Secret to Attracting Money

There’s a difference between wealth and money.

As one of the speakers (Bruce Muzik) at this weekend’s Attract Wealth II event said, “Wealth is what you have left after you’ve lost all your money.”

I love that definition. It’s the layer of prosperity I usually address when talking about attracting money or attracting wealth.

Wealth is far more important. It’s your essence.

But I also know people want the green stuff.

They want the cash they can put in their wallet or purse or bank.

With that in mind, I created, developed, refined and revealed The Secret to Attracting Money at the event last weekend.

It was the kind of educational talk that was eye-opening. People couldn’t guess the seven steps because I’ve never discussed them before. Ever. It was all new. And it brought down the house. People loved it.

I pointed out that the first step alone is necessary for any step to work. The first ones involves your thinking. I revealed the three beliefs that everyone (including you) has that stops them from attracting money. I also revealed what to do about those limiting beliefs.

My formula for attracting money took me an hour to describe. And that was just the overview. There are deeper aspects to the steps, and more to the story. But everyone at Attract Wealth II got to hear it all for the first time.

If you weren’t there, I have good news.

In just two weeks I will be announcing a detailed course on The Secret to Attracting Money.

This program will include the seven steps I talked about at the event, but will go about fifteen times deeper, cover more material, and even include the wealth mindset as well as the marketing mindset needed to truly attract money into your life.

I’m telling you all this to get you excited. I want you to be ready for this material and one of the best ways is with a mindset of expectation.

In short, Expect Miracles.

Ao Akua,


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"Heavy Hitters"

My favorite magazine is Heavy Hitters. It’s a slick automotive/self-help US magazine about people who are wealthy and have car collections. The difference is, most of these “Heavy Hitters” are unknown.

Almost all came from the streets, other countries, or some form of hard times. You’ll find rappers, stunt doubles, refugees, and – well- me.

I’ve wanted to be in the magazine since I first saw it. Yesterday I made the January 2009 issue.


The long article on me, complete with stunning photos of my car collection, is right in the middle of the magazine.


You’ll have to go to a book store or newsstand in the US to find a copy of Heavy Hitters, as they don’t yet have a website. (I know, I know.)

I’m very proud of it, and just wanted to share the news with you. This is one of the highlights of the year for me — and it’s only day six.

Ao Akua,


PS – The article has a couple facts wrong, at least one typo, and didn’t list two of my cars, otherwise it’s accurate. Let this be yet another lesson to never believe everything you read or see in the media. (The photos in the magazine are stunning – and accurate.)


The "Give to Live" Gift

joerick12-27-08017copysm1.jpg My birthday is tomorrow. In my 55 years I’ve learned that the most powerful tool for personal and planetary transformation is one thing: giving.

Give and you’ll get.

Give and you’ll prosper.

Give and you’ll feel better.

Give and you’ll live.

What does that mean?

It’s all explained in a brand new book by Dr. Rick Barrett and myself — a book which you can have for free.

Just go to — www.givetolivebook.com — to download the e-book version of it.

Joe Sugarman of BluBlocker sunglasses fame said the book “..is probably one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read.”

Jon Biel, founder of Make the Difference Network said, “‘Give to Live’ is a MUST READ for everyone!”

Dr. Robert Anthony said, “Joe Vitale’s and Rick Barrett’s ‘Give to Live’ will bless your life and the life of everyone you share it with.”

Dr. Joe Rubino said, “Giving is the access to manifesting what you wish to attract and ‘Give to Live’ is the book that contains the wisdom necessary for you to manifest your deepest desires by contributing to others.”

Again, you can have the e-book for free at — www.givetolivebook.com

Enjoy — and please share it with others.

Ao Akua,


PS — If you would prefer to have a printed copy of the book for yourself or to give to people you care about, you can order it from —www.lulu.com/content/5434310  


How to Double Your Money

img00628.jpg My father told me when I was growing up that the best friend I could ever have was that dollar bill in my pocket.

He added that if I ever wanted to double my money, just fold the dollar and put it back in my pocket.

He grew up during the Great Depression. The idea of lack and limitation stayed with him. It’s still there now, and he’s in his eighties. He’ll wear a t-shirt with holes in it rather than buy a new one. He won’t even accept the gift of a new one. His scarcity programming is still running.

Most of my family still believes what my father taught. And virtually all of them are still struggling.

I saw one of my brothers recently and he said he could never have the life I have. When I asked why not, he said he was destined to the job he has.


To a job?

He didn’t see that his mindset, created while he was young and impressionable, was the reason he felt he “couldn’t” have more.

To paraphrase the famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.”

I rebelled against my father’s authority while a teenager. I spent money easily. I bought books, magic tricks, and music.

I gave away money to people and causes I believed in.

While others kept that dollar bill in their pocket, I let it go. 

I’m in a far wealthier place than anyone else in my family. I went through more rough spots (homelessness, poverty, dark nights) before I hit it big, but I always practiced a different attitude toward money. Still do, today.

I’ll be explaining all of this in-depth at the Attract Wealth seminar in Austin in January.

Basically, I’ve discovered a seven step formula for attracting money.

I didn’t know all of the steps when I was a kid, or when I was struggling, but I was unknowingly learning them one at a time and putting it all together. Now, decades later, I have all seven.

I now know The Secret to Attracting Money.

At the heart of the formula are these ideas:

1. Give money away to where you receive inspiration or spiritual nourishment. This can be a person, place or organization. Just ask yourself, “Where did I receive the most inspiration this week?” Then give money to your answer. The amount of money you receive will come through the road you open by giving. You can widen that road by giving more.

2. Serve a group of people who need your help. When I had dinner with Louise Hay a few months ago, she said she never focused on money. Instead, she always asked, “How can I serve?” When you serve, and charge for it, you receive money. Serve more, receive more.

3. Do something. I’m the guy in the movie The Secret who said you have to take action. Action begins with thought. But too many people stop at the thought. When you have an idea for a product or service, act. You never know which idea will bring the big bucks.

There’s more to the formula, of course.

Fly into Austin in January and I’ll teach you all seven steps personally.

For now, reflect on the tips I just gave you and remember, act now.

You don’t have to remain victim to your childhood programming. You can change it by doing something different right now.

Ao Akua,


PS — If you want help in attracting money fast, go listen to the Attract Wealth Training Call. Go to www.attractwealthseminar.com and look for the link at the bottom of that page. You can listen to it right now, right where you’re sitting. And it’s free.

Note: The above photo was taken at a property I looked at months ago. It was hanging on a low tree limb to alert you to watch your head as you walked under it. I think it means more than that. It also means “Mind Your Thoughts.” If you aren’t aware of what’s in your head (your thoughts), you’ll not have much chance to awaken to the prosperity all around you. So, Mind Your Head.


God's Own Super Car

The other day I drove to Ronn Motors and saw their first hydrogen eco-exotic sports car, the Scorpion. I later met with the man who created it, Ronn Maxwell. Turns out the Scorpion design was inspired. Later I’ll post a video of Ronn explaining how God spoke to him about the car. For now, see for yourself how breathtaking the experience was of seeing the car for the first time by going to
www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ch_ExLgT5YI or by
clicking the image below: