Meeting Louise Hay

louise_speaks.jpg  She met us at the door and smiled, her eyes twinkling and her smile charming.

Louise Hay is the queen of the new age, law of attraction, think-it-and-you’ll-attract-it movement.

Her books are classics, from Heal Your Body to Empowering Women.

She’s 81 years old young and as vibrant as a teenager.

Her I Can! events are sold out pep-fests where people get enough juice to last a year.

Louise is known as one of the founders of the self-help movement. Her first book, Heal Your Body, was published in 1976, long before it was fashionable to discuss the mind-body connection. It was revised and expanded in 1998. It’s still considered a classic today.

Louise has helped me personally over the decades, without her knowing it, with her messages of insight and uplift.

I used to read her question and answer section in the back of Science of Mind magazine. It helped me hang in there and focus on what I wanted. It worked, too. Look at me today. 🙂

Given all of the above, you can imagine my delight to be able to have an evening with Louise Hay.


She invited me and my personal fitness trainer, Scott York, to her multi-million dollar penthouse overlooking everything in San Diego.

We were there for the Steve Reeves film and fitness festival, and to finally see the 1976 Jag XJS I bought that was originally owned by Hercules.


But the car will have to wait for another post.

The view from Louise’s penthouse was spectacular.

She poured champagne for us while she pointed out the park, the ocean, the airport, and the other buildings.

She loves San Diego, saying, “It doesn’t have any humidity or bugs.”

She took us to dinner at another high rise location, where we could see planes come in over the top of office buildings as they landed at the in-city airport.

But the best part of all was getting to ask Louise questions.

Her joy in life is to find new authors and promote them to the world.

She’s very excited to have acquired Abraham, brought to you by my friends Jerry and Esther Hicks. Their latest book, Money and the Law of Attraction, is already a bestseller.

Louise travels a lot. She has offices all over the planet. She had only returned from Australia two days earlier when we met her. She didn’t seem travel weary at all, though. She radiated health. Scott and I had traveled from Austin to San Diego that very morning and showed more exhaustion than Louise.

She has an office, and an assistant, right in her penthouse.

She showed me some of her paintings, too, which I imagine is a rare treat. I had never heard of her art interests before.

Our conversation covered many topics, including health.

She said almost every health problem had to deal with anger and resentment.

When she got cancer, she realized she had to forgive in order to heal. She knew her issue was with her parents.

She looked at their childhood, saw how they had been raised, and was then better able to understand and forgive them.

As a result, she is cancer free.

Surprisingly, she didn’t know much about me or my work. To resolve that, I gave her copies of The Attractor Factor and The Key.

I also told her about Operation YES, my upcoming infomercial on The Awakening Course,  and other projects I’m involved in, including my upcoming Miracles Weekend.

Louise said she hadn’t heard anything about the Miracles Weekend. That’s when I realized I had marketed to my email list but not to San Diego. We can all use reminders. There’s always more we can do.

She let me pick from whatever book I wanted in her office and I chose Letters to Louise, which she autographed.

She offered a book to Scott, who said “You don’t have to do that.”

“I know I don’t have to,” Louise countered, smiling. “Are you just going to dismiss the good you are offered?” 

Of course, Scott then accepted a book.

I asked what she thought of all the movies coming out since The Secret.

She said there are more Indigo children born today, and they don’t like to read. They need visuals. As a result, she made her own movie, too, You Can Heal Your Life.

I told her about a female friend of mine suffering from tumors in her uterus. I asked what Louise would do.

She said forgiveness, a nutritionist and a good oriental doctor would help.

She added that most women don’t take care of themselves because they focus on others. She said my friend needs to express her creativity and love herself, too.

But what if someone isn’t willing to change?

“They have to be ready,” Louise asked.

“Can you make them ready?” I asked.

“No one knows why each of us has the challenges we do,” she explained. “They have their lessons and we have ours. You have to take care of you.”

I asked her what book influenced her the most.

She said The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Shinn. (Hay House now publishes it.)

I asked her what book she’s reading now.

She said Success Intelligence by Robert Holden. (She said the photo on the book made the author look like he was twelve years old.)

As I looked around her penthouse, and saw the museum quality furnishings, I thought she reeked of prosperity. But Louise said she’s never focused on money, saying “I just ask ‘How can I serve?'”

Her first book was a twelve page pamphlet. It evolved into her bestselling classic Heal Your Body.

Three hours later, I hugged and thanked Louise for the evening.

I felt as though I had sat with a legend and was torn between asking loads of questions or just sitting in gratitude.

So I did a little of both.

Ao Akua,


PS – I know the photo of Louise and me above sucks. (Left click on it to enlarge it.) You can blame it on being so close to the sun on top of her building or so close to her energy. Or both. Anyway, there is a better pic at www.louisehay.com Go see. Sign up for her newsletter on prosperity, too. It’s free. Are you going to accept the good you are offered or not? 🙂


Circles of Support

Mark Ryan and I took a road trip two weeks ago. His wife was expecting a baby and I wanted to check out the Scorpion hydrogen sports car being built near me. We both wanted a little time out of the house.

On the hour long drive we talked about many things. One of them was how people stay stuck without new support.

If someone has a circle of friends that keeps them feeling that they can’t have much more in their lives, they won’t attempt to have any more.

Their immediate support group will “support” them in staying right where they are.

For example, when I was in college, most of my friends felt the only way to increase their income was to get a better job. Everyone I talked to felt the same way.

That’s because my circle was thinking the same way. We all believed the same thing. We supported each other in being stuck.

In my forthcoming audio program, The Awakening Course, I explain that most people are in the first stage of life: victimhood.

They feel stuck, they attract people that feel the same way, and so the state of being a victim continues. It’s simply reinforced.

For example, I saw an old friend in Ohio. He told me he could never have the life I have. When I asked why, he basically said it wasn’t possible for him.

Now, I could talk to him for hours about new realities and new possibilities if he just read The Attractor Factor or watched the movie The Secret and learned more about the Law of Attraction.

But when I left, he would turn to his current family and friends, or to his coworkers, ask them what they think, and they would reinforce his original belief that it wasn’t possible for him.

He would then shrug his shoulders and say, “See? It isn’t possible for me.”

You can change, of course.

In The Awakening Course I say the right story can awaken you to the next stage, and I tell several to help you awaken from the trance of limitation.

But a faster and more permanent way to change is to attract people who support your dreams.

Today my circle of friends generally believes nothing is impossible.

We don’t know what our limits are, don’t pay too much attention to current reality, and try for whatever we want. My circle supports that thought process, so it’s easier to move forward with even the biggest dreams and goals.

For example, right now I’m planning a movement to end homeslessness. No one in my circle thinks I’m nuts. Instead, they encourage me.

However, if I talk to the homeless, they feel they are stuck. When they talk to their circle, they agree they are stuck.

But when I talk to them, I introduce a new reality, one that supports their advancement. If they listen to me, and if they or I create a new circle of support for them, they can and will change.

And here’s how magic happens once you make a decision and take action..

At the airport on the way to Chicago, I stumbled across a book called Until It’s Gone, which is about ending poverty in this country. The basic idea is to create new circles of support. This book and the author’s model for change will help me end homelessness.

Again, if you are stuck, most likely you have a circle of friends and family that help you stay there. They aren’t doing it on purpose. They aren’t trying to hold you down. And you are participating by allowing it to happen.

This has to change for you to change.

There’s no one to blame here. You don’t need to fire your family or friends. (Then again, maybe you do.) But you do need to take responsibility for where you are and make new decisions to change what you don’t like.

You need an encouraging support team. So do those in poverty. So do the homeless. So does anyone trying to overcome any challenge.

Mark and I talked about this and realized a good reason to attend events is to have support. You are placed in an environment of encouragement. You meet new people. You create mastermind groups and new circles of friends. These can last a lifetime.

I’m hosting the Miracles Weekend at the end of September for this reason. If you haven’t signed up for it yet, you can at www.miraclesweekend.com/register

Everyone who attends the event will receive The Awakening Course, including two bonuses: The Awakened Millionaire and Awakened Relationships. They will also receive the new expanded edition of The Attractor Factor. And each person will receive a ticket to Pat O’Bryan’s Unseminar 6. Again, register at www.miraclesweekend.com/register (I’ll keep the price at $997 for you, since you found the offer on my blog.)

Our road trip went well.

I ordered a Scorpion and Mark’s baby was born.

It’s a girl named Claire.

I imagine she’ll do wonders in the world, due to all the support she will receive from her circle of family and friends — all of which believe in and even expect miracles.

Ao Akua,


PS – The book Until It’s Gone is by Scott Miller. He believes poverty can be ended in the USA. His description of “circles” is worth study. See www.movethemountain.org 

Note: Having a coach is a proven way to get results fast. A coach is part of your circle of support. If you don’t have one, consider getting a Miracles Coach. Check out www.miraclescoaching.com 


Complaint Free Wednesday

As you may recall, I’m a fan of the book A Complaint Free World. I’m also on their board of directors. Last week I received the following news and want to share it with you. Please act on it. This is a concrete way to send a message and make a difference. Pausing before a complaint and turning it into an intention is wise, and can transform the planet. The below offers one way to get the message out there. Thank you. – Joe

The United States to Proclaim
the day before Thanksgiving
“Complaint Free Wednesday”

Congressman Sam Graves of Missouri has introduced House Resolution H.CON.RES.404 to officially declare the day before Thanksgiving “Complaint Free Wednesday” in the United States of America.

For this to become a reality, we need you to contact your congressional representative and ask him or her to become a Co-Sponsor of this bill.   For it to pass, this bill needs 50 members of congress to act as co-sponsors.

*  *  *   Here’s what To Do   *  *  *

1. Go to www.house.gov/writerep/

You will be directed to The U.S. House of Representatives web site.  Enter your STATE and ZIP CODE. This will launch a window so you can send an email directly to your congressional representative.

2. Email the following Text  You can copy and paste it from here.  (Be sure and insert your representative’s name at the top and your name and town at the bottom)

Dear Representative ___________,

      As you know, the attitude of a society plays a critical role in the well being and prosperity of its citizens.

     The United States has long been the can-do optimist capital of the world, and I urge you to please CO-Sponsor and support H.Con.Res 404, which reminds Americans that a positive attitude and avoiding complaints can have a profound impact on our society.

     This bill, entitled “Supporting the goals and ideals of Complaint Free Wednesday” was introduced by Congressman Sam Graves (MO-6) on July 31, 2008, and encourages each person in the United States to participate in a day free from complaining on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day to prepare for our national day of gratitude.

Thank you in advance for your support of this legislation.


__________ (Your Name)
______, ___ (Your Town, State)

Note: To read the bil, see http://acomplaintfreeworld.org/GRAVES_053_xml.pdf


How to Handle Disappointment

How do you handle setbacks?

How do you handle disappointments?

How do you handle being stuck?

Let me answer with a story…

As you probably know by now, I own Francine, a rare 2005 Panoz Esperante GTLM exotic sports car, as well as rock star Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith)’s even rarer 1998 Panoz AIV Roadster. 

Obviously, I’m a fan of Panoz cars.

I’ve been to the Panoz factory, met part of the family, attended their racing school, and love everything by and about Panoz.

So you can imagine how excited I got when I heard that someone took a Panoz Esperante and turned it into a flying car.

Yes, a flying car.


When I checked, I found the story to be true. It was not only transformed into a car that could fly by Jesse James and his nine-man team, but it actually flew – and was broadcast on television.

The 2004 Panoz Esperante took flight on an episode of Monster Garage, making it off the ground for 280 feet before touching down safely.

I wanted that car.

Yes, I wanted that car. 

But when I checked, I learned the person who owned the flying car didn’t want to sell it. He just kept it in storage.

I thought that was pretty sad, but I let it go and forgot about it.

Until a few days ago, that is.

That’s when I learned that the Panoz flying car sold at auction for only $45,000.

Not only was that a ridiculously low amount of money — as the car alone is worth $105,000 and as a flying car it’s worth three times that (at least) — but the auction happened last January.

Six months ago!

I am rarely upset by things these days, but I have to confess learning the flying car sold for only $45,000 and six months ago almost caused me to blow a gasket.

How could I have missed the auction?

Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Talk about disappointment.

I contacted the Panoz folks and shared my frustration. They told me they tried to buy the car at that auction by somehow couldn’t get their bid high enough in time. They lost the car.

This seemed bizarre.

I’m obviously a collector of rare Panoz cars. The flying car would be a gem for me to own. It would be pure P.T. Barnum, who of course I wrote a book about.

But somehow I was out of tune, or not clear, or something.

Not only did I not get a chance to bid on the car, but the auction happened half a year ago.

What the – ?

But things got even more interesting and even more disappointing.

When I tired to find out the name of the person who actually won the car, so I could ask him if he’d sell it to me at a higher price, I hit dead ends.

I couldn’t find him, and the auction house wouldn’t give me his name for privacy reasons.

All of this caused me to be upset for three days.

Three days.

I’m not proud of it. But I’m trying to share a story here, as well as vent a little. This was an experience of deep disappointment to me. I took it personally, and judged myself harshly.

I felt stuck, unhappy, and un-clear.

So, what did I do?

As it turned out, I had to go back into the recording studio to record a few more segments to my forthcoming new audio program, The Awakening Course.

This is the most advanced material I’ve ever created. It covers the four stages of awakening and leads you through the first three stages, so you can experience them live. The fourth stage comes by grace, but can be described. I do it in the program.

As I recorded my new material about trust and letting go, I realized that I had been very attached to wanting that flying car.

VERY attached.

Yet a key secret to attracting whatever you want is to let go of attachment. Want it without needing it. As my friend Bootzie often says, “I’m perfectly satisfied, I just want more!”

“I’m perfectly satisfied, I just want more!” – Bootzie

That’s the spirit of detachment that attracts results.

I wasn’t detached.

And I wasn’t trusting.

My ego felt things should be different from reality.

My ego felt the car was right for me.

My ego was upset when the car flew away from me.

But the Universe (Divine, God, Gaea, Collective Unconscious, etc) sees the bigger picture. It knows more than your ego. You have to trust IT.

There may be several reasons for me not attracting that car, including –

* Where do you park a car with wings?

* Where do you fly a flying car?

* How do you fly a flying car?

And there’s the very real possibility that the person who won the flying car has better reasons for owning it than me.

In short, the way I handled this disappointment was by letting go, trusting, and moving on.

It’s very possible the flying car will appear in my life at some later point, but I no longer need it to appear.

I’m happy with or without it.

That’s where you want to be with everything in your life: at peace.

And that’s the secret to attracting what you want and surviving setbacks, disappointments and stuck issues:

You trust it’s all working out for your highest good, you do whatever is next for you to do in the moment, and you do it all from a place of serenity.

You move on – smiling, trusting, letting go.

You soar through life — with no need for a flying car.

Ao Akua,


PS – You can see pictures of the Panoz flying car (complete with bullet holes) at http://www.autoblog.com/2008/01/19/barrett-jackson-2008-panoz-esperante-flying-car/ Enjoy.


The Miracles Weekend

You’re one of the first to hear this: I’ll be hosting, leading and promoting my own Miracles Weekend event in San Diego Sept 26-28. I’ve lined up inspiring, informative and miracle-attracting speakers. The whole event is designed to help you create an awakening where you not only experience a miracle, but you learn how to attract miracles for yourself and others. You can read all about the event, the speakers, the location, and more, at http://www.miraclesweekend.com  If you know someone who would be interested in this experience, please share this post with them. Thank you. Hope to see you there.