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The #1 Self-Help Book

the-key-number-one.JPG¬†I’m on a speaking tour but noticed yesterday that my latest book The Key became the number one bestselling self-help book at Amazon. Still is, according to rankings as I type this. You can get the book for yourself or as gifts for others from book stores or online. But to claim over $5,000 in gifts, be sure to see www.unlock-the-secret.com Just sharing. ūüôā


The Secret of The Key

the-key.jpg“Come on! Does the Law of Attraction work or not?”

“Why does it seem to work some times but not *all* the time?”

“Why is there at least one stubborn problem in my life that just won’t go away, even when I throw all the self-help methods at it?”

“Is The Secret hope or hype?”

I keep hearing those questions.

Maybe you are asking them.

I’ve addressed all of them in my latest book, “The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want.”

Promotions for it begin this week.

But before you rush out to get the book today from www.unlock-the-secret.com/ or from www.amazon.com or www.bn.com/TheKey¬†or from your local book store, let’s look at why “The Key” is important to you.

Truth is, “The Key” explains what I regard as the fundamental error in virtually all self-help programs.

In short —

*Anything* will work when you are in alignment with your goals.

*Nothing* will work until you get in alignment with your goals.

“Alignment” means your conscious and un-conscious mind want the same thing.

Most people are not in alignment with what they say they want, so they end up blaming their lack of results on everything from the movie they watched, the book they read, the therapist they saw, the self-help program they tried, and so on.

But the real problem isn’t out there.

The real problem requires inner “clearing” work.

How do you get in alignment so you can have, do, or be virtually anything?

How do you get your conscious intent and your un-conscious counter-intent to agree?

How do you “get clear” once and for all?

With “The Key.”

“The Key” is the missing secret to knowing how to consciously co-create circumstances.

It’s the final piece to the puzzle.

Get the book from this link and also get freebies:


If you know you can achieve more but can’t seem to make it happen, “The Key” reveals the psychological and unconscious limitations that are holding you back.

Inside every person — yes, even you — are subconscious “counter-intentions” that can sabotage you and prevent you from getting what you truly want.

Why else would you declare on New Years Day your intention to go to the gym more often but by the third day of the new year you can’t recall where the gym is located?

Your un-conscious counter-intention was stronger than your conscious intention.

“The Key” reveals ten proven ways to remedy this situation, aligning your conscious and subconscious beliefs once and for all.


Actress Jessica Biel (pictured) said, “For those of us who loved The Attractor Factor and The Secret, Joe has done it again. The Key is the how-to book that makes the ‘law of attraction’ come alive!”

Actress Cathy Lee Crosby said, “Joe Vitale’s energy and enthusiasm for life jumps off every page of his new book, The Key. He leaves no stone unturned in explaining exactly how to attract everything you want in your life. The words ‘I love you’ have taken on a whole new meaning. Bravo!”

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Still not sure if you should go get the book right now?

Then let me be a little more in your face about this, so you truly get how important this book is to you.

As you may know, I’m in the movie “The Secret” as well as “The Opus” and “Try It On Everything.”

I’ve been on Larry King’s television show twice.

I’ve been in The New York Times and Newsweek.

I’ve stood my ground and declared that the Law of Attraction is a law, and that everything you are getting is coming to you because of what *you* are doing inside yourself.

You may be doing it un-consciously, but you’re doing it.

Many people don’t like to hear this, because it means you are 100% responsible for your life.

But if you want to change, if you want to attract more of what you prefer, then it’s time to wake up.

My mission is to awaken the world with the message that there is a missing secret to success.

It’s “The Key.”

“The Key” is for YOU.

Please get it, read it, and use it.

Use it to help yourself…use it to help your family and friends…use it to help the planet.

Or —

Or don’t get it and don’t use it and keep wondering why some people are reporting miracles using the Law of Attraction and others think it’s all nonsense.

Who is right?

Find out for yourself.

Get the book and your bonuses from here –


Expect Miracles.

Ao Akua,


PS – “The Key”¬†is also¬†available on audio, read by me and guests, including Bob Proctor, Mandy Evans, Brad Yates, Mark Ryan, Jennifer McLean, Dr. Larina Kase, and Peter Michel. Search itunes, www.audible.com or look for the CD set on http://www.amazon.com or http://www.bn.com/TheKey¬†It should be in book stores now, as well.

PPS – The Key would make a great gift for family and friends, too. You can get a good bulk rate discount at www.bn.com/TheKey


Found "The Key"

img00160.jpg¬†I just ran into a local bookstore to pick up a copy of the November issue of Guitar Player magazine — because singer/songwriter Michelle Malone is featured in it — and was stunned to see a copy of my new book, The Key: The Missing Secret to Attracting Whatever You Want, sitting¬†on proud display by the front door. The book isn’t supposed to be out for two more weeks. Way cool. Now I have something to read this evening. ūüôā


How to Change Anything


That’s the only word to describe the book I couldn’t stop reading on the flight back from Chicago.


I was tired from spending almost a week recording my new audioprogram for Nightingale-Conant.*

I wanted to sleep.

I needed to sleep.

But I couldn’t put the book down.

All NLP people, hypnotic writing disciples, negotiators and persuasionists, sales people and marketers need to write this title down:

Influencer: The Power to Change Anything.

It’s by the same team who wrote Crucial Conversations (which I haven’t read yet): Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan and Al Switzier.

I’m not sure how five authors write one book, but this one is well-written, packed with stories, case studies, tips and insights that are enriching my understanding of personal change and stretching my mind in entirely new directions.

Logic and verbal persuasion are out, as well as old school intervention tactics and other aggressive approaches to change.

They rarely work, anyway.

And never for the most persistent and overwhelming problems.

The authors make the powerful (and persuasive) case that if you want to change the most troublesome¬†problems in yourself or anyone else, you need to study the change agents who have done the impossible, people like —

*¬†Dr. Mimi Silbert, who created a way to change thieves, prostitutes, murderers and gang members into college educated citizens who work regular, respected¬†jobs — and without therapists, staff, funding, grants, or guards.

* Miguel Sabido, a TV producer in Mexico who creates life changing soap operas that have helped millions — including one show that caused over a quarter million viewers to flood the streets looking for a booklet on how to cure illiteracy.

* Dr. Wiwat, who helped stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in Thailand by getting all the sex workers to practice safe sex.

* Garth Japhet, who helped stop wife beatings and other violence against women in South Africa.

* Muhammad Yumus, Nobel Prize winner, founder of Grameen Bank, who helps women in poverty in India with microcredit loans to put them into business – to date helping over 100 million people, and with a 98 percent success rate.

* And Albert Bandura, the modern psychologist, a genius, who¬†invented self-efficacy (the unbending belief that you can do something), who all modern influence masters¬†and change agents study when they want to know how to change the “impossible.”

I’m reading Influencer to learn new ways to influence myself. (There’s always something to improve.) I’m also reading it to understand how to¬†change others for the highest good of all concerned.

This is a powerful, inspiring, important book. It’s aimed at changing groups or organizations (even countries), but the applications are personal as well as professional.

If you want to change something in yourself or another and have been hitting a wall, Influencer may be the door to freedom.

Their approach involves research, behavior study, and a multiple of methods that are weaved into a strategy where the desired change is virtually inevitable.

Creating a change strategy based on the authors’ methods will take time, but the ending result could be amazing.

See www.vitalsmarts.com for information on it and other books by the authors.

Highly recommended.

Ao Akua,


PS Р Have I mentioned I think the book is riveting?

* My previous program with Nightingale-Conant is The Power of Outrageous Marketing. My new program is called The Missing Secret and will explain the Law of Attraction in a practical way. It will be released on November 12th. Mark your calendar. ūüôā


How to Achieve Goals Faster

I’m reading yet another book in the growing field of positive psychology. This one is Thanks! How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier by Robert Emmons.

Dr. Emmons is Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Positive Psychology. He is also author of The Psychology of Ultimate Concerns (Guilford Press) and The Psychology of Gratitude (Oxford University Press). Thanks! is his newest and most accessible book. 

One of the most revealing insights early in this new book is that happy people achieve goals faster than unhappy people.

In other words, most people use un-happiness in any of its forms (anger, frustration, desperation, impatience, dissatisfaction, etc) to motivate themselves to achieve a new result.

But new research, reported by Emmons,¬†proves that happy people — people already grateful for who they are, where they are and what they¬†have — tend to more easily and quickly achieve the goals they say they want.

Emmons writes¬†“…happiness makes good things happen. It actually promotes positive outcomes.”

This is remarkable news. I’ve been saying it for years, though, and wrote about it in my book The Attractor Factor: happy people tend to attract positive results faster than unhappy people.

And the really great news is that you don’t need anything to be happy.

Happiness is available to you right now.

I write about this in my forthcoming book, The Key. One of the best ways to experience happiness is to find something to be grateful for right now.

As you do, you shift your perception, which shifts your feelings, which causes you to attract and act in new directions.

Most people bicker, complain and blame.

You can imagine what they feel like, or what they accomplish.

But if you stopped and wrote down five things you were grateful for right now, you would transform your perception and begin to act and attract more of what you really want — and even faster.

I’m enjoying reading Thanks!

In fact, I’m very grateful for it. ūüôā

Ao Akua,


PS – This month marks the one year anniversary of my Miracles Coaching program. It has been a phenomenal success. The last group of participants are finishing up their program and we have an opening for you.¬†Get all the details¬†at http://miraclescoaching.com¬†I’m very thankful for it, too. ūüôā