Think Smart

img00754.jpg On a recent trip I picked up a handful of “healthy snacks” that had misleading names on them. One was called Think Green and the other Think Organic. The thing is, having the words “green” and “organic” on the label doesn’t mean the product is green or organic.  It’s clever word misdirection.  Calling a car lease a Smart Lease doesn’t mean it’s actually smart. Eating a product labelled Think Thin doesn’t mean it will make you thin. Just a word to the wise. Watch how words are used. Think smart.


The Dice Man

img00771.jpg Some books dig into your brain and lodge themselves there, even if you finished them decades ago. The Dice Man is such a book.

I read it in high school in the early 1970s. The memory is still with me. I still have the paperback book, too. It’s an unforgettable novel about a man who learns to make every decision by rolling dice. 

It’s an addictive read. It’s at times hilarious, at other times disturbing.

Inspired by the book, I remember rolling dice for high school decisions. It was liberating, but also dangerous. If you didn’t balance the roll of the dice with critical thinking, you could end up in trouble, as the book’s character reveals.

The Dice Man became a cult classic. It’s still an underground bestseller. One day there will be a movie of it. First editions of the book are nearly impossible to find.

So imagine my surprise when I roamed around a used book store and discovered a first edition hardcover signed by the author to his wife.

I instantly bought it, of course. I was so excited that I was tingling the rest of the day.

In that same book store I found a signed copy of Think and Grow Rich, the book that has made more millionaires than any other.


Napoleon Hill’s signature is worth gold, and I eagerly paid for the signed volume. It’s going in a locked glass display case with my other prized autographed books, such as ones by Neville Goddard, P.T. Barnum, Edward L. Bernays and of course Luke Rhinehart, the author of The Dice Man.

The author of The Dice Man also wrote one of the top five most life changing books of all time: The Book of est. I think it’s the greatest self-help book ever written.

The Book of est is even harder to find. Even the author doesn’t have copies. It’s a fictionalized account of the famous “est” training of the 1970s, created by Werner Erhard, and it’s one of the most hypnotic books ever written. I love it.

Last year Mark Ryan and I released it, with the author’s consent, as an e-book. You can get it at www.bookofest.com (In a week or so you’ll be able to order printed copies of the book from the same site.)

Some day we may get to re-publish The Dice Man, too.

We’ll just have to see what the dice roll…

Ao Akua,


PS – The bookseller who sold The Dice Man to me was so influenced by the book that he carries dice in his pocket. He pulled them out and showed me. He said he makes decisions with the roll of the dice. I can only imagine he lets the dice advise him and not control him. At least I hope that’s the case.

Note: I know you may be curious, so here are the facts. I found the autographed books at Sam Wellers Bookstore. The list price for the signed Hill volume was $1,000; the signed Dice Man book was listed at $500. My rule of thumb is to reward myself after accomplishing goals. Since I had just recorded 17 audios and 5 videos the two days before, buying the rare books was an easy decision. I didn’t even need to roll the dice.


Zero Limits Proof

Received by email and used here with permission: 

I read your book Zero Limits in December, 2008. I work as a lifecoach and parenting instructor at the Women’s prison in Baton Rouge.  I hold three classes each week with 20 women in each class. I started doing the ho’oponono immediately after starting the book. I could see instant results with the women in the group. I shared the information with them and bought five books for them to take turns reading. They have shared so many success stories with me about how the deputies in charge of them are changing. One day last week, there was some sort of disturbance going on in the prison. I could hear the commotion outside of my classroom. The warden stepped in my classroom and had this stunned look on his face. He couldn’t believe the calmness and quietness of the room with all of the ruckus going on outside. He told me, “I don’t know what you are doing, just keep doing it.” He has shared with me on several occasions that all of the women are behaving better and are actually getting to have priveledges they have never been able to have before. I am also having positive changes with my teenage daughters and husband. Thank you so much for bringing this information to light.  
Cindy Ray-Huber
Regional Director, RCB of Baton Rouge


The Fifth Agreement

img00738.jpg Last night I got to meet Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements and Toltec Wisdom expert. He’s a gentle, sweet soul speaking what he calls just plain common sense. He told me about his next book, The Fifth Agreement. What is The Fifth Agreement? “Be skeptical of everything (even yourself) but learn to listen.” We talked for maybe thirty minutes about life, the brain, meaning, the ego, and more. He’s also working on a book about psychology, saying we’re still influenced by Freud, which is outdated and incorrect. The photo is of Don Miguel and myself, taken by his son. Most of the conversation was filmed, and will be on YouTube soon. If you haven’t read his book, check it out at www.miguelruiz.com or of course your local book store.


Your Wealth Profile?

mr-fire-mael-orange-text.gif The best book I’ve read in a while is Roger Hamilton’s Your Life, Your Legacy. It reveals eight paths to wealth. Fascinating stuff.

I devoured it on the flights to and from LA for the opening of the movie The Compass. You can’t get the book from Amazon so don’t even try. Instead, go to www.wealthdynamics.org

While there, take the Wealth Profile test. It’s a hundred bucks but could put you on your wealth stream.

I took the test, found out I’m clearly a Creator (with Star leanings), and suddenly began doing more things that stay within my profile. As a result, I’m making even more money and doing it with even more fun.

I don’t make a dime from telling you about this. I’m just sharing and trying to help.

Get the book.

Take the test.

Attract wealth.

Ao Akua,


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