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The Zero Point

Recently I spent the weekend listening to The Zero Point, my newest audio program from Nightingale-Conant.

It might seem odd to hear that I listened to my own program, but you have to remember that I more or less “channel” my new programs.

I don’t use a script or read from a book.

Inspiration directs me and I just follow the lead.

Brand new!

Brand new!

The result amazes me, and makes me want to listen to my own audios to hear what I said. 🙂

For example, The Zero Point reveals — for the first time anywhere –The Law of Zero.

It also explains how to send requests to the Divine but also, more importantly, how to receive inspiration.

And there are great processes, like meeting Morrnah — the founder of modern ho’oponopono (as described in my books Zero Limits and At Zero: The Final Secret to Zero Limits) — and having her speak to you directly.

I also reveal the three levels of mind.


The guidebook that comes with this new program contains new clearing tools, images to use, and more.

Complete audio program!

Complete audio program!

Plus there are relaxation exercises, original healing music by Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon and myself, even two songs written and performed by me (off my Strut! album).

The Zero Point represents my latest, most advanced, most current, and most profound spiritual work ever.

It goes beyond the Law of Attraction, the Law of Creation, the Law of Right Acton, and even goes beyond ho’oponopono.

It’s designed to lead you to an awakening.

I loved hearing the program, and think you will, too.

Please check it out right here.

Ao Akua


PS — Here’s a brief overview of The Zero Point:

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