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Best Books of 2013

I read a lot. I devour books, old and new, and eagerly hunt for more. I visit Amazon daily and buy almost as often. I’m on a relentless quest to learn, grow and evolve. That said, what were the best books I read or reread in 2013? Here’s the answer:

Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold’s book is riveting. I read it every night for a week, taking that long to relish every one of its 600+ pages. Not only is the man’s life fascinating and fantastic, but his life lessons are not to be missed. Love him or hate him, he has clearly lived a full life and has much hard earned wisdom to share. I loved this book so much I bought it in hardcover, paperback, Kindle, and even a leather bound, boxed, autographed edition. Read it.

Beyond Cynical by Dr. Loretta Breuning.

Actually, Dr. Breuning wrote three books that are all terrific and all on my “Best Books” list. They influenced my view of the world and myself. Beyond Cynical was the first I read, but I, Mammal and Meet Your Happy Chemicals are equally great. These books reveal that we have a core operating system in our brains not unlike a monkey’s. We are basically animals with wallets and purses. We are unknowingly driven by chemicals spurting in our brains, all designed to insure reproduction and survival. No wonder we do such odd things. I’ve been telling everyone to read at least one of Dr. Breuning’s books. I long to see new books from her, hopefully released early in 2014. True wisdom here. She’s my new guru.

How to Get People to Do Stuff by Susan Weinschenk

I love the brilliant books of Dr. Weinschenk. I interviewed her years ago due to her book, Neuro Web Design. This new book reveals 140 strategies for influencing people, including yourself. It’s fascinating to learn what makes us tick, and how we can be persuaded. I’m sure you want people to do something positive (buy your product or service, clean their room, stop smoking, lose weight, etc), so this book is a gem. Easy to read, too. If I were you, I’d grab all of her books, such as 100 Things Every Presenter Needs to Know. Very practical and breezy reading.

My Life and Work by Henry Ford.

Yes, I know this book came out in 1922, but I read it in 2013 and was inspired by Ford’s focus on serving people, employing people, and making a difference in the world. I also know his personal views of aspects of society were appalling, but I learned much about business from this autobiography, written with Samuel Crowther. He had a mind that thought in terms of service and systems, with money as a reward for good deeds, and for that, this book is well worth reading today.

Man On Wire by Philippe Petit.

Good Lord, this book caused me to hold my breath for what seemed like hours at a time. It’s the exhilarating true story of a man obsessed with walking a tight rope between the World Trade Center’s twin towers in 1974. It took him six years to plan and pull it off, and once he was (illegally) high in the air, he walked his tight rope between the towers for a full hour. Think of that! His writing style is also engagingly different, which makes this breathtaking book even more fun to read. I loved it.

Improv Wisdom by Patricia Ryan Madson

I first read this gem years ago but I have to put it on the list as I reread it and revisit it regularly and consider it devotional literature. It’s about trusting yourself and life. It’s a brief but deeply stirring read. I find it inspiring. I interviewed the author and found her as sweet as chocolate.

Transformation by Bill Phillips

One of the great joys of my life is knowing Bill Phillips. He influenced me with his Body-for-Life contests ten years ago, and he’s doing it again this year with his Transformation Camp. I interviewed Bill this year, have had a few lunches with him, worked out with him, had him speak at my recent event, and know he’s the real deal. His book is wise, and includes processes on forgiveness and more. It’s certainly not just about right eating and exercise. It’s a manual for living a healthy life.  It’s a masterpiece.

Money Rules by Jean Chatzky.

I’ve read this little book’s 94 principles, revealing “The Simple Path to Lifelong Security,” several times since I picked it up at an airport. The author is apparently a hotshot on NBC and a contributor to Newsweek, but I didn’t know all that when I bought her book. Anything that can help us be aware of our relationship to money, and how others (including ourselves) lead us into parting with it, is worth the price of admission. A great companion to my own book, Attract Money Now.

Rick Rubin In the Studio by Jake Brown.

I’ll be creating my seventh album (seventh!) in late January, so I want to keep learning all I can about doing my best in the studio. Rick Rubin is the acknowledged genius at producing music that sells and lasts. This insightful volume of articles gives clues to how Rubin operates. The stories about him recording legends such as Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, Tom Petty, Dixie Chicks, and so many more, are educational and inspiring.

The Book of est by Luke Rhinehart.

I’ve read this book numerous times over the last few decades, but am putting it on the 2013 best books list because it is a classic. Every time I read it, I learn something new about myself, other people, or just how to write a hypnotic book. If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor and do so today. Just click right here.

There you go.

Let me know what you read in 2013 that moved you in some way, too.

Ao Akua,



PS – I have numerous books of my own coming out in 2014, most notably the long awaited sequel to Zero Limits, called At Zero: The Final Secret to Zero Limits. It’s listed on Amazon right now. Go see.

Membr BBB 2003 - 2014

Membr BBB 2003 - 2014


What's Impossible?

Buddy Estrella now believes in miracles.

On Tuesday I went to get new clothes for my Attract Money Now Live event happening this weekend. After releasing 40 pounds and putting on 15 pounds of muscle, few of my old clothes fit. It was time for a new wardrobe (and an invoice for it sent to Bill Phillips).

I headed to Capra & Cavelli in Austin. It’s a legendary clothing store. Esquire magazine voted it one of the best in the country. But I had never been in it. I went there with the intention of having someone dress me. After all, my normal dress code is T-shirt and shorts. I needed an elevated look for my event. I needed help.

Buddy believes in miracles - now

Buddy believes in miracles - now

The store I went to had nothing but conservative clothes, Fall fashions, and heavy wools. That’s not for me. I want unusual, leather, different; something to symbolize the new me. Something light and breezy so I won’t melt on stage from my adrenaline or the hot lights.

Buddy is the main sales person at the store. He instantly recognized me from my marketing materials. He even bought my first Nightingale-Conant audio program, way back in 1999, titled The Power of Outrageous Marketing. Of course, he also knew me from my role in the movie The Secret. We became fast friends.

Buddy admitted they didn’t have what I wanted in the store. He said I should consider getting custom clothes tailor made for me at some time. Of course, that would take a month. Needing something by this weekend wouldn’t cut it. He suggested I just go to a high end department store and buy something off the rack.

Since I was already in his store, I said to take my measurements and make a blazer for me. I could at least get the ball rolling and be prepared for future seminars.

After he measured me and we chose the fabric, I decided to question Buddy.

“How long will it take to make this blazer?’

“Four to six weeks.”

While I heard him, I didn’t accept his answer as the final one.

I then asked the daring question, “What would it take to get it done by Friday?”

“IMPOSSIBLE!” Buddy blurted out, smiling at my audacious question.

Are there really any limits?“Impossible?” I repeated.

“It’s already Tuesday and you’d need it on Friday,” he explained. “That means they’d have to make it right now and overnight it on Thursday. There’s just no way.”

Two other sales people in the store smiled and nodded their heads.

They all agreed it was impossible.

Something in me wouldn’t accept this “reality.”

I thought of actress Audrey Hepburn saying, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible!'”

I thought of all the books I had read that expanded my mind and urged me to question limitations, such as The Power of Impossible Thinking by Yoram (Jerry) R. Wind and Colin Cook.

I thought of my own books, and my practice of living “At Zero” by practicing ho’oponopono non-stop.

I thought of my Miracles Coaching program and how I encourage people to believe in the impossible.

I still had my intention in mind of getting new clothes for my event. I also felt very inspired to see if there were any real limits here.

Inspiration and intention are two forces to reckon with.

Buddy didn’t know what he was in for.

“Look,” I began. “I don’t live in the world of limitations. I know it may seem impossible, but would you be willing to make a call and find out for sure?”

I could see Buddy was wrestling with being polite with me. A part of him knew it was impossible to get custom made clothes in 48 hours. Another part of him didn’t want to offend the new customer before him who created books and audios that he admired.

“I’m happy to call,” he said, smiling.

He did.

As he explained the situation to the tailor on the phone, I had a feeling this just might happen. I then feared they might stiff me by adding a thousand dollars to the bill for rush delivery. I told myself I would pay it if it came to that.

Buddy got off the phone and said, “They can do it.”

“They can?” I said, laughing at the ease of making “impossible” turn into possible.

“But they want more money to do it,” he said.

I braced myself.

“How much more?”


He said it like it was a lot. Considering I was leading an event on attracting money, an extra two hundred bucks seemed like a well deserved tip to get such speedy service. I agreed to pay it.

And I’ll have the custom made leather blazer this Friday — tomorrow! — right in time for my event.

If you want to see me in it — and discover how to transcend limitations like “impossible” — either attend my event in person in Austin or sit right there and watch it live. We will stream it right from the event itself.

Just go to — Attract Money Now Live.

No excuses now.

After all, “What’s impossible?’

Ao Akua


PS — Buddy will be at the event, too. He can tell you the story of “What’s impossible?” first hand. You can sit right there and watch the event streamed to you. Get details by scrolling to near bottom of this link. Expect Miracles.

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The Thanksgiving Wishbone

At Thanksgiving, when I was a kid, my mom
would save the turkey “wishbone” (technically
called the furcula), lay it up somewhere on
the kitchen sill to dry, and then a few days
later I’d get to make a wish and snap the
wishbone with my brothers or sister holding
the other side. When it broke, whoever held
the longer piece would receive their wish.

I did a bit of research and found out that
this custom came from an ancient Italian
civilization known as the Etruscans. They
passed it on to the Romans, and eventually
it reached the English.

Being Italian, I was curious about the
Etruscans and discovered that they believed
chickens were oracles, capable of predicting
the future. According to an article in
Mental Floss:

Attend this. Click image.

Attend this. Click image.

“They exploited the chickens’ supposed gifts
by turning them into walking ouija boards with
a bizarre ritual known as…’rooster divination.’
They would draw a circle on the ground and divide
it into wedges representing the letters of the
Etruscan alphabet….Bits of food were scattered
on each wedge and a chicken was placed in the
center of the circle. As the bird snacked,
scribes would note the sequence of letters
that it pecked at, and the local priests would
use the resulting messages to divine the future….”

The Etruscans believed that the bird’s fortune
telling power remained even after its death,
and would dry the bone in the sun to preserve it.

“People would then pick up the bone, stroke it,
and make wishes on it, hence its modern name.”

This simple custom has withstood the vagaries
of time, changing very little throughout cultures.

It’s hard to believe that even though this ritual
is thousands of years old, it will still be a part
of many Thanksgiving dinners again this season.

But that’s the power of belief.

And as you can see, unless you change something,
things can go on quite indefinitely.

Releasing this month!

Releasing this month!

Still…there’s another reason I wanted to tell
this story, which is that we simply don’t need
to go through all this. We certainly don’t need
a turkey, a chicken, or a bone – fun as it is.

Here’s the secret of the ages: If you want to know
your future, you are the oracle.

Yes, you.

With this knowledge, you can transform your life
into one of joy, peace, inspiration, love and
enthusiasm at any time you choose.

This may seem like a tall order now, but it won’t
after my two-day life-changing event in Austin
this weekend  (and you won’t have to wait for the
wishbone at Thanksgiving).


On the other hand, not understanding this is the
cause of an untold number of struggles, be they
in the realm of finance, relationships, health
and body, or work.

In fact, most of these problems poof and vanish
like magic once you know how to access your deep
connection to the Divine and, thus, cause your
own transformation.

Truth – or fortune – be told, awakening is the
key to manifesting your true destiny and calling.

And it’s the only future really worth knowing.

Join me at my event (or watch it from the comfort
of where you are sitting right now) —


Happy Thanksgiving!

Ao Akua,


PS — Have faith. Take action. Expect Miracles.

Member BBB 2003 -2014

Member BBB 2003 -2014


Disney's Secret

Years ago, Walt Disney was asked if it
ever concerned him that the brilliant
ideas being developed by his imagineers
(the term he used for his employees who
designed and built the world’s greatest
theme parks) would be leaked or stolen.

He replied, “No. We can create faster
than people can steal.”

And I’m wondering…

Can you?

Are you that confident in your ability to create?

Maybe it seems unfair to ask, given that we’re
talking about a mastermind of invention and
entertainment. But, according to the accounts
of Walt‘s life, he went through a number of

In one article I read, besides coming from a
“highly dysfunctional” childhood, “At age 22,
Walt experienced bankruptcy after the failure
of a cartoon series in Kansas City. He headed
to Los Angeles with $40 in cash, and an
imitation-leather suitcase containing only
a shirt, two undershorts, two pairs of socks,
and some drawing materials. Feeling that others
did animation better, his goal was to be an
actor out in Hollywood. It never occurred.”

Thank God.

Where would the world be without his contributions?

More relevant, though, is where will the world be
without yours?

Have you ever really thought about it this way…
that you might have something to offer the world
of great significance?

Believe me, I didn’t always feel or act like I
had something to contribute. When I was homeless,
I certainly had no idea I’d write over 50 books,
or help thousands of people. I had no idea I would
become the world’s first self-help musician with my
own album – let alone six albums.

But here’s the thing: You don’t know what you
don’t know.

And you don’t have to…but…you do have to get out
of your own way. You have to stop looking out
there for answers to questions like:

* How do I attract money in this terrible economy?

* How do I improve my self-image?

* How do I stay positive when people around me are negative?

* How do I discover my life purpose when I don’t know what I want?

* How do I help others?

* How do I attract my love?

* What can I do when everything looks hopeless?

In a nutshell, there’s one answer to all of these:
stop waiting around.

If you want to learn to create and have the confidence to do
it again and again – the best and only way to do this that
I know for sure is through transformation.

If this sounds like a lot of, well, frankly, work, then I’ve
got good news for you…

At my event in November, I’ll be sharing my recent discovery
of the Law of Zero: “Zero” is alive.

Not only can you get inspiration from it, you can send
intentions into it – and I’ll be revealing how to do it
for the first time at the event. I’m excited because this
information goes beyond anything I’ve ever taught before.

Even better… it’s going to take you beyond anything you’ve
ever been before.

Like Walt once said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Join me in Austin for the fun…

Go to http://www.attractmoneynowlive.com

Expect Miracles.



PS – Moments after you register for the mega-event,
you will get access to over $12,000 in online videos
to start your process of awakening. Take a leap of
faith and go to  —



Attract Money Now LIVE

“Attract Money Now LIVE” is going to be a historic event.

I’m lining up hand picked “Speed Speakers” to give TED-like short presentations at my event http://www.attractmoneynowlive.com/ Besides the featured speakers —

Featured Speaker Bill Phillips

Featured Speaker Bill Phillips

— Body-for-Life fitness legend Bill Phillips

— movie star (“E.T.”) and healer Dee Wallace

— mind expander (What If UP?) Mindy Audlin

— I also have terrific 20-minute “speed” presenters on such subjects as —

– “Raising Entrepreneurs” (a parent explains how his grade-school children are running an online business)

– “Pain into Profit” (a divorcee turns her mess into a message)

– “Volunteer for Wealth” (a negotiating expert reveals how giving leads to receiving)

– “Remembering Your Wealth” (a musician reveals a new process for creating your new reality)

And more!

Get this —

I will also give a brand new presentation on Authentic ho’oponopono, based on the upcoming sequel to Zero Limits, that will no doubt stimulate you and maybe even “burn some hair” with the truth and new techniques it reveals.

There will also be a surprise comedy show on Saturday night, a special “install the concepts” session on Sunday morning, a live experience of Miracles Coaching, a demo of The Secret Mirror technique, and so much more.

You can also meet me and other attendees at a private social function on Friday evening.

AND you can have $12,000 in online videos to help you awaken your millionaire mind the very moment you register for this once-in-a-lifetime  event. (!)

People are already signing up and coming from everywhere — Canada, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, France, South Africa, and more!

Go get the details at — http://www.attractmoneynowlive.com/

See you there!

Ao Akua,


PS – Only 200 seats are available as that is all the room holds. If you want to be at this historic event with Bill Phillips, Dee Wallace, and the other amazing presenters, please register right now: http://www.attractmoneynowlive.com/

Member BBB 2003-2013

Member BBB 2003-2013