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A Complaint Free World

I love it when I read a book that awakens and inspires me, and that’s what happened today.

Will Bowen’s little gem, A Complaint Free World is so good, I just bought a box of them to give out to friends.

The noble cause behind the book is to get you and me to stop complaining.

No gossip.

No complaining.


Bowen is making history by challenging people to wear a purple wristband (which you can get for free at www.acomplaintfreeworld.org) for 21 days. The “simple” task is to not speak a complaint. Ever. If you do, move the band from your wrist to the other wrist. That’s it.

You’re allowed to complain in your mind all you like, but you can’t speak a complaint. When you do, move the band.

The idea is to clean up your language, because your words become your deeds and send out a vibe that keeps you stuck on the energy level behind them.

In short, speak negativity and you stay in negativity.

It’s basically learning how to speak in positive terms; to always state what you want, not want you don’t want.

To succeed at creating this new habit, you have to pause before you speak. If you’re about to complain, find a positive way to state what you really want.

Obviously, this ties directly to my book The Attractor Factor and to the movie The Secret. The idea is to awaken to your own inner power through your ability to choose.

Not complaining may not be as easy as you think, however.

For example, I originally began this blog post with the line, “I rarely read a book that awakens and inspires me, but that’s what happened today.”

Sounds innocent enough. But after a few minutes I realized that the line was actually a complaint. So I rewrote it.

And note that if you hear someone else complaining, you aren’t allowed to point it out to them – not without moving your wrist band. After all, complaining about someone complaining is still a complaint.

People are picking up the challenge, though. Bowen has been on Oprah and The Today Show. He’s sent out over four million bracelets — so far.

His book is packed with well written stories, insights, reminders and wisdom. Just reading it will lift your level of awareness and consciousness.

And it will gently guide you into being acutely aware of your own self-talk as well as spoken talk.

I urge you to get Bowen’s book and accept his challenge.

I’ve started it today.

Join me?

Ao Akua,


PS — Trust me, if you don’t get the book or pick up his challenge, I won’t complain. 🙂


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