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Magic Balls Marketing

Marketing lessons are everywhere. You can view a humorous one I was reminded of on my recent flight to Poland. Talk about putting me into a “buying trance”. Enjoy.


Secret to Attracting Results

Guy Monroe is my singing coach. I love working with him. He’s plugged in, tapped in, turned on, and a wizard at teaching vocal mastery.

Recently we were enjoying his magic coffee before my singing lesson began when he asked about my activities. I rattled off a few things I was doing that week —

– released my 51st book 1,800 Conversion Secrets

1800 conversion secrets– appeared in my 15th movie The Meta-Secret

– did back to back radio shows

– negotiated deals for new audio products

– set up a radio campaign for Attract Money Now

– did a two hour photo shoot with my new car

– prepared for Unseminar 8.

– prepped for overseas travel to speak in Poland

– continued guitar lessons with Mathew Dixon

– found time to read new books

– found time to write new blog posts

– did Miracles Coaching call

– dealt with my mom going in the hospital, an elderly kitty slowly dying, etc.

That’s just some of the things I was doing that week.

Of course, I added that I made time for meditation, reflection, cigar smoking, hot tubbing, masterminding, and more.

Guy’s eyes looked HUGE as he took in my inventory of activities.

“What’s the secret to getting all these results?” he asked.

joe productive

“I don’t do all of this at the same time,” I explained.

“Right now I’m talking to you and having coffee,” I added. “That’s what this moment calls for. In the next moment I’ll be in your sound booth and singing. After that I’ll drive my space-ship Spyker home. When I get home, there will be something in that moment to do. By living in each moment, things get done.”

spyker flying doors

Guy nodded. He’s a brilliant teacher and a high-energy dynamo, so I knew he understood.

I added, “It’s when you think about all the stuff you want to do that it gets overwhelming. When you stop and breathe and relax and just do what’s in this moment to do, all is well.”

What’s in this moment for you to do?

Ao Akua,


PS – If you really want to know my Secret of Productivity click right here.

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"Think and Grow Rich"?

Anybody who knows me understands that I am a bookaholic. I love books. I read them, write them, buy them, review them, collect them, give them, and more. My world would not exist without books. That said, I am wondering if they are all they are cracked up to be.

I was just in Ohio visiting family. I poked around the dusty boxes of books still in my parent’s basement and found copies of books I didn’t and still don’t recall reading.

I picked up a paperback edition of Napoleon Hill’s classic self-help book, Think and Grow Rich. Apparently I bought it in 1976. I don’t remember reading it. The book has a few underlined sentences. It looks read.

think rich book The thing is, if I read that book in 1976, I either missed something or didn’t apply something. I was broke for the next ten years or more. Maybe I just didn’t think enough to get rich while I read it.

I’m not saying this to suddenly be against books. I think you can learn the wisdom of the universe from books. But there’s reading, there’s understanding, and there’s implementation. I don’t think I understood Hill’s book in 1976. I don’t think I implemented it, either.

We learn faster when we have a coach, mentor, educator; someone to help us understand the material and then guide us as we take action and get feedback.

Yes, you can read the book and get results. I’m told more people have become millionaires from Think and Grow Rich than any other book ever written. But that doesn’t mean the process is automatic. I think we need guidance.

There are exceptions to every rule. I taught myself writing. I did it with books. But I read, studied, and implemented every single thing I came across in those books.

Yes, read Think and Grow Rich.

Yes, read Attract Money Now. amn book ad

But also do something to integrate what you read.

Consider forming a study group or mastermind.

Or maybe get a Miracles Coach and really turbocharge your life and career.

I’ll never be against books. But I do think you have to become one with a book to really understand it. Had I done that in 1976, I might have been far happier, healthier and wealthier at an earlier age.

Ao Akua,


PS — You can get a free thirty minute taste of Miracles Coaching, see a short video about it, and hear an interview with a Miracles Coach over at http://www.miraclescoaching.com or by clicking right here.

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Hypnotic Writing Secret

In the below recent short video, my 85-year-old father explains when I started writing. Apparently I was very young. He says I was working on a sequel to the most influential book of all time. We touch on everything from the Bible to Think and Grow Rich, Will Rogers, Rod Serling, Groucho Marx, and more.  Whew. Enjoy.


How to Clear the Gulf Oil Spill

It’s hard to miss the news about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

What can we do about it?

I’m taking a big risk here, but I believe I have a solution.

Here’s the story…

A few people wrote me, recalling that years ago I sent out an email to my list inviting everyone to envision Hurricane Rita dissolving before it hit land.

Rita did in fact lessen in power as it hit.

A few others know about the Attract Miracles community I created with Craig Perrine, to help people support each other to achieve their intentions.

Hundreds have been going there since we began it, and the results are amazing.

What you may not realize is that 23 scientific studies prove that when people focus on a common goal, using meditation to achieve inner peace, that goal tends to come about.

With all of that in mind, Pat O’Bryan and I created a special clearing audio designed to help Clear the Oil Spill.

And we’re giving it away.

The Clear Oil Spill audio uses the same formula we’ve been using in all of our other clearing audios – my strategic statements and Pat’s original music – woven together using hi-tech equipment and breakthrough processes to speak right to your unconscious mind.

When you work with the unconscious, you also tap into the collective unconscious. That’s shared by all of us. And that’s where we can impact the oil spill and anything else we perceive as bad. After all, we’re all connected at Source.

Scoff if you like but we feel it’s at least worth a few minutes a day to listen to our special audio and let it help you clean the world from the inside out.

If nothing else, consider it a relaxing few moments for yourself.

And maybe, just maybe, it may heal the Gulf, and the Earth, and yourself, as well.

It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

Download the audio right here.

And please tell others about it. If you can share this post with family and friends, Twitter it, Facebook it, blog it and anything else you can think of, it will help us all.

Again, it’s free.

Let’s make a difference.

It begins with you and me.

Will you help?

Ao Akua,


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