Attracting the NC Cover

nc-spring08-cover.jpg  Nightingale-Conant just printed their latest catalog of audios. I’m almost speechless to see that my second audioprogram with them, The Missing Secret, is on the cover of it.

You have to imagine what this is like:

Twenty years ago I dreamed of being an NC author.

Ten years later I recorded The Power of Outrageous Marketing for them, which is still a bestseller today.

Ten years after that I recorded The Missing Secret for them, and it, too, became a bestseller — right down to earning the right to be on the cover of their latest catalog.


These are defining moments in my life. They’ve come to be because I held the dream of being an NC author — and today I am one.

What’s your dream?

Ao Akua,


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Finding Good People

Five years ago I co-signed for my (then) web guy to get a car. I had never co-signed for anyone and I’ll probably never do it again. But the experience was useful for me, and in a moment it will be useful for you, too.

Over the years he would miss car payments and I’d get a call from his bank. Then I’d have to find him, bail him out, and hope the situation improved.

It didn’t.

A few months ago his bank called again. This time they said they couldn’t find my web guy (who was by now no longer working for me) at all and that he was several months past due.

The bank was demanding complete payment of the loan.

And right now.

I began to search for the guy who skipped out on the car loan. I called every number I had for him. Wrote every email address. Searched online. Had my chief assistant spend time shaking trees to see if he would fall out of one of them.


One of my closest advisers said, “He’s gone. You’ll never find him. And if you did find him, you’d never get a dime out of him. Pay off the loan to close the case and protect your credit.”

I paid off the loan.

I wasn’t upset. I wasn’t concerned. I just let it go and kept cleaning on any negative thought that might come up.

And then a curious thing happened.

My old web guy contacted me on Facebook, asking to be my friend. (!)

I instantly let him in.

I also wrote him and asked for his phone number.

He knew why I wanted it.

He wrote back, gave me his number, said he was sorry, and that he would do anything for me to resolve the issue.

He also said he didn’t have any money.

I had already made peace with the situation so didn’t really have an attachment to any outcome. I figured if I could get him to create a website or two for me, I’d let it all go and chalk it up to experience.

He agreed, and created a wonderful site and even a wonderful sales letter for it.

But he also did something else that stunned everyone around me, but just made me smile.

He sent me a cashier’s check for the full amount he owed me (about six thousand dollars). (!)

He also said he would continue to do work for me, gratis, to show his good faith.

No one around me could believe it.

I found the guy who skipped town.

He did work for me.

And he paid me off.

How did this happen?

Here’s my take on it:

First, I wasn’t attached to him paying me back. I would welcome my money back, but I didn’t need it. Too many people want something to happen in their lives but are desperate about it. That desperation creates/attracts more to be desperate about. I was cool whether the guy paid me or not. My energy was neutral.

Second, I saw the good in the guy. I know that people at their core are basically good. They want to do good. Sometimes when they are backed into a corner, they do things they regret. But I knew the guy and felt he was a good soul. He would do good in whatever way he could.

These two steps don’t guarantee that you’ll get your money back from someone who borrowed or stole from you, but they do guarantee you will be at peace with the moment.

It’s from that place of inner peace that you can attract what you desire — even if it’s from someone who skipped town, couldn’t be found, and was flat broke.

Ao Akua,


PS — I’m sure any skeptic or critic could smugly say the above story was just a fluke, that I was just lucky. Maybe so. But I have several stories where people turned around and did good while everyone around them gave up on them. The lesson here is where do you want to put your focus: on what doesn’t work or on what does? The Law of Attraction (as well as the fundamentals of psychology) states you get more of whatever you focus on with energy and intent. Where’s your focus?