San Antonio’s famed river walk last Saturday, a young, tiny woman at a kiosk quietly stopped me with the question, “Want to see something amazing?”


Of course.

I was curious.

I said yes.

She then asked me to put my hands in a bowl. Then she poured a small amount of dead sea something or other on my hands and asked me to wash them. I did.

“When was the last time you washed your hands?” she asked.

Though it was Saturday, I said, “Last Monday.”

She laughed, and then pointed out how dirty my hands were. Apparently the dead sea stuff was getting dead dirt off my hands.

The little lady then asked me if she could do my fingernail. I agreed

She began to scrub my index finger’s nail with some dead sea block of something or other. As she did, she asked, “When was the last time you had a manicure?”

“A manicure? Probably in a past life. I’ve never had one.”

The girl went on with her sales pitch. I was going along with the demo, thinking all along I would just buy this stuff for Nerissa.

But I have to admit I was enjoying the interaction and becoming interested in the products. It was hypnotic selling at work.

Though the girl seemed a little awkward in her presentation, she was doing fine in engaging me.

But the punch line was yet to come.

At the end of her spiel, I bought just under one hundred dollars of her goods.

She then announced, “My name is Melinda and you were my first customer.”

I was stunned.

Almost speechless.

“You’ve never done this before?” I asked.

“Today’s my first day,” she replied. “You’re my first customer.”

Her boss was standing behind the kiosk and came out to confirm that yes, indeed, Melinda just made her first sale.

Goes to show you that you can never determine what people are thinking, what their skills or experience level might be, or much else, until you put them on the stage.

And even then you won’t know for sure.

This is true for you, as well.

So go out there and try something new today.

Ao Akua,



PS — “I love you” is now actress Cathy Lee Crosby’s mantra. Stay tuned to learn why.


Turning Corners, Playing Gigs

You never know what’s around the next corner.While showing my sister around the area where we live, we went into Hill Country Guitars, a cool place to buy vintage and collectible guitars.

My sister isn’t at all interested in guitars, but I am. Since I was her tour guide, we went where I wanted to go.

Anyway, in the store Nerissa saw an unusual stool in the center of the room. When I asked the owner, Kevin Drew Davis, he said there’s a story behind the guitar stool.

Appears a guitar player by the name of Pete Petre made the stool for himself, to make his gig playing more comfortable.

There are adjustable legs to rest your feet, a place to put your beverage, slots to stick your guitar picks, a place to lean your guitar, and so on.The thing is, whenever Pete played, people were more interested in his handmade guitar stools than in his music.

But being a smart entrepreneur, he went with the demand. He now makes guitar stools. His site at www.guitarstools.com/ is so busy with orders, he just took it offline until he could keep up with the demand.

I bought one of his guitar stools, too. That’s it in the picture. (The guitar in the picture was given to me by Pat O’Bryan.)

The lesson here is to be open. You might want to do one thing, but the public may be more interested in a tangent to it. You can still do what you want, but don’t overlook what the buyers want.

After all, they are the ones with the money.Ao Akua,Joe

PS – In an upcoming episode of this blog, I’ll be telling you the amazing (but true!) story of my one-finger manicure. Stay tuned.


How to Get My Attention – Part Two

I’m in San Antonio showing my sister around. But before I could leave to get here I had to sign for packages from Fed-x and Express Mail.

People are sending me DVD players and cell phones, all trying to get my attention.

There’s a lot to say here about sending me things but since I’m typing on my Blackberry, I’ll just say this: the first time someone sends me a DVD player and/or a phone, it’s unique. But by the next ten times it wears thin.

Anyone who reads this blog should know how easy it is to get my attention. Just be the person to send me the largest ever Amazon gift certificate. (The largest I ever received so far was five hundred dollars.)

But what you *really* should be doing is developing an idea worth my (or anyone’s) attention. Then and only then should you get creative about turning my head.

After all, I’m not looking for new projects, so your idea has to be more stunning then the approach you use to get my attention.

Ao Akua



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(I could be anywhere) 🙂


A Coffee with Joe Vitale

Apparently the word is out that I control the universe, or at least parts of it, and on good days.

See the entire story, which appeared on the front page of the lifestyle section of today’s Austin Statesman newspaper, online at —www.statesman.com/life/content/life/stories/other/05/24/0524coffee.html

I guess this counts as three minutes of my 15 minutes of fame.Ao Akua