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Why so many websites?

Somebody wrote me today and asked why I have so many one-product focused websites. Couldn’t I put them all on one site?

First, they all are on one website: www.mrfire.com

Second, in general, product focused websites sell better than catalog focused websites.

For example, my www.mrfire.com site gets a lot of traffic, and has for over ten years, but it doesn’t lead to that many sales. There are too many products there. The rule of thumb is, the more choices a consumer has to make, the more confused he or she will get. They end up not buying anything at all.

Everyone is quick to point out that www.Amazon.com is a giant catalog and they make sales. Ah, it took Amazon well over seven years to see their first profit. (!) And even today most of their “wealth” is on paper, not in the bank. Amazon is not a good role model for a money making site, and neither is www.mrfire.com

Sites that focus on one product are the ones that work today. For example, here are just some of my websites that are one-product focused:

http://www.howtowritehypnoticendorsements.com/ http://www.howtowritehypnoticarticles.com/ http://www.howtowritehypnoticjointventureproposals.com

Whew. And that is just a partial list of my sites.

Pick any one of them, study it, and you’ll get a handle on what a direct selling website looks like today. They are one-product focused, hypnotic in style, long in copy, and destined to do one thing: Make the sale.

There’s nothing wrong with information sites that are designed to share data and build relationships. www.mrfire.com falls into that category. So do my sites www.Catarium.com and www.GladiatorGym.com and www.HypnoticMarketingInc.com and even my little known site http://www.SafeAphrodisiacs.com

But to make sales, a site should be product specific.

Of course, you could always up-sell people at checkout.

For example, if you are selling a vitamin, as people are checking out you might have a page that comes up telling them about another related product. But telling them about the related product on the same page as the vitamin may confuse people. Stay targeted.

Gee, this was a long answer to a simple question, wasn’t it?



Meet my friends on the cruise

Now here’s a happy team, aboard the Carnival cruise ship Imagination 11-05: Mike Filsaime, Joe Vitale, Brad Fallon, Tom Beal (taken with Tom’s Treo 650). Posted by Picasa


Long or short copy?

I was interviewed yesterday and once again was asked, “Which works better: Long or short copy?”

After writing copy for over thirty years, you’d think I know the answer.

Well, I do.
My rule of thumb is this: The higher the price for what you are selling, the longer the copy should be.

In other words, if you are giving away something for free, you don’t need to write much to get people to ask for it. For example,

FREE: Get my free email course called
Recession-Proof Marketing. Just send an
email to
[email protected] and it’s yours.

Based on those few words, most people will act. Why? Because the item is free. There won’t be many objections to asking for it.

And note: If you didn’t click and request the free course above, it’s no doubt because you still have some questions in your mind about it. Well, that’s why you need longer copy. Long copy is supposed to answer your objections so you’ll act now. So even “free” may require some copy to get people to act.

But what if I wanted you to send me $1,000 for my course on Hypnotic Selling Secrets? You’d want to know more, wouldn’t you?

That’s why the sales letter for the course at http://www.hypnoticmarketingstrategy.com/ is about a dozen pages long. You’re not about to invest a grand without some questions answered.
As a result, I need to write longer copy. Make sense?

But most people fear no one will read their long copy.

Well, let’s look at that issue.

People read entire books. Why wouldn’t they read your long copy?

People become information junkies when they are interested in making an important purchase.
Why wouldn’t they read your long copy?
People will read any length of copy as long as it is interesting to them.

This is why legendary copywriters like David Garfinkel, or Yanik Silver, or even me, are paid $25,000+ to write a sales letter. Our job is to write interesting copy that sells. That ain’t easy. Anyone can fill up twelve pages with words. But to fill them with words that hold interest and lead to a sale, ah, there’s the Holy Grail of marketing.

And notice this very blog entry.

I couldn’t answer the question of long or short copy with just a yes or no because it would leave too many questions in your mind. Sales copy is the same. In order to handle the objections someone may have to buying from you, you have to write longer copy. Again, the higher price, the longer copy.
Some day I will write a book on this whole subject. (If there is a book just on this subject alone, please let me know.)

A recent photo of me (for the curious)

Recent (10-05) picture taken by the beautiful and delightful Julie Eskoff
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Coming soon – The InterPlanetary Internet

I love big thinkers. They may seem bonkers at first glance, but often their wild ideas lead to breakthroughs no one else saw coming. Take the Internet, for example.

No one (or next to no one) knew it would explode into the colossal information sharing and marketing tool it is today. I certainly didn’t see it coming, and I was one of the first to do online marketing way back in the mid-1990s. I also wrote one of the first books on Internet marketing, with my book CyberWriting. But I sure didn’t predict what we have today.

So, what’s next? Where do we go from here?

I just heard this morning that one of the developers of the Internet is working on something called the Inter-Planetary Internet.

The what?

The Interplanetary Internet.

The idea is to set up a system to send and receive emails from other planets.

Sounds bonkers, right?

Well, it’s ideas like these that lead to history making events. I can just as quickly as you think of all the reasons why this new Internet won’t work.

But, what if it does work?

Ah, there’s the real question.

I suggest we think big, bold, and even nutty.

Out of this non-linear and even non-intuitive thinking may come the next big thing.

And you and I can be a part of it.

Learn more at http://www.ipnsig.org/home.htm This is a group working to develop the parts necessary to create the Interplanetary Internet. Their site says…

“While the Earth’s Internet is basically a “network of connected networks”, the Interplanetary Internet may therefore be thought of as a “network of disconnected Internets”. Inter-working in this environment will require new techniques to be developed. “

And in case you think this is all flakey, the InterPlanetary Internet study at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) was started by a team of scientists at JPL led by Adrian Hooke and Vinton Cerf, one of the pioneers of the Internet on Earth.

I love it.

To the future,