Review: "The Compass"

at-the-table.jpg Not since The Secret’s release two and half years ago has there been so much buzz for a new movie coming out in the human-potential, self-help field. The one causing all the stir right now is called The Compass.

I flew to LA to see the world premier of The Compass last Sunday night. A crowd of excited people were there, as were celebrities, the media, and more.

The executive producer of the film, John Spencer Ellis, made us wait for the film by having a rock band play, making announcements, and offering everyone plenty of food and drink. Since I’m in training and strictly watching my food intake, all I wanted to see was the film.

Once the movie began, you knew you were in for a treat. The production value of The Compass is tops. The soundtrack is original music that I’ll want the CD of. The acting by the lead character is riveting. And the experts throughout the film — from John Assaraf, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Tammy Kling, and Marie Diamond to, well, me — all have wise things to stay.

There are several unforgettable moments in the movie. I won’t spoil it for you by telling you what they are, but rest assured you’ll watch and you will remember.

I strongly encourage you to see The Compass. This is the kind of movie we need more of, to feed our brain and our soul with life-affirming thoughts and energy. It’s far more practical than The Secret, but still feels good, too.

It’s shipping on DVD today. Go here to order it right now: http://TheCompass.tv/iDevAffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=138

Ao Akua,


PS – Above blurred pic was taken at the premier in Anaheim. At the table with me (I’m bottom far right corner) are online hypnosis expert Wendi Friesen, author/healer Jennifer McLean, PGA pro Robb Nunn, and Vegas stage hypnotist Scott Lewis. They all loved The Compass, too.



I suffer from a condition called Type D BrachyDactyly (pronounced brake-ee dact-a-lee).

Well, I don’t really suffer from it.

I didn’t even know I had the condition till last Saturday’s autograph party.

I was signing books when an observant fellow said, “I notice you have BrachyDactyly.”

“I have what?”


“Your thumbs,” he said. “They’re small.”

Thanks for noticing, I thought.

I’ve always known my thumbs were small. But it’s never stopped me from typing (I only use two fingers to type and neither are thumbs). It’s never stopped me from playing the guitar. Or doing martial arts. Or hitching for a ride back in the 70’s.

Still, my thumbs are on the small size.


What’s it mean?

The guy at the book signing said, “Historically the clubbed thumb has been associated with inbreeding amongst European royalty. It’s been thought to be a sign of pure royal blood.”


I’m a descendant of royalty?

I haven’t been able to find a really solid verification of this, but we can all believe what we want. Currently, about 1 in 1,000 people have some form of “small thumb”, including actress Megan Fox.

If you have this wonderful rare royal condition, too, well, two “royal” thumbs up for the both of us.

Here are some links to learn more —



(Facebook group!)

“Two thumbs up” has taken on new meaning for me.

I’ll rewrite it to “Two ROYAL Thumbs up!”

Ao Akua,


PS — My third audioprogram with Nightingale-Conant comes out soon. It’s called The Secret to Attracting Money. I believe you’ll give it two royal thumbs up. 🙂

Note: Photo by Pat O’Bryan.


Wimberley Book Signing

I’ll be signing books (Expect Miracles and The Attractor Factor, 2nd edition) this Saturday in Wimberley, Texas. Michael Abedin of Austin All Natural magazine will also be there offering healthy chocolate products for tasting. Stop by. Jan. 31st, 1-4 PM at Rancho Deluxe, on the Square in Wimberley, Texas. Call 512-847-9570 or toll free 877-847-9570 or see http:/www.ranchodeluxe.net 


Missing Secret is #1 at NC

img00723.jpg My Nightingale-Conant audioprogram, The Missing Secret, is the company’s 2008 bestseller. It’s on the front and back cover of their latest print catalog. That’s my second program with them. My third comes out in two weeks. I’m very proud and just wanted to share the good news. (To get their catalog, see www.nightingale.com or Call Toll Free: 1.800.557.1660)


The Prosperity Prayer

My friend Will Bowen, author of A Complaint-Free World, passed the following to me, saying it is the greatest consciousness conditioner available to attract prosperity. Enjoy.

The Prosperity Prayer

Prosperity Affirmation

(Read Aloud Every Day for 30 days)

I am the source of all wealth.  I am rich with creative ideas. My mind abounds with new, original, inspired thoughts.What I have to offer is unique, and the world desires it. My value is beyond reckoning. What the world needs and desires, I am ready to produce and give. What the world needs and desires, I recognize and fulfill. The bounty of my mind is without hindrance or limit. Nothing can stand in the way of my inspired creativeness. The overflowing power of God life energy overcomes every obstacle,  & pours out into the world, blessing & prospering everyone, & everything through me.  I radiate blessings, I radiate creativity, I radiate prosperity, I radiate loving service. I radiate Joy, Beauty, Peace, Wisdom & Power. Humanity seeks me and rewards me. I am beloved of the world.  I am wanted wherever I go.  I am appreciated. What I have to offer is greatly desired. What I have to offer brings a rich reward. Through my vision the world is blessed.  Through my clear thinking & steadfast purpose, wonderful new values come into expression. My vision is as the vision of the mighty ones. My faith is as the faith of the undefeatable. My power to accomplish is unlimited. I, in my uttermost God Source, am all wealth, all power, all productivity. I hereby declare my financial freedom, NOW and henceforth forever!