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What If You're Broke?

“I want to attend your event but I’m broke”

Some people say they can’t afford the Attract Money Now Live event I’m hosting in November in Austin, Texas because they don’t have the money.


If you feel that way, please continue reading.

I’ll be blunt –

The truth is, everybody has money. You have money, too. You may not have as much as you would like right now, but you have *some* money.

Fintess Legend Bill Phillips Will Be At My Event

Fitness Legend Bill Phillips Will Be At My November Event in Austin Texas

The thing is, you’re choosing to spend your money in ways that may or may not be helping you attract more money.

You know what I’m talking about.

I’m asking you to take a cold, hard look at your relationship with money.

Are you leveraging it to attract more money?

Probably not.

Most people spend their money to survive, not to grow and prosper.

And that’s why they struggle.

Famous Actress and Healer Dee Wallace Will Also Present

Famous Actress ("E.T.") and Healer Dee Wallace Will Also Present

I learned a long time ago that one of the best ways to attract more money is to invest your existing funds in ways to bring in even more funds.

This isn’t as hard as it may sound.

I’m talking about changing your mindset.

I’m talking about investing in you.

For example, if you could invest $595 and instantly get $12,000 in value, wouldn’t it be smart to do so?

Of course it would.

When you register for the Attract Money Now Live event, you are instantly given access to online videos worth $12,000 that will begin to transform your consciousness around money.

The videos are called Awakened Millionaire Secrets, and they will stir your mind into expanded thinking that you probably can’t even imagine right now.


I know you may feel broke right now, but I also know if you make a daring decision, you could change your life — and your bank account — forever.

Plus the speakers at my event are off-the-charts incredible.

I’m talking about a fitness legend, a famous movie star, and others — including me — who will be there to transform you at the core so you can have, do, or be whatever you can imagine.

Get full details about the event and the speakers and the “$12,000 for $595” offer at http://www.AttractMoneyNowLive.com

Go for it.

Ao Akua,


Joe portrait with quotePS – Remember, it’s not about the money. I’m doing my best to help you with free gifts like my ebook Attract Money Now at http://www.attractmoneynow.com and the free ebook The Miracles Manual at http://www.miraclesmanual.com Have you read them? Have you acted on the ideas in them? It’s ultimately up to you to take action and free yourself to express the Divinity within. With more money, you can do a lot of good in the world. Are you ready? Go here now http://www.AttractMoneyNowLive.com

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Click to read ebook FREE


Where Money Hides

“Couldn’t you just buy it off the shelf?”

I was trying to tell a friend about a cholesterol lowering natural health product I had invested in, called Ideal Cardio Formula. I explained that I spent $12,000 on it so I could personally have it to use myself.

He didn’t understand.

“Couldn’t you just buy the key ingredients of the formula in separate bottles and then take that?” he asked. “It would have cost you far less.”

He was thinking like most people think. He was trying to save a buck and take care of himself.  In his mind, the “buy the basic ingredients” approach was smart thinking. It was efficient and frugal. From that limited perspective, he was right.

But he was missing a secret few people know.

I figured he could make $100,000 or more if he knew this secret, so I proceeded to explain it to him.

“Look, when my doctor said I had high cholesterol,” I began, “I wanted a solution without taking his prescribed drug, which I knew had potential dangerous side effects. So I went to a friend of mine who is also a medical doctor, but with an interest in handling health problems with herbs first.”

“I understand that,” my friend said.

“Let me continue,” I said. “My herb-loving doctor told me he had a formula that he developed himself that was a blend of twelve ingredients that he guaranteed would lower cholesterol in thirty days. I naturally wanted it.”

“I would, too,” he said.

“But he said he didn’t have any of the product, and added it would take twelve thousand dollars to make a batch of about two thousand bottles of it as a minimum run from a manufacturer.”

“Two thousand bottles!” my friend exclaimed. “Again, couldn’t you just go to a health store and buy the ingredients and take those?” he asked. “You wouldn’t have to spend twelve grand!”

He was making the mistake most people do. He was thinking of only himself. As long as he did, he wouldn’t have the secret for success.

I saw this moment as a prime chance to transform his life forever – if he’d just listen to me.

“If you don’t mind, let me give you a lesson in prosperity,” I continued. “You’re right. I could buy the ingredients in separate bottles, spend a hundred bucks, and lower my cholesterol. I’d be doing a smart thing. I’d be taking care of myself. But the smarter approach would be to take care of others and myself.”

Click image for free book

Click image for free book

He still didn’t get it.

So I made another attempt to explain my thinking.

“By investing twelve grand in 2,000 bottles of the cholesterol lowering material, I’d become an entrepreneur who changes lives. How many people need to lower their cholesterol? Millions? I could sell those extra bottles to those other people. I just went from taking care of just me to taking care of others – and being rewarded with money!”

This is the secret few know.

Most people don’t think beyond themselves. That’s fine for survival. You do need to take care of yourself. But the real secret to success is when you take care of others and yourself.

I’m talking about a shift in perception. You might think that this is a mental operation that you’ll never be able to do. It might seem like a foreign way of perceiving the world around you.

I used to believe I couldn’t think like this, too. I remember thirty years ago listening to marketing genius Jay Abraham say he‘d walk into a gym and see a hundred ways they could make more money. He’d then rattle them off. I’d listen to him and say to myself, “How do you think like that?

But there have been clues along the way.

When I was conducting research for my book on P.T. Barnum, the great circus promoter who I later wrote about in There’s A Customer Born Every Minute, I was baffled to learn that he could see what others could not.

P.T. Barnum's Secret to Success

P.T. Barnum's Secrets to Success

For example, when he heard of a little boy who would never grow over three feet tall, people told Barnum it was sad. But when Barnum met the little boy, his eyes saw “Super Star!”

Barnum transformed that little boy into the man the entire world loved and paid to see: General Tom Thumb.

Both Barnum and Thumb became multimillionaires.

I marveled that Barnum had the ability to see gold in what others saw as nothing special.

But today I do think like that.

How did I go from poverty thinker to million dollar thinker?

By reading books, listening to audios, going to events, getting coaching, and retraining my brain.

Now I can’t turn it off.

Now my brain looks around and sees opportunities everywhere.

I talk to people and can hear their “hidden wealth” within minutes.

In my book, Attract Money Now, I say one of the seven steps to financial freedom is to think like an entrepreneur.

amn book ad

How do you think like an entrepreneur?

By hearing your doctor say you need to lower your cholesterol, and then realizing others might need to do so, too. As you discover your own solution, you turn that solution into a product others will buy.

Win- win.

Here’s another example to help you integrate this new way of thinking:

A decade or so ago, a young woman wrote to me, asking questions about making money online. I met with her and listened to her story.

She talked about her life, her interests, her hobbies and so forth. She actually didn’t believe people could really make money online, and certainly doubted her own ability to do so.

But as I listened, I heard an opportunity.

She mentioned she had taught herself how to play the guitar in a weekend.

“A weekend?” I asked, a little in disbelief myself. At the time, I was an aspiring musician. (Today I have six albums out.) I wanted to know more.

“I created a basic method that let me play popular songs without much effort,” she said, completely clueless to the goldmine she was sitting on.

“Can you teach others to play guitar in a weekend?” I asked.

She said she could.

I then encouraged her to write an eBook on her method. That came as a surprise to her. She never thought of it before. She didn’t know how to write an eBook, but I told her lots of how-to manuals are available, including the one I coauthored with Jim Edwards, How to Write and Publish Your Own EBook – in only 7 days!

She went on to write her eBook, put up a site, and start selling it. To her amazement – as she didn’t think the idea would actually work – she started making sales.

But the story gets even better.

Click image for free book

Click image for free book

She was a struggling college student. She was borrowing money from her parents. With the eBook selling, she had cash coming in. A little at first. But then more. One of the people who bought her product, and loved it, offered to buy the rights to her eBook – for ten thousand dollars!

For this broke college student, it was like winning the lottery.

But it wasn’t from the lotto.

It was from thinking beyond herself.

It was from thinking about all the other people who want to play the guitar, too.

In short, money isn’t really hiding from you. It’s simply waiting for you to serve people other then yourself.

Said another way, money likes it when you serve yourself and other people.

Think about it.

Ao Akua,


PS – Have you ever wondered why I always end my blog posts (and emails) with a PS?



Business Card Fun

A fellow on a recent flight showed me his business card. It was humorous and inspired me to make one of my own. The irony is, I rarely give out cards anymore. For fun, here’s the back of mine:

My new business card

My new business card

PS – I’m not sure where to post this but I have to share it with someone:  I’m number 96 on the ReverbNation Singer Songwriter charts for the entire US. (!) http://t.co/I5Ux2pB0EA

Cick image to get free book

Click image to get free book


Henry Ford's Money Attracting Advice

I don’t know much more than you about Henry Ford, the industrial giant and tycoon who brought affordable cars to the masses in the early 1900s, but I spotted this revealing quote in his 1922 autobiography, My Life and Work:

“The natural thing to do is to work — to recognize that prosperity and happiness can be obtained only through honest effort. Human ills flow largely from attempting to escape from this natural course.”

What an obvious yet startling statement.

It seems to me that most people want to avoid work. They are seeking magic powers or special other worldly favors in order to do just that.

Whenever I offer a Law of Attraction oriented product, the public loves it. Yet whenever I offer a productivity product, they shun it.

After seeing this result over and over again for years, I realized that people want fairy dust and magic wands. They prefer to sit and visualize rather than get up and create something.

Obviously, I’m not against mind power, visualization, Law of Attraction, or most of the other tools and toys we have. They all have their place. They all assist you in achieving and attracting your desires.

But you have to do something in this world.

As Ford noted, we have to work.

“Work,” to me, is following your passion in a way that serves others.

One reason I’ve authored so many books, audios, DVDs, courses and more is I’m not afraid to work.

Yet too many self-helpers say “I attracted my result and didn’t DO anything!”

Come on. You always do something. It may not have been “work” in the sense of extreme activity, or in the traditional sense of expending energy, but you did something to bring about the result. You had to. Life is a co-creation.

I remember the creator of the hit movie The Secret bragging that her movie became a success without her “doing” anything to make it happen.

I found it hard to imagine that she overlooked all the things she did to make the movie get noticed, right down to hand picking 24 guests (including me) to be in the movie — nearly all having a list of fans and followers. They promoted the movie for her, but she did the work of putting them into the movie. She took action.

She continues to take action today, by mailing her list of Secret fans to keep the relationship with them going. That comes in handy when she promotes her next book.

Henry Ford's 1922 autobiography is worth reading today

Henry Ford's 1922 autobiography is worth reading

Again, work — or better stated, action — is virtually always needed.

I learned how to work as a laborer on the railroad, starting at the age of five years old. (No lie.)

When I moved to Houston in the late 1970s, I managed to get day jobs as a laborer for temp agencies.

Today I still work, but it isn’t with my back. It’s with my mind.

Because I love what I do, and feel it is my life calling, it never feels like “work.”

It’s far wiser to reflect on what you want to do, and then add the magic amulets, spells and potions to that desire. But to do just the latter, you’ll most likely struggle.

I have no idea if Henry Ford was metaphysical or even psychological. I doubt it. I know he had his own quirky ideas about society, but I’m only interested in his ideas about attracting money.

He sure knew the value of work. He preaches it over and over again in his 1922 autobiography, stating that work is the secret to success.

Businesses today need to become acquainted with Henry Ford’s advice for making money.

I was impressed to see that Ford wanted to build a car that would never break down. (!) He felt true serving was helping a family by building a car they could depend on. He felt one car, that lasted a lifetime, would be the best. No need for planned obsolescence or yearly model upgrades. (Tell Apple that. Or most any other modern business.)

And Ford felt if his car ever broke down and needed service, the manufacturer should take care of the problem, not the owner.

I like this guy.

He also tried electric cars in the early 1900s, but shunned them for the same reason they aren’t ideal today: too heavy and not enough power. (Remember, both Nerissa and I drive electric cars, so I know of what Ford speaks.)

Henry Ford basically felt that if you served people, the money would follow.

His big motivating “why” — the ideal that drove him — was to create a system that kept people employed making cars that the masses would love.

As I am reading his autobiography, a few insightful quotes jump out:

“I refuse to recognize that there are impossibilities. I cannot discover that any one knows enough about anything on this earth definitely to say what is and what is not possible.”
“Everything can always be done better than it is being done.”
“Money is only a tool in business. It is just a part of the machinery.”
“Money, after all, is extremely simple. It is a part of our transportation system. It is a simple and direct method of conveying goods from one person to another. Money is in itself most admirable. It is essential. It is not intrinsically evil. It is one of the most useful devices in social life. And when it does what it was intended to do, it is all help and no hindrance.”

Don’t be afraid to work.

Remember, following your passion isn’t “work” if it’s your passion.

Add visualization and other Law of Attraction mind technologies to the passionate serving of others, and you have a formula for modern day success.

In short, action is the alchemy that transmutes ideas into reality.

I’ll repeat that —

Action is the alchemy that transmutes ideas into reality.

Finally, here is Henry Ford’s creed:

(1) An absence of fear of the future or of veneration for the past. One
who fears the future, who fears failure, limits his activities. Failure
is only the opportunity more intelligently to begin again. There is no
disgrace in honest failure; there is disgrace in fearing to fail. What
is past is useful only as it suggests ways and means for progress.

(2) A disregard of competition. Whoever does a thing best ought to be
the one to do it. It is criminal to try to get business away from
another man--criminal because one is then trying to lower for personal
gain the condition of one's fellow-men, to rule by force instead of by

(3) The putting of service before profit. Without a profit, business
cannot extend. There is nothing inherently wrong about making a profit.
Well-conducted business enterprises cannot fail to return a profit but
profit must and inevitably will come as a reward for good service. It
cannot be the basis--it must be the result of service.

(4) Manufacturing is not buying low and selling high. It is the process
of buying materials fairly and, with the smallest possible addition of
cost, transforming those materials into a consumable product and
distributing it to the consumer. Gambling, speculating, and sharp
dealing tend only to clog this progression.

Now get to work.

Ao Akua,


PS — Remember: Forget money and focus on service. Henry Ford knew this. So did Nick D’Aloisio, 17, who reportedly received close to $30 million for a news-reading iPhone app named Summly that he developed and then sold to Yahoo. D’Aloisio says money was not his motivation when developing Summly. How many more clues do we need that money comes from passion and serving, not greed and manipulation?

Click image to receive book free

Click image to receive book free


The Secret Mirror

Recently four people won flights to Texas to have personal consultations with me.

They were a diverse group, all seeking help with key goals and stubborn blocks, and wanting my assistance in using the Law of Attraction to achieve success.

They experienced The Mirror Technique

They experienced The Mirror Technique™

I was excited to meet each of them as this was my first public chance to prove — on film — a new mind technology I developed would work for anyone, anywhere, on anything.

My new method combines the best of what I already know and teach, but with a new element, and put together in such a breakthrough way that the ending result is almost magical.

I call it The Mirror Technique.

Last September, I wrote a post here about how you can use a mirror to psych yourself to accomplish something. That’s an old, reliable, proven method to coach yourself for success. (See http://blog.mrfire.com/the-mirror-technique-2-0/)

But I wanted to go beyond that to create a measurable breakthrough in your life.

In fact, I wanted this new method to create breakthroughs for anyone.

Each of the four people who met with me in private got to experience The Mirror Technique. It was astonishing to see.

I saw people start with a problem that seemed insurmountable, and leave thirty minutes later with it resolved.

Thirty minutes!

All of this was filmed, so the before and after of each person is clearly documented for all to see.

In a couple months, you’ll get to hear all about The Secret Mirror, a product based on the new mind technology I developed for instant manifestation.

I’m proud of it, as it builds on and combines more than thirty years of research and experience. It goes beyond hypnosis (which I’ve practiced since the late 1960s) and beyond language gymnastics (beyond even my own Hypnotic Writing book), and beyond my own work in the four stages of awakening and consciousness.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

You’ll hear about all of this in the coming months.

I’m just sharing my excitement with you here.

Stay tuned!

Ao Akua,


PS – Here’s a stimulating (and challenging) recent conversation with me on radio about the world as a mirror of your consciousness:

Member BBB 2003 - 2013

Member BBB 2003 - 2013