Meeting Kevin Trudeau

Decades ago I bought Kevin Trudeau’s Mega-Memory course. I don’t remember where it is (ha ha) but I remember liking it.

Not long ago I bought his bestselling books, from Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About to The Weight Loss Cure.

I’ve seen him on infomercials and have friends who know him. But I never thought I’d meet him.

I did.

And it was unforgettable.

Kevin and his young bride met me for dinner last night in Austin, Texas. He surprised me by being early. Most people are late for meetings. Not Kevin. I liked that quality in him, as I’m usually early for meetings, too.

Kevin looks much younger and thinner than his recent infomercials and photos reflect. He looked in his thirties, though I know he’s 46. I did a double-take when he walked through the door. But he recognized me and waved. I liked that he remembered what I looked like from my online pics.

He and his wife met me at the bar, where I had been waiting (since I was early). When I told him I had been drinking 25 year old MaCallan scotch, he smiled and said it was his favorite.

I told him I knew that. I then handed him a rare cigar from a little island not far from Miami. He seemed really surprised. That’s when I explained we have mutual friends, who tipped me at what he likes. Our friendship deepened.

Kevin’s wife seemed starstruck. Turns out she is a big fan of all my books. And I mean all of them. They went on a shopping spree at Amazon and bought every title they could find by me.

Natalie, his wife, had lots of questions about the Law of Attraction and my writing career. She hung on my every word, as did Kevin. It was very flattering.

Kevin and I spoke about many things, from performing magic (we’re both lifetime members of the Society of American Magicians), to infomercials (he had no idea of my experience with them) to network marketing to health cures to hypnotic storytelling.

I told him about my own infomercial for The Awakening Course. He asked about numbers and results, none of which I had at hand. 

He said I should be on TV more. He said I am good looking, articulate, and sincere. (Thank you, Kevin.)


He advised me to consider creating an infomercial for one of my books, adding a few other books as premiums, and selling it for a low price, such as $19.95. He said to offer my Miracles Coaching as an up-sell when people called in to order.

This marketing method has helped him sell thirty million copies of his first book — which he dictated in a week and sent to the printer with no editing or proofreading — thirty million copies!

This guy is sharp, slick, and smart.

I’m well aware of Kevin’s long term fight with the government, his prison time, his current federal restrictions, etc.

Yet the man I met is sincere, passionate, and dedicated. He is on a mission to help people get healthy and get out of debt. He’s been to sixty countries in search of health cures that truly work. When he finds them, he reports on them. He’s fearless about it, too.

He said cancer was usually due to stress, and usually concerns unexpressed grief. He said methods such as Roger Callahan’s tapping technique, called Thought Field Therapy, could help release the wound up psychic energy behind cancer. He added that simple relaxation audios could also help.

Kevin lost 45 pounds (in 45 days) after discovering a German method for losing weight. It’s one reason why he looks so much younger these days.

He’s written about all of these discoveries and insights in his various books. (He gave me a signed set of them over dinner.)

I’m really impressed with Kevin. Too many people think too small or too conservatively, including me. Kevin says he likes simple. Instead of trying to get a publisher for his books, and fighting with them to market the books, and being let down when they don’t sell, he goes straight to the masses with an infomercial.

He shoots them in one take, with no script or promptings. He doesn’t even care if the infomercial sells the book, as he knows the infomercial will cause people to go into stores and ask for the book. He can then sell his book to retailers.

The guy is just brilliant.

Natalie noticed my watch. It’s a hand painted car. I have a watch for each of my cars. That led to talking about our car collections.

Kevin loved how I created a rolling mastermind out of my 2008 Rolls-Royce Phantom.

He also loved the story of my inventing Fit-A-Rita.


Another trait I noticed and liked in Kevin is his ability to trust life. He never sees problems. He says you never ever know what any event actually means.

What looks like bad news may actually be good news a day or so later.  He accepts the news and works with it. He has a spirit that won’t be conquered. When I asked him about that, he said “You can’t beat me. It’s impossible. The world isn’t set up like that. I’m going to win. Always.”

Call it ego or call it delusion, that trait of invincibility is what many great people tend to have in common.

Kevin doesn’t have goals. He’s more relaxed these days and goes with the flow. He has a couple general intentions, such as for his own radio show, but otherwise he enjoys life and takes it as it comes.

My three hour dinner with Kevin (which he paid for) and his beautiful wife, was inspiring. I left thinking I need to hang around Kevin Trudeau and successful people like him more often.

He stretched my thinking, challenged my thinking, and enriched my thinking.

Who have you had dinner with recently that inspired you?

Who can you have dinner with and inspire?

Ao Akua,


PS — The photo above is of Kevin, Natalie, and myself at our dinner at Flemings in Austin. Left click on it to enlarge it.


Who Attracted Bernie Madoff?

The other day someone posted this comment:

“How did Bernie Madoff’s victims manifest being wiped out of all their wealth? They weren’t anticipating it…most were happy being rich, enjoying prosperity, networking up, surrounding themselves with beautiful luxurious things…they certainly thought themselves worthy and entitled to great wealth, unlike many of the rest of us mortals. So, as the economy deteriorates, and many who were making 6 figures suddenly find themselves impoverished…how did the law of attraction put them in that situation?”

I’ve answered questions like this numerous times and in numerous places. But since so many people are asking again, wondering what is going on in the world when people are losing their homes and their savings, I thought I’d answer one more time.

First, if you’re clumsy and keep knocking things over, you don’t blame the law of gravity. You try to be more aware. You try to fix the problem inside you. The Law of Attraction is the same way.

You don’t blame it. It’s simply the underlying principle at work. It’s neutral, just like the law of gravity. The issue isn’t with the Law of Attraction, it’s with what you are thinking and doing to create the experiences you attract.

Second, no one knows what is in the unconscious mind of anyone, including yourself. What we get in the outer world is a reflection of what we believe in the inner world.

Most people have issues with money. We think it’s bad or evil, so we aren’t comfortable with it. You might manage to attract some money, but if you don’t feel you deserve it, you’ll find a way to get rid of it. 

Who knows what the “victims” were thinking who lost their money. They might be relieved. They might see it as a new opportunity. They might be blaming others. I don’t know. Neither do you. The point for you is to look at your own beliefs, and change the ones that aren’t serving you.

Third, you get what you focus on. Too many people are paying attention to the mainstream media. I was trained as a journalist in the early 1970s. I know the media’s job is to seek out and often even create bad news.

If you pay attention to it, you program yourself to think the world is not safe and something bad can happen to you at any time. Over time, this programming sinks into your unconscious. Before you know it, you live it out. You then become part of the bad news reported in the media. You have to break the cycle to break free.

None of this is to say you are to blame. As I say in The Awakening Course, it’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility. Your job is to awaken.

You have to think and do things differently to get different results. Here are some suggestions on how to accomplish that:

1. Change your beliefs. You may need help in spotting them and replacing them, but help is available. There’s everything from Miracles Coaching to my Nightinglae-conant audio program, The Missing Secret.

2. Get support. You’ll accelerate your change if you get support from a positive group. That’s available, too. See the Attract Miracles Community.

3.  Do something different. I read a book the other day (“Think Like a Billionaire, Become a Billionaire”) that had a great line in it: if you are upset about your current reality, all that means is you are not planning on changing. Do something different to get a different result.

What you do is based on what you think, so cycle through these suggestions to get into a better place.

Finally, anyone can change.

If I can survive being homeless and in poverty to reach a lifestyle today that is one of daily magic and miracles, then you can do it, too.

It all begins right here, right now.

The next move is yours.

Ao Akua,


PS — To illustrate how little I pay attention to the mainstream news, I had to google Bernie Madoff. I had no idea who he is or was. You don’t need to watch the news to have a good life. My guess is, the less you watch, the happier you’ll be.


Attract Miracles Community

What if you’re in a hurry?

What if you need a miracle fast?

What if things for you are urgent and you are desperate?

That’s when you have to pull out all the stops and get help.

But not from just any one person, but from a special group of people who are helping each other to achieve real world results.

I’m talking about a new online community where you can state your intention and others can hold that very intention for you.

Twenty-three scientific studies prove this kind of group support works.

I even wrote about it in my book, The Attractor Factor.

You can now experience it for yourself at a new site I’ve been working on. It’s at www.attractmiracles.com

One of the bonus audios on the site is a conversation with Craig Perrine and myself about what to do if you need a miracle urgently.

One of the bonus videos on the site is a talk I gave in Maui about how to have a miracle in 15 minutes.

One of the bonus e-books on the site is by the only woman who was a disciple of a living miracles expert.

There’s more, too. Lots more.

You can post your request for a miracle.

You can post your success stories.

You can help others achieve their goals.

You can network and meet like-minded new friends.

You can ask me questions, too.

And there’s even more than that.

You can also become an affiliate and profit whenever you tell people about the site and they register. (Who do you know who needs a miracle?)

Yet there’s more.

The best thing to do is go look for yourself.

You can enter the site, look around for a week, and even hear that interview, watch that video, or read that ebook — all for only one dollar.

That’s it.

One dollar.

Go see at www.attractmiracles.com

Ao Akua,


PS — Remember, the basis for the site is the scientific evidence that when a small group of people hold an intention for you, it tends to become reality FAST. There’s no woo-woo here. It’s all results oriented. Go see for yourself over at www.attractmiracles.com 


Group Thoughts

I’ve been watching people lately. Pretty fascinating.

Almost everyone is complaining and blaming. They are paying attention to the mainstream media, getting terrified, and then making poor choices.

The media then reports on those poor choices, people watch the bad news reported to them, and they make even more poor choices.

The cycle continues.

The thing is, the same underlying principle at work in the media-bad news-poor choices scenario can be used to create a more positive outcome.

For example, nineteen scientific studies prove that when a small group of people get together and meditate, the violence and crime in their area goes down and the abundance goes up.

I reported on this in my book, The Attractor Factor. This is called The Maharishi Effect. Transcendental Meditators first experimented with group meditation in the 1990s and repeatedly proved it made a difference.

Back to our modern reality…

What if you and I joined forces with people trying to think positive, meditate, and focus on clear intentions?

Wouldn’t we create the opposite of what the mainstream media is doing?

Instead of seeing the bad, feeling the bad, and then acting from a place of desperation and insecurity, we would see the good, focus on the good, and act from a place of security and faith.

Which would you prefer?

To help both of us, I’m creating a site (with Craig Perrine) where a group of people can go and support each other in their intentions.  (You can register to be notified when it goes live at www.attractmiracles.com)

Pass the word. The more of us that focus on the positive, the more we can uplift each other to health, wealth and happiness.

Or, if you prefer, you can keep watching the mainstream news.

Ao Akua,


PS — Remember, the basis for the site I’m creating is the scientific evidence that when a small group of people hold an intention for you, it tends to become reality FAST. There’s no woo-woo here. It’s all results oriented. Go see for yourself over at www.attractmiracles.com 


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