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What is "The Secret" anyway?

Everyone writes, calls, or stops me and asks, “What is ‘The Secret’, anyway?”

They’ve usually seen the hypnotic teaser at http://www.whatisthesecret.tv and want to know more. If you haven’t seen it yet, go there now. It’s a short trailer for an upcoming movie. It’s the most riveting and unforgettable movie tease I’ve ever seen in my life.

Since I’m in the movie, I get a lot of questions, such as:

“When will the movie be out?”

February 15, 2006.

“Where will it air?”

Network television stations around the world are in a bidding war to be the first to show it. Eventually it will be seen in every country and will be available on DVD, as well.

“Is it a movie or a documentary?”

I don’t know for sure, but I suspect the best answer is “both.”

“Who’s behind The Secret?”

Two wonderful sisters from Melbourne, Australia. One of them told me they were inspired to create the movie after reading my book, The Attractor Factor.

“Does it really reveal a secret?”


“What is the secret?”

Ah, it’s a secret.

“Tell me. I can keep a secret.”

So can I.

“Is the secret in your book, The Attractor Factor?”

Part of it.

“Is the movie like What the bleep?”

The Secret will appeal to a wider, more general audience. I believe it will awaken humanity and raise the consciousness of the planet. Not everyone could relate or understand to What the bleep. They will with The Secret.

“Who else is in the movie?”

Too many people to list here. Everyone from my friends Jack Canfield to Bob Proctor to Debbie Ford to possibly 45 others, including me.

“Do you play yourself in the movie?”


“What is The Secret, anyway?”

I’m not telling. You’ll just have to wait for the movie.

Believe me, it will be worth it.



Street Team Marketing

You can’t survive without marketing. You or someone you hire has to do it. The people who succeed today are the ones who market and market relentlessly. Here’s an example:

I love blues-rock music. It all started (with me) with Stevie Ray Vaughan. That led to Kenny Wayne Shepherd and then to Joe Bonamassa. These are all gritty guitar slingers. I love the upbeat blues intensity they radiate.

Anyway, I’m getting emails from Bonamassa’s fans who show they know what it takes to market. Go to http://www.jbonamassa.com and click on the center link, where it says join the street team. You’ll see that they are converting fans into marketers. This is brilliant. This is what it takes to stand out in the crowd.

When it comes to music, the word “crowd” doesn’t cover it. There are so many musicans out there it would take a quantum physicist to describe the concept of “overwhelming.” The point is, if you truly want to stand out in the crowded marketplace, you must market. There’s just way too much noise out there for any good musician to be heard without the help of a marketing trumphet.



Handshake hypnosis?

Brad Fallon is an SEO expert and great guy. I got to know him on the marketing cruise I was just on. After our presentations, we hung out together and picked each other’s brains. He asked me about my P.T. Barnum book, writing in general, and hypnosis, too. Brad wanted to know if it was true that a hypnotist could put someone into a trance just by shaking their hand.

I told him, yes, of course. Stage hypnotists do it all the time. They have to learn instant inductions in order to make the show happen fast. Milton Erickson was famous for being able to put people into a trance state with a handshake, too. I told Brad I could do it, as well, and I stretched out my hand.

He offered his hand to mine but just as we touched, he quickly realized what could happen and pulled his hand away. We both laughed but the point was made. The expectation that something as innocent as a hand shake could put you into a hypnotic trance is exactly what makes it possible.

There’s a lesson here in all human dealings, but I won’t spell it out.

I’ll let you think about it….



How to make wine at home

I grew up drinking homemade wine. My father made it every year. He never used chemicals. No yeast, sugar, preservatives, sulfates or anything else. JUST grapes. It was the fountain of youth.

People today can’t believe that you can make pure, natural wine at home with only grapes. They all want kits and chemicals. What they don’t understand is that natural homemade wine is made the old school way — the way the ancients made it as far back as 2,000 years ago in Greece or Italy — only they used clay pots and today we use glass bottles. Still, the system to make wine is the same.

I miss that healthy wine. I wrote a report on how to make homemade wine yourself which I just posted at http://www.DadsHomeMadeWine.com

If you know anyone making wine without the additives, let me know. I’d like to sample some.

To your health!



Hypnotic Writing Wizard now available

My software for helping you write sales letters, ads, articles, books, speeches, news releases, and more — called Hypnotic Writing Wizard — is now online, and in two cool versions.

This is the famous Windows software that people have been raving about for a longtime. Larry Dotson said –“This software should be ILLEGAL. It makes it too quick and easy to write anything. It shot the words out of my mind like a rapid-fire MACHINE GUN.”

Direct marketing legend Joe Sugarman said –“Not only does this leading edge software help you write sales letters with ease, but you can also write news releases, ads, articles, speeches, web copy and even entire books with it. The hypnotic inductions by Joe are simple, short and, more importantly, they work. I was skeptical about the Hypnotic Readability Formula, but I used it to analyze one of my own letters and the results opened my eyes. Hypnotic Writing Wizard is a breakthrough in creative writing.”

Prolific author of 50+ books Bob Bly said –“Anyone having trouble writing anything needs to boot this program up. Within minutes you can slide through blocks, get a handle on what you want to say, and come up with memorable ways to say it. This is a real breakthrough.”

You’ll find even more testimonials online.You’ll also find there are now two versions of the software:

#1. The Basic one gives you all the tools you need to write letters, ads, books, talks, etc.It comes with the formulas, inductions, tools, headline generator, readability analyzer, unconscious directed writing, etc. You could become a hypnotic writer with just this alone. It’s that powerful.

#2. The Deluxe version comes with all the basic tools but includes the famous Swipe File, containing proven words, phrases, sentences, closers, etc, which you can just weave into your writing to make it much more compelling. This is beyond powerful.You simply copy and paste — “swipe” — the proven sentences that improve yourwriting. This is almost too easy.

The Swipe File has been and still is my secret weapon in writing my emails, sites, articles, and books with such speed and power. I love it and *always* use it. Obviously, it works. Again, it comes with the Deluxe version.

I’m very excited about Hypnotic Writing Wizard. This program is based on my first best-selling e-books, Hypnotic Writing and Advanced Hypnotic Writing (and includes them for easy reference). The program is my own upgraded version of an old DOS program called Thoughtline, that I always loved and once sold. I hated that it is gone and managed to create this new and improved version based on some of the key concepts in Thoughtline.

While my new software won’t do your writing or thinking for you, it *will* guide you to writing with more ease and power. The hypnotic inductions and other tools will stimulate your mind to come up with fresh ways to express yourself with persuasive power.

Hypnotic Writing Wizard is fun. You’ll probably feel like you are playing a video game rather than writing anything. It’s all intuitive and playful.If you’re at all interested in writing with more ease and focus, using every hypnotic tool in the book, then check out my software at —


I wonder what you’ll write after you get Hypnotic Writing Wizard today…

Joe Vitale