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Overnight Inspiration

An important FedEx package arrived today and I found myself thinking, “Gosh, where would we be without this great company?”

It’s even more amazing when you consider the struggles FedEx founder Fred Smith had in the beginning trying to get his company off the ground (no pun intended).

He had such a hard time getting enough cash flow to make payroll that at one point he “raided the family’s trust fund without his sister’s permission.” (He was sued for that.)

For a while, he met payroll by borrowing money from a bank in Chicago that kept him going until one day they refused – “That’s it, Fred. Sorry.”

This is where the story gets rather astonishing.

After being turned down, he was headed back to Memphis with a heavy heart, knowing he would have to tell his employees he couldn’t pay them.

Standing in O’Hare airport, he “noticed” a departure for Las Vegas. He took the company’s last $5,000, jumped on that plane, and, well, the rest is history.

Needless to say, they made payroll and are still here delivering packages to my door.

What happened that day in the airport?

And whatever “it” is, wouldn’t you like to have it, too?

Well, you do… and this is the subject of my newest audio program with Nightingale-Conant – “The Zero Point: How to Enter the Realm of Limitless Possibilities.” http://thezeropoint.info/

You see, Fred Smith needed an answer right now.

He’d done everything he could to make his company a success. He’d put his own money into it, all he had. And it had worked, but he needed to go to another level and had no idea how to do that.

He needed inspiration.

Now I’m not a gambling man in the strictest sense of the word. And apparently, Fred Smith isn’t either, because I understand he hasn’t gambled since.

But that day, he received inspiration, followed it – as bizarre as it seemed to him and later, to others – and it led to him being able to pay the employees who he knew depended on him.

Inspiration works in some pretty interesting ways – if not downright crazy. At least, they can seem so at the time.

Certainly that’s how it felt when I heard the whisperings inside myself to become a musician after spending decades becoming a writer.

And look at what’s happened as a result of my following it…Seven CD’s in record time (okay, okay, enough with the puns).

Where do these ideas come from?

I call it the Zero Point.

For 10 years, I’ve been practicing and teaching about a little known, virtually untapped, awareness we all have inside ourselves.

It’s literally your point of power – the power center of the world itself, a world of miracles and Divinity.

It’s all based on the Law of Zero which is deeper and beyond the Law of Attraction or the Law of Creation.

So let me ask you…

Are you ready for inspiration, too?

If so, go here – http://thezeropoint.info/

Expect Miracles.

Ao Akua,


PS — You may know about the Law of Attraction, but if you are ready to discover the higher laws of living a life of magic, miracles and more, then please go see http://thezeropoint.info/

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Member BBB 2003 - 2015


Attracting Cars: Abundance or Scarcity?

The other day someone twittered a note to me asking —

“Why do you need 7 cars? Why not sell one and give the money to a homeless shelter?”

I found the question revealing.

The person asking the question assumes it’s an either-or world; either you buy the car or you give the money for it away to some good cause.

Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

Within that kind of thinking, it is logical.

But that’s scarcity thinking.

That’s thinking there isn’t enough.

Is that actual reality?

Abundance thinking, on the other hand, would say that you can do both; you can buy the car and you can donate money to the homeless.

But most people don’t see this.

They don’t see it because they’re stuck in their paradigm (or mindset) and don’t know it.

They’re seeing the world through their mental “box of beliefs.”

This isn’t their fault.

That’s how they were programmed.

I totally understand it.

I was once broke, struggling, desperate, and unhappy.

In those days I would have thought the same thing: there isn’t enough to go around.

But was that actually true?

Was that reality?

It was real and true only to the extent that I lived from the mindset that believed it.

According to the “box of beliefs” in my head at that time in my life, the world looked bleak.

But I’ve transcended that thinking.

Today I live from The Abundance Paradigm.

In other words, today I know I can have the cars *and* I can contribute just as much money or more to causes I believe in.

I’m living this. I’ve given money to friends to help them with the IRS or a struggling business; I’ve given money to causes and people I believe in, including complete strangers; I’ve donated to homeless shelters and to a group to end poverty; I’ve bought cars for family members; I’ve even funded a bold movement to end homelessness.

And I buy a car for myself when I feel inspired to do so.

How is this possible?

What’s the difference?

My thinking.

Yes, I have more money now, too, but that’s also a result of leaving scarcity thinking and moving into abundance thinking.

But I didn’t get to this new paradigm overnight.

It took decades of reading, thinking, trying, and more.

It wasn’t until I got a coach that I began to have the faster breakthroughs. From there, life became one of magic and miracles.

Which is why I created Joe Vitale’s Miracles Coaching ®.

I don’t want you to spend decades spinning your wheels; I want you to have results ASAP.


This program has been helping people for well over four years now.

If you’re still thinking like the person who twittered me the other day, then you might want to consider Miracles Coaching.

If you’re still struggling and frustrated, then you might want to consider Miracles Coaching.

If you’re still wondering how you can speed up the process of transformation, you might want to consider Miracles Coaching.

There’s an abundant world available to you, but you may need some help to see it.

It’s available.

For a short time, you can have a free sample of Miracles Coaching, too.

Go see http://www.miraclescoaching.com

A new world awaits you.

Ao Akua,


PS — The person who asked me about my seven cars also needs to learn how to count. I have nine cars. But it’s not about the cars. I work at home and rarely drive anywhere. It’s about the process and the passion. Learn more at — http://www.attractanewcar.com


End Homelessness: http://www.operationyes.com
End Poverty: http://www.movethemountain.org
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The Abundance Manifesto: Secret #1

Over the next few weeks I’m going to post ten principles of abundance. I’m calling them The Abundance Manifesto. This is to help pave the way for my new audio program, The Abundance Paradigm: Moving from the Law of Attraction to the Law of Creation (coming out late October).

These are my observations about how you can attract personal and planetary wealth. Wealth, of course, is more than money, so these ideas are more sweeping than you may at first realize.

Since I’m just sculpting these thoughts, please be forgiving in reviewing them. In fact, what I’d love is your opinion. Please comment on each to help me refine them all. The end result will be a useful set of insights for you, me, and everyone else.

Here’s the first one:

Thou shall see the alternative reality.

In every moment you have a choice. You can see the limitation before you, or you can see the abundance before you. Life is an optical illusion. What you see depends on your mindset. Your mindset depends on your programming. Because most of us are programmed by the negative seeking media, as well as our education, parents, and all else around us, most of us are seeing the scarcity reality. Yet an abundance reality also exists. In other words, are you seeing an old woman or a young woman in the famous art from the late 1800s? It depends on your focus. Relax your view and you can see both ladies exist. The same is true for reality. It’s time to move from seeing the world as scarcity and fear based to the world that also exists that is abundance and love based. You have a choice. Allow your eyes to see the new world.

old woman illusion
PS – Be sure to get your free sample of Miracles Coaching by clicking right here.

Note: My new audio program will be out late October. It’s called The Abundance Paradigm: Moving from the Law of Attraction to the Law of Creation. Stay tuned for details.

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Law of Attraction Mistakes

Which of these mistakes do you make with the Law of Attraction?

1. Thinking imagining what you want is enough.

2. Trying to attract a specific person.

3. Focusing on the material only.

4. Focusing on the spiritual only.

5. Working with affirmations only.

Truth is, there are many mistakes when it comes to using the Law of Attraction. It’s usually because most people don’t have a complete understanding of it. They saw the movie The Secret and thought they got it, when all they got was an introduction to it.

the power

So what’s the truth?

1. Imagining what you want is a great way to program your unconscious but it’s only a first step. You still have work to do. That’s where the Law of Right Action comes into play. Do something to assist the attraction of what you want. Rhonda Byrne created the movie The Secret with more than the Law of Attraction; she didn’t just sit and dream about it. She took action. (She’s taken more action recently, as her next book, The Power, will be out in August.)

2. Trying to attract a specific person is a violation of free will. Your task is to focus on the qualities you want in a person. Then let the Universe bring your match to you. After all, it has about seven billion people (!) to draw from. It’s an ego trip to think you have selected the right person for you, when you don’t know everyone in the pool.

3. Focusing on the material, in attracting new cars and more cash, is fine, as long as you know it’s a temp high and a mask for the real juice of life: the Divine. Don’t focus on the car, but on the feeling behind the car. That is Divine. spyker doors up4. Focusing on the spiritual or metaphysical often creates a nasty “spiritual ego” that judges everyone else as lacking and needing more meditation, spirituality, etc. It’s the worst ego of all. It gets mesmerized by the invisible and overlooks the visible; it judges the material as bad, not realizing that everything is spiritual.

5. Affirmations are one way to plant a new idea in your mind, but affirmations usually don’t go deep enough to create change. You need to get into the unconscious mind. To do that you may need deeper work, more clearing, or coaching.

Most people who try to use the Law of Attraction are basically wanting to click their heels together and have their intentions manifest before their eyes. While I believe in magic and miracles, I also know too many people self sabotage their own desires and deceive themselves; they trick themselves out of their own good.

The goal of life, as I’ve said many times, is to awaken.

One of the first steps is to awaken to the deeper aspects of the Law of Attraction.

Yes, you can most likely have whatever you can imagine, usually not by thinking about it alone, though, but by adding action, positive belief, and more.

I’ve covered this at length in recent books, and in recent audio programs, such as The Secret to Attracting Money. I’ll be doing it again in my new audio program, where I explain how to move from the Law of Attraction to the Law of Creation.

For now, yes, learn more about the Law of Attraction, but also be sure to actually use the Law of Right Action and do something. Life is a co-creation, which means it needs you to help attract the results you want.

Ao Akua,


PS —  As I mentioned above, Rhonda Byrne is still taking action. Her next book will be out in weeks. I haven’t seen it yet but the publisher ordered a first print run of two million copies. That’s staggering. Obviously, they expect it to do well. It’s called, The Power. And I’m sure Rhonda didn’t get it written or published by only thinking about it. She knows “the secret” alright, and it’s much more than just the Law of Attraction.

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