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Pet Acupuncture Healing

As I wrote about in my book, The Attractor Factor, one of my fundamental beliefs is “There is always a way.”

I don’t care what the problem or challenge happens to be. Either a solution, cure or healing exists, or one can be created. That empowering belief helps me use the Law of Attraction to attract a solution.

I have used that underlying premise for decades now. It’s helped me handle cancer scares, IRS audits, weight loss, pet health issues and more.

For now, let’s talk about pet health issues.

I love animals. I’ve had pets my entire life. At one point I owned eleven cats. Yes, eleven.

Cats age and often get ill, just like humans. Yes, I’m surprised, too.

Recently one of our senior citizens, Chelsea, couldn’t move her back legs.  She would hop to food.  She couldn’t walk, so she mostly dragged herself. It was sad to see, and scary. We didn’t want to think of losing her, or her suffering.

I took her to the local vet. They took x-rays.  They came back with the results: Chelsea’s spine was fusing at the base. She needed surgery, but at her age (fourteen) it wasn’t a good idea.

The vet offered no hope.

I didn’t accept surgery or ‘nothing’ as our options.

I knew, “There is always a way.”

I jumped online. I Googled “cure cat spine problems.” One of the top results was about acupuncture for pets.

Acupuncture for animals?

I’ve done acupuncture. I don’t like needles any more than you do, but I have to admit it worked for me.

Would it work for Chelsea?

Was it possible?

I searched my area and found a local Austin, Texas vet who did chiropractic work and acupuncture on cats and dogs.

I drove Chelsea there. Here she is getting her first acupuncture treatment:

acunpuncture cat 2Chelsea didn’t mind the needles. In fact, she calmed down and relaxed. She was quiet and seemed meditative. Here’s another photo of her…

acunpuncture cat

Did this treatment work?

Was it worth the drive, cost and effort?

The very next day Chelsea was walking.

She is not perfectly normal yet, but she moves her back legs, walks with a limp rather than a hop or a drag, and looks happy and healthy.

Again, if you come from the empowering belief that “There is always a way,” you open your mind to seeing new possibilities.

Here’s a video of Chelsea getting her second acupuncture treatment:

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"You Can Have It All"

In the early 1980s one of the authors who inspired me was Arnold Patent. He came out of nowhere with a book titled You Can Have It All and quickly went on the cover of national magazines and even appeared on Oprah.


Arnold is still around. He’s eighty years old and still writing and speaking. I interviewed him recently for my Hypnotic Gold members. He’s an easy guest, as he’s so loving and relaxed.

One of his tips for growing is what he calls stretching.

The more you reach for goals that you think are beyond you, the more you will stretch yourself into being the kind of person who can reach those goals.

arnold patent book

He also noted that you can’t dramatically change without a coach.

He openly said that books and audios won’t do it, even though he (like me) offers both.

He said you need someone to take you beyond yourself. In his opinion, that’s a coach.

Of course, I agree. That’s why I started Miracles Coaching more than four years ago. Books and audios helped me, but coaching transformed me.

When it comes to stretching, just talking to Arnold was making me stretch beyond my limits. Through our interview, he was a temporary personal coach to me.

For example, as you may already know, I had been contemplating buying a Spyker car for well over a year. It’s a hand-made exotic sports car from Holland. It’s rare, stunning, and expensive. Since I already attracted several nice cars, including a Rolls-Royce Phantom and three Panoz sports cars, I wouldn’t let myself even test drive a Spyker.

But then I remembered Arnold and the idea of stretching.

I had to admit I was letting my limiting thoughts stop me from trying out the Spyker. I had to come face to face with my own issues of deservingness, wealth, status, opinion, and much more.

Please note: It’s not about the car. It’s about stretching.

As a result, I flew to Houston to do one thing: test drive that car!

I wrote about that experience in a previous blog post (April 2nd: Are You On the Right Path?). It illustrates how taking action leads to unexpected miracles.


Now it’s your turn.

Please think about what you have been afraid to do.

That fear may be a stretch for you.

But stretching often leads to transformation.

Go read Arnold Patent. I endorse him and his work. As his famous book title declares, you really can have it all.

But in order to experience that abundance, you may have to do something you’ve been afraid to do.

The next move is yours.

I wonder what joy awaits once you take the first step to stretch into what you want….

Ao Akua,


PS – Want help in overcoming fear and other inner blocks? Get a free thirty minute consultation with one of my Miracles Coaches by clicking right here. Discover how to use the Law of Attraction and the ideas in the movie The Secret to finally attract what you want.

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Are You On the Right Path?

I flew to Houston recently to do one thing: test drive a Spyker, a hand made exotic super car from Holland.

It was a departure from my usual way of doing things. I never take a day off to fly to another city just to see a car. But it felt right. It felt like I almost couldn’t stop myself from doing it.

That bothered me.

I wondered why I was so intent on seeing that car. It was a stretch to see it. I had to interrupt my day, my business, my life. But I know the power of stretching to increase personal growth. I also know the power of trusting those hunches. So I stretched.

Now here’s where this gets interesting.

spyker car

I thought I was going to see the Spyker. After all, that’s why I booked the flight.

But from a higher plane (no pun intended), I actually went there for a completely different reason.

Yes, I went to see the car. That was the sole purpose of the trip. But once I knew I was going anyway, I started to think of what else I could do in Houston.

Recently I had been interviewed for three different CNN radio shows out of Houston.  The host liked me and asked to talk about filming a TV show with me. I told him about Operation YES, my movement to end homelessness. He liked it. So we planned to talk again soon.

Well, since I was going to Houston anyway, I asked if he wanted to meet. He did.

spyker 2008 back view

As it turns out, I loved driving the Spyker car.  It’s fast and furious and oh so unique looking. But it’s also tough to crawl in and out of it, like entering a fighter jet.

I didn’t buy the car.

It appears the real reason I went there was the CNN interview. It was intense brainstorming, high energy, and led to solid action. We made plans to make a realty TV show out of my helping homeless people with the Law of Attraction and my other work.

So why did I go to Houston?

Was it the car or CNN?

Obviously I consciously thought it was for the car.

But unconsciously I was really going there for CNN.

The lesson here is to trust the process.

Even when it may seem like you are off track, you may actually be on the right path.

You might doubt yourself or feel disappointed when you take action for a reason (such as to see a car) and it doesn’t work out.

But if you relax and breathe and remain aware, you will probably find there’s a better reason for the action you took.

Since you can learn from everything and everyone, it’s most likely true that you are always on the right path.

Assume that’s true and see if life takes on more of an exciting charm.

What if what you’re doing right now, no matter what it is or what you prefer, is exactly the right moment for you?

What if there’s something in this moment that is for you to see and act on that you hadn’t previously seen or considered?

Think about it.

For funsies, you can watch me meeting the 2008 Spyker Laviolette in Houston right here:

Ao Akua,


PS – Know you’re on the right path and accelerate your results with the Law of Attraction and more. Check out Miracles Coaching.

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The Great LOA Secret

When people tell me they are having trouble using the Law of Attraction to get what they want, I can’t help but wonder what they are thinking. After all, what they have right now is what they attracted. On some level, they wanted it.

In other words, this very moment is the result of the thoughts and actions you had earlier. You are already creating. The Law of Attraction is already working. It’s just that the process was unconscious to you. It happened without any conscious direction or control.

Or, as psychologist Carl Jung said –

‘Whatever is not conscious will be experienced as fate.’

The great secret then is to wake up.

As I spelled out in The Awakening Course, we are here to awaken. Most of us are on the first level of awakening. Few get to the second or third, let alone the fourth. If you’re reading this, you’re probably on the second level, which is Empowerment.

With that in mind, the way to make the Law of Attraction work for you faster and with more control of the end results, is to realize you are already creating with it.

Stop and consider that fact.

If you created this moment based on previous thoughts and actions, what will your next moments be like based on your current thoughts and actions?


You’ll tend to attract more of what you already have.

If you want to change the results, you need to change your thoughts and actions.

Sounds simple enough.

But is it?

While you can learn the intellectual basics of how to do this with a book or audio program, actually doing it will require help.

I interviewed Arnold Patent the other day. He’s now 80 years old. He wrote You Can Have It All and other books. He told me on the phone you can’t dramatically change with a book. You need a coach.

I agree. I know you can change in baby steps with books and audios, but the quantum leaps come from having a personal coach.

That said, even if you don’t currently have a coach, don’t make any excuses about where you’re at. You can take the reins and start creating different moments by monitoring your thoughts and actions.

Are your thoughts taking you in the direction you want to go?

Are your actions taking you in that same direction?

If not, here’s your chance to change them.

This moment is the parent of the next ones.

Choose wisely.

Ao Akua,


PS  – You can learn about Miracles Coaching by clicking right here.

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Law of Attraction Steroids

How do you speed up the Law of Attraction? How do you get results faster? How do you almost instantly manifest your intentions?

Big questions. But the answer is the same:

Raise your vibration.

In short, the clearer you are, the faster you attract; the happier you are, the faster you attract; the more grateful you are, the faster you attract.

Clarity, happiness, and gratitude all raise your vibration.

But how do you raise your vibration?

Here are some fast ways:

1. Be happy now. If you’re not happy right now, you’re missing a great opportunity.

2. Smile. It will change your brain and confuse others.

3. Laugh. Just let it rip. This will transform you. You don’t need a reason to laugh, either.

4. Practice “What if UP” thinking. Instead of asking what will go wrong, keep asking what will go right.

5. Imagine the end result you want, complete with the satisfied feelings. Really get into the experience.

6. Remember a time when you were happy. That memory can be relived in the present.

7. Play with a puppy.

8. Look into the eyes of a child.

9. Feel grateful.  There’s bound to be something you can feel grateful for right now. You’re alive. Give thanks.

10. Get a Miracles Coach.

Obviously there’s more to the question, but this is a tip-sheet, not a book or audio program. For that, consider The Secret to Attracting Money.

Remember – Expect Miracles.

Ao Akua,


PS – Hear an in-depth and revealing interview with the top Miracles Coach of 2009 by clicking right here.

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