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Transformation Part #5

Last week I completed my fourth consecutive physical transformation challenge!

I wrote about the previous ones over the last year and a half.* All have been under the guidance of Body for Life fitness legend Bill Phillips, and his wife Maria, with personal coaching from Scott York.

The results have been spectacular!

I'm an athlete!

I'm an athlete!

I’ve released about 60 pounds, packed on about 15 pounds of muscle, dropped at least one pants size, lost several inches off my waist, have made daily exercise my new habit, have a new eating plan, and feel like a new man.

While it’s taken commitment, persistence, and lots of perspiration, I have done it and am continuing to do it. I feel younger and stronger than ever.

I’m the new Hercules! (Or maybe one representing AARP.)

AARP's Hercules

AARP's Hercules

Working on age 61, I may be in the best shape of my life since I was a teenager in high school training to become the world heavyweight boxing champion. (It was 1970 and I was so young.)

I don’t want you to think it was a breeze to get here, though.

During the last twelve week challenge, I found myself slipping.

I wrote the following for myself and the others in the same challenge as me:

A message to all those who have stalled or stopped…

Recently I had to reactivate my intention, goal, and purpose.

After being in three programs, and eight weeks into my fourth one, I started to get comfy. I looked back and realized I had released 50 pounds, added 15 pounds of muscle, dropped a pant size, made exercise a locked in habit, and heard praise from people like my personal doctor, who says he has known me for 15 years and has never seen me look so healthy.

I figured I had achieved a “good enough” stage of fitness.

Somewhere in there I got relaxed and let my eating slide. I never pigged out, but I’d give in to temptation now and then. It’s easy to do, as I live in a test kitchen and my wife is on deadline with her cookbook. Foods are everywhere and so is the hypnotic scent of fresh baked meals. Even though it’s grain-free and sugar-free, it still has calories. It still counts. I’d eat a little anyway.

I didn’t think much of it.

But then I took my 8 week photos and scale weight.


I didn’t like that there was no change AT ALL.

I felt like a failure.

That’s when I had to regroup and recommit.

To me, motivation (mindset) is more important than ANYTHING else. When you have made a decision and commit to it, nothing will stop you. Any diet will work. Any exercise will work. Of course, what Bill and Maria teach is the best. But without mindset, you (or I) won’t do anything. We will simply give in to whims and temptations and instant gratification.

So I reviewed my goals and decided I was NOT going to stop or stall.

I thought about the payoffs for being even slimmer, stronger, and healthier: increased self esteem and inner power, inspiration to others and myself in the world, the chance of accomplishing something BIG in the area of fitness, etc.

I recommitted to my 12-week goal and my lifetime goal.

Instantly I felt better.

By the next morning I felt renewed strength.

My workouts, which have always been intense, are even more on target.

When my wife offered me a dessert she just made, I politely said no. She didn’t bat an eye and honored my decision.

Right now I’m wearing a muscle shirt. It’s tight, so my stomach shows, but so do my biceps. And they are something to behold.

I’m posting this to remind each of us that we CAN achieve our health goals. It begins with a decision, and then ongoing commitment to it, and every day action. Having support (which we have here) is priceless, as big dreams are easier when you have people rooting you on.

I’m back on track.

Join me?

After I shared the above, I made a decision and turned on the afterburners to my commitment to fitness.

I completed the challenge.

The results speak for themselves.

I don’t know what your own personal goals are, but I’m pretty sure you can achieve them, too.

Why not go for it?

Expect Miracles!

Ao Akua,


PS – I fully endorse Bill Phillips. I am not an affiliate for anything he offers (he doesn’t know I’m writing this) but I fully recommend all of it. For more details, see  http://www.transformation.com/ or send an email to [email protected]

* My previous posts about Bill Phillips and my Transformation progress:

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May 16 2013 http://blog.mrfire.com/transformation-update/

October 22, 2013 http://blog.mrfire.com/transformation-part-three/

May 1, 2014: http://blog.mrfire.com/transformation-part-4/


Obstacle Immunity

I used to hate exercise.

Even though I’ve worked out with legends in fitness, and personally met icons like Frank Zane, Lou Ferrigno, George Foreman, Floyd Patterson and others, I never liked exercise.

I even own one of the largest and most well stocked private gyms you’ve ever seen, which includes famed bodybuilder Steve Reeve’s personal Universal machine.

I used to smoke cigars in it.

If I could pay someone to exercise for me, and still reap the benefits, I’d do so.


But personally training with Body-for-Life fitness legend Bill Phillips has changed all that.

I now look forward to getting my workout done every morning.

These aren’t walks in the park, either.

My 25 minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio takes all I have.

And the 45 minute weight lifting is something I almost hate to do but love having done it.

I’ve learned that I may resist it or resent it, but I never regret it.

But the best thing of all?

I’ve created something called obstacle immunity.

I learned the phrase from the book, Spartan Up! by Joe De Sena.

Inspiring, challenging book

Inspiring, challenging book

De Sena created and runs the incredibly intense obstacle courses/endurance runs/insane peak performance events called “Spartan” that about half a million people have voluntarily entered.

Crawling up greased walls, running through mud, sprinting over rugged hills, dodging fires or any number of totally unexpected obstacles is what Spartan is all about. And penalties for not completing an obstacle are fifty burpees (fifty!), the most intense body weight exercise ever.

Spartan is designed to challenge you beyond what you think you can do.

It’s Hunger Games without the politics or the killing.

But it’s still intense.

De Sena says when you achieve athletic success in the unpredictable wild environment that his creative mind conjures up, you develop a resiliency to anything life can throw at you.

Your inner strength becomes almost super human.

I’m not suggesting you enter a Spartan race or Mud Run or CrossFit gig (unless you are inspired to do so), but tackling something as challenging as a burning morning workout sets my mind’s resistance meter to high.

If I can complete such a self-directed rugged workout, then I can do almost anything.

I leave the gym ready to handle life.

And the thing is, life is then much easier.

I don’t know Joe De Sena, or even anyone who entered one of his Spartan events, but his book validates what Bill Phillips and my trainer Scott York have said for years: getting that morning intense workout done gives you “a win” that makes you feel you can handle anything for the rest of the day.

As Bill Phillips, Scott York, Joe De Sena and even my father all say, exercise is medicine.

Too many of us want the easy street.

And we want it now.

I’m all for an easy life, but I’ve discovered life gets easier when you choose tough physical challenges and use them to fortify your mental ability to handle the rest of life.

I know the thrill of challenges -- 8 certificates, 3 medals, and 1 honorable mention

I know the thrill of completing challenges -- 8 certificates, 3 medals, and 1 honorable mention

When you take on a physical challenge, and you learn to endure struggle by controlling your mind and delay gratification, the result is a type of unshakeable bliss and inner self-confidence you will never forget.

Plus you develop an internal ability to handle adversity.

You create “obstacle immunity.”

You will be almost unaffected by any problem, issue or challenge you may face.

Your ability to handle stress will have increased.

When you set out to attract your goals, you will not be easily disheartened or discouraged when you face any blocks along the way.

This can help make you feel that anything is possible.

Any dream.

Any goal.

Any intention.

And guess what?

Anything really is possible.

Arguing for limitations is just, well, arguing for limitations.

I think Spartan Up! is incredibly wise, inspiring, and challenging.

Read it.

And then go do something big that will build inner strength.

What are you doing to challenge yourself?

What can you do right now?


Ao Akua,

Hercules Joe

PS — We all need help in going for our dreams. Consider Miracles Coaching.

Membr BBB 2003 - 2015

Member BBB 2003 - 2015


I Beat Google

“I beat you again, Google!”

It’s my favorite thing to say.

I’ve been beating Google virtually every day for well over a year now.

I beat Google!

I beat Google!

I shared my secret with a friend and he thought I should share it with the world.

Well, here goes:

Every day I go into my Google calendar and set my appointments and to-do lists for the next day.

Working out, calls, interviews, errands, etc., are all put into my Google calendar.

I also set timers to go off ten minutes before each task, sending me a text message to remind me of the activity.

Here’s what I do that I doubt few others do:

I intentionally try to get my task done before the Google text reminder alert goes off.

For example, in the morning, I get up, have my coffee, check my email, and head to the gym.

I give my all in an intense workout and then return inside to drink my protein shake and relax.

Right about then, the Google text alarm sounds off to remind me to go workout.

Since I already worked out, I feel I beat Google.

I look at my phone and exclaim, “I beat you, Google!”

It feels great!

I love this game!

Why is this so cool?

Every day I glance at my to-do list and do my best to complete each task before Google has a chance to remind me of each one.

In a way, I’m getting my brain to fire off chemicals of satisfaction.

Or, as Dr. Loretta Breuning might put it, I have controlled my brain rush.

Since my brain (and yours) wants to feel those happy chemicals spurt, I have created a little game to make it happen.

There’s a new book by Caroline Arnold called Small Move, Big Change, about microresoluting your life.

In a way, you set a small, doable goal to give yourself that feel good experience of accomplishment.

Do it in baby steps

Do it in baby steps

Rather than resolving to do something big — like lose 10 pounds this month — you micro-resolve to do something today — like go workout — that is in the direction of the bigger goal.

The little wins give you the brain rush you need to feel good and realize you are moving in the right direction.

Bill Phillips taught me about the value of “a win” every day.

I’ve heard Bill say there are days where he “needs a win.”

Those are the days where you might be tempted to think life is stacked in everyone else’s favor.

Instead of feeling like a victim, and spinning off the ledge into some sort of self hatred or disappointment, you can set a micro-goal or micro-resolution, do it, and feel great again.

When I say I am going to do something, and I do it, I experience a “win” – and the chemical feel good brain rush that goes along with it.

It’s the same with my game to beat my own calendar in Google.

It’s simply a way to make getting stuff done fun, exciting and even addictive (in a positive sense).

I love hearing my phone alarm go off and I get to say, “I beat you again, Google!”

Ao Akua,


PS — My new album Reflection is an official bestseller in my self-help Healing Music singer-songwriter catalog. Hear samples and grab a copy of the CD (with a collectible booklet and free surprise gift) by clicking right here.

Click image to read book

Click image to read book


Transformation Part #4

Look closely at this photo…

Bill Phillips presenting medal to me

Bill Phillips presenting medal to me

I am smiling as bright as sunshine itself.

You can’t imagine how joyful I felt when Body-for-Life fitness legend Bill Phillips presented me with a medal and a certificate for completing his 12-week transformation challenge.

It was my third time to complete his challenge in the last twelve months, and my third medal, but the first one presented to me in public by Bill himself.

I was as giddy as a star struck teenager meeting a super hero.

And I have met super heroes, like the Hulk Lou Ferrigno…

Meeting Lou Ferrigno in my gym one year ago (and 50 pounds heavier)

Meeting Lou Ferrigno in my gym one year ago (and me 50 pounds heavier)

And Superman Dean Cain…

Meeting Dean Cain (and I was 50 pounds heavier)

Meeting Dean Cain (and I was 50 pounds heavier)

But look at me now…

I'm a champion!

I'm a champion!

If you’ve been following this blog, you know I have been on a physical transformation journey for one year now. It started when I attended Bill’s Transformation Camp in February 2013.

I have stayed true to Bill’s teachings. I eat right, workout intensely five days a week, follow his principles for self awareness, spirituality, generosity, forgiveness, supporting others in their quest, and more.

The results speak for themselves. I’ve released at least 50 pounds of extra weight, added at least 15 pounds of muscle, and feel like a young Hercules.

A lot of people are supporting me, too, as you can see from this art that was given to me:

Hercules Joe

Hercules Joe

Bill’s latest weekend camp is called LIFE. It stands for Learning + Inspiration + Fitness + Energy. I just returned from the very first one at his center in Denver.

I loved it.

It’s a refined and more on target version of his Transformation Camp. The eating advice is the same, the workouts are changed a little, the new stories are moving and inspiring, and the daily worksheets (now in full color) are more specific; more like a game you can play to win every day.

I'm very proud of this accomplishment

I'm very proud of this accomplishment

One big change is Bill wants us to begin with a life vision.

From there, create a year goal, a six month goal, and then a 12 week goal.

That assignment alone helped me feel inspired and fired up to keep moving forward.

It’s no longer about twelve weeks; it’s about life.

I strongly recommend Bill’s work. It isn’t about weight loss per se as it is about living with integrity and wellness.

I regard Bill as a hero in my life; a source of transformation and inspiration from way back in 2004 when I entered and completed five back-to-back Body-For-Life challenges (and received an honorable mention for one of them).

Bill is a genius at sorting through all the conflicting data about health and fitness, and boiling it down to what actually works across the board for all of us.

He’s not a jock so much as a spiritual teacher in the gym.

He’s the Socrates of fitness.

The Buddha of health.

The Aurelius of spiritual-physical balance.

I love the man and his work.

His latest book, Transformation, should be read by all of us. (He’s working on a new book, which I am excited to read.)

Gorilla Biceps

Comparing biceps with the legend (Bill, not me)

The people who attend his weekend events are from all ages and all walks of life. Each has a story and a struggle, and each is ready to transform under Bill’s guidance.

Every time I attend one of his events — and I’ve been to four now — I am always moved by the people, their life paths, and their commitment to positive change.

Previous posts about Bill Philips and my Transformation progress:

March 1 2013 http://blog.mrfire.com/transformation-on-demand/

May 16 2013 http://blog.mrfire.com/transformation-update/

October 22, 2013 http://blog.mrfire.com/transformation-part-three/

I fully endorse Bill Phillips. I am not an affiliate for anything he offers (he doesn’t know I’m writing this) but I fully recommend all of it.

I’m told his May event is sold out. He just announced a June camp for June 6, 7, 8. If I were you, I’d go. For more details, see  http://www.transformation.com/ or send an email to [email protected]

Meanwhile, follow your dreams with passion, commitment, and the fire of inspiration.

This post isn’t about me (okay, yes it is) so much as it is a reminder that you can achieve your dreams, too.

Anything is possible.

Expect Miracles.

Ao Akua,


PS – Lucky you. You can watch me workout with Bill Phillips in this quick video filmed by his wife Maria. I’m on my last set of reps, lifting 100 pounds (two 50 pound dumbbells) like a gorilla ready for his feeding. Enjoy!

PPS –  I wrote the song “Believe” on my latest album in part due to Bill and his beautiful wife Maria (who released 60 pounds) believing in me. Hear a sample by clicking right here.

My new album is everywhere!

My new album is everywhere!


Transformation Part Three

I wrote about fitness legend Bill Phillips (of Body-for-Life fame) and his new Transformation Camp Challenge on March 1st. I gave you an update on my progress with his program on May 18th. Today I want to share my current news because I just received my second medal from Bill, for completing his Transformation Camp 12-week challenge a second time.

Won 2nd Medal!

Won 2nd Medal!

Since February I’ve released 37 pounds of extra weight and added 12 pounds of solid muscle. Photos of my inflated biceps after an upper body workout are pretty impressive. I’m no match for my friend Lou Ferrigno but I’m turning myself on with my progress. I have Popeye arms. I feel like a Hercules in training.

There’s nothing like feeling strong and healthy to make you willing and able to take on challenges and wrestle to the ground any encounters. I’ve also noticed that the healthier you are, the more your income increases.

Part of this is due to the higher self-esteem you get when you are fit. A lot of it also comes from the reality that you have the energy to work and get projects done. I’m no slouch at productivity, but with all this extra energy, watch my smoke!

My 21-yr-old nephew and my 60-yr-old biceps

My 21-yr-old nephew and my 60-yr-old biceps

I fully endorse Bill Phillips and his program, and I’ve had to tweak it to get results for me. Since so many people are into health, fitness, weight loss and longevity, I thought I would share some of my insights with you here.

Here they are:

  • Whey wrong. Whey is a milk product and can clog my lungs in one day. Not everyone has a reaction to whey, but it’d be smart to see if you are sensitive to it. Bill advised me to switch my whey-based meal replacement shakes to Egg Beaters, which caused a profound change in my results. It’s an old school, “Rocky’” approach. Instead of drinking raw eggs, like Stallone did in the movie, I have a cup of Egg Beaters with two ice cubes and Strongevity (see #2 next). I add coconut water (not coconut milk) to get potassium. Tastes great.
  • Strongevity rules. I used to swallow a bucket of supplements every morning.  I tossed them all out and now only use Strongevity. Strongevity is a new product that Bill created, based on his intense research into what works. There’s a combination of ingredients in this new formula that creates a wondrous effect. Bill suggested I take it right after my workout, and right before bed. After a few months, I added a mid-day serving. Not only do I feel stronger and more vibrant, but my barber said my hair color was coming back. (Maybe hair will be next.) Read about Strongevity here: http://billphillipsnews.com/2013/07/01/did-you-read-the-exciting-news-about-strongevity-rx/
  • I love this!
  • Workouts work. Again, I follow Bill’s routine. I do high intensity interval training, with my pulse being my guide. I want to hit 160 for at least ten seconds, back off a bit, and hit it again, doing this five times within 25 minutes. I do upper body strength training once a week, lower body once a week, and 25-minute “cycle” cardio three times a week. Two days off. This system makes me feel like Superman, though I admit the workouts exhaust me. I drag around for two hours after them. Hey, I’m 60. Read about the Bill Phillips workout here: http://billphillipsnews.com/2013/06/05/this-is-the-exact-workout-i-did-today/
  • Bill Phillips reviewing my lab work
  • Nutrition secrets. This is a huge topic. In short, unless you know what foods you are sensitive to, not just allergic to, you could eat healthy foods and still get sick. (Blueberries, generally considered a true health food, were bad for me at one point.) My wife Nerissa specializes in this area and has a site at www.foodpowers.com I also found that food combining, better understood as food separating, speeds up weight loss. My trainer Scott York taught me this. It’s a system developed by Dr. Hay in the early 1900s. Basically, you eat proteins alone, and carbs alone. When you mix them in a meal, your body has a tougher time digesting them.
  • Mindset. Unless you have a mental template of what you want to look like, your mind will use your default template, which is probably going to be your current overweight image. I once had a photographer photo shop my face on a swimmer’s toned body. Recently I had an artist sketch a vision of me as fit and trim. Both give my mind a new vision of what to achieve.

Again, the above are my tweaks for my body. I strongly encourage you to contact Bill Phillips and get started with his tested path. From there, you can fine tune your eating and exercising to fit your own lifestyle.

As I’ve written here before, I fully endorse Bill Phillips. I am not an affiliate for anything he offers (he doesn’t know I’m writing this) but I fully recommend all of it. I’ll be attending his Transformation Camp again January 3-5, to kick-off my third 12-week challenge with him. For more details, go to http://www.transformation.com/ or send an email to [email protected]

Ao Akua,


PS – Bill Phillips is a featured speaker at my Attract Money Now Live event in Austin, Texas, November 8-10. Get details and register right now at http://www.attractmoneynowlive.com

Go to this. Click image.

Go to this. Click image.