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Attracting Poland's Leopard

When I was in Poland recently I got to be the only American to see and then drive the Leopard, Poland’s handmade super luxury roadster. It was a thrill. There are only six of these beautiful cars made so far. They are made by hand, with a few men pounding sheets of aluminum with rubber mallets to form the body of the car. This short video shows the amazing car. Note how each person who drives the Leopard comes back with a beaming smile. I haven’t actually ordered the car yet, but I’m allowing it to be attracted to me in some wonderfully unexpected way. Watch the video clip and see what you think:

Learn more about Poland’s Leopard car by clicking right here.

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Secret Polish Questions

I was in Warsaw and Krackow, Poland last month. I love Poland. The people are loving and generous, curious and intelligent. One of them drove me to see the Leopard sports car, a hand made limited edition roadster. (I was the first American to ever drive the car.) On the way there he asked me some terrific questions. Here are a few of them:  (Picture is from Warsaw event.)

warsaw event wide shot

Do you read magazines?

A few. In general, the most accurate news is going to be in books. Newspapers move too quickly to check all their facts. Magazines have a little more time to check sources but still aren’t perfect. Books take longer to research, so tend to be more reliable. My preference is for books.

How do you read so many books?

I do what I call intentional reading. I know what I want when I pick up a book, so sprint through it, looking for the facts and stories. Of course, I’m always looking for the book so hypnotically written that I want to read and savor every word of it.

What was the most difficult time of your life?

Being suicidal in college in the 1970s was no picnic. Being homeless right after that was no party.

What’s the best way to write a book?

I take the advice novelist John Steinbeck told radio comedian Fred Allen: Write whatever comes to mind. You can always edit, shuffle chapters, and rearrange pages later. Don’t force the flow. Honor it.

What’s your dream car?

The Bugatti Veyron. While I’m still waiting to receive my Scorpion (the hydrogen-gas hybrid super exotic car made in Texas), the dream car has to be the 1,000 hp Veyron.

What’s your favorite city in Poland?

Krackow. I felt it to be a healing environment.

How do you attract a person back who left you?

You don’t. You allow them free will. Instead, find inner peace within yourself and the person may sense it and want to be around it. If not, you’ll probably attract somebody more fitting.

Did you put 10,000 hours into learning?

Yes. I wanted to be a writer so intensely that I put myself through a disciplined self-study program that no college could ever match. I studied writing books, author biographies, and more. I did writing exercises. I prepared myself as a writer. Since the Internet is text driven, being a skilled writer positioned me for success. Put 10,000 hours into studying anything and you’ll stand out in that field.

What was the first book you ever wrote?

The first book was a novel. I wrote it in college. I don’t remember the title but I think the tag line was, “When you have no where else to go, you can always go mad.” It was never published.

Did you write anything else?

I wrote numerous things, from poems to plays, before I started writing nonfiction. I wrote a one-act play about writer William Saroyan and saw it produced in 1979. I didn’t make a dime from it, but it was homage to an author I loved and it has always been a highlight of my life.

warsaw editors

I love Poland so much I’ll be going back to it for the third time in late May, 2010. (Picture is of my editors for my books in Poland. Do we look happy or what?)

Ao Akua,


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The Polish Money Attractor

I love asking people in the countries I visit about their customs. One of my favorite questions is, “What secrets do you have for attracting money or anything else?”

In Russia I learned about Hochun, the Siberian “wish maker.” I love him as a tool for focusing on intentions. Pat O’Bryan and I released our own version of him at The Secret Russian Wish Maker.

In Poland I learned that you can attract money if you hang a painting of a Jewish man counting gold coins in your home or office.

My friend Andrzej Batko said he bought such a painting, placed it in his office, and it worked. I of course wanted one, too.

polish money attractor

We found one in Krackow. I loved it, bought it, and am having it framed right now. When my new office is completed, I’ll hang it where I can see it.

Actually, it’s now framed…

polish art framed

This raises the question: Do these items actually work?

I don’t know. But my theory is this: if it doesn’t hurt you to hang a painting or look at an image, then why not do it? When something is fun, adds to the positive energy for your desire, it has to be good.

Here’s something even more fascinating:

I met famed Polish photographer Grzegorz Syllain in Warsaw. He followed me around one day and took pictures of me shopping for cigars and clothes. His teenage daughter followed and helped.

warsaw lovers

When we stopped to have coffee, I asked his daughter what she enjoyed doing. She said painting. I then told them what I leaned about the Polish custom of having the money attractor painting. They both knew the power of the painting.

But they didn’t see what was coming next.

“When I go back to Texas and write about my painting, people will want one for their home or office, too. The thing is, I won’t have anywhere to send them to buy a painting. If you would set up a website, and your daughter would paint the art, I could direct them to you.”

His daughter loved the idea.

He loved the idea.

“If you do this, you could attract enough money for school or anything else you want.”

They nodded with excitement.

I then challenged them.

“I want you to start painting and to get the site up by the time I return to the States in three days. If you do, I’ll tell my readers about it.”

Grzegorz quickly agreed.

So did his daughter. attract money now hardcover offer“I don’t want a penny for this,” I explained. “I want to see you act on this idea. This is the secret to attracting success in life; when the idea is there, honor it and act on it.”

Sure enough, they honored their word.

Their site is now up at Polish Money Attractor Painting.

old jew

If I were you, I’d do two things right now:

1. Write down an idea you’ve had and haven’t acted on yet.

2. Act on it.


And go get your own original Polish Money Attractor Painting.

What if it works?

Ao Akua,


PS -The above photo of Nerissa and I was taken by Grzegorz in Warsaw, Poland. His site is at www.fotani.com The painting is by Grzegorz’s wife and daughter. Order it at http://www.gobeliny.com

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Patterns: Self Destruction Mind Trick

Recently a close friend suddenly and completely severed our relationship.

It was shocking because it was so unexpected and so radical.

He offered no explanation, didn’t return my emails, and slammed the door on a five-year wonderful relationship.

It made me wonder what was going on in my friend’s life for him to act like this. Not only was it unnecessary, as a simple phone or in-person meeting could have cleared up whatever was bothering him, his action also severed a long term business relationship. I was planning to come out with new products I’d create with his help. This is wealth he’ll now miss out on receiving, as I can always do the products with someone else.

I told another friend about this troubling experience and he said, “It’s simply your turn.”

My turn?

He went on to explain that the friend who turned against me had gotten mad at virtually every close friend over the years, including the one I was talking to.

As I thought about it, I realized this was a self destruction or self sabotage pattern.

Whenever things hit some sort of internal button, my old friend hit a switch inside his brain and flipped out. He’s been mad at every single mutual friend we have. Apparently it really is my turn.

I thought about this and wondered why we don’t see our self-destruct patterns, or if we do, interrupt them and stop them.  It made me wonder about self sabotage and self destruction in myself and others.

warsaw stop command

I was in Krakow, Poland as I lay awake one night and reflected on all this. My mind was digging into the psychological motivations for acting out self destruction. After what seemed like hours I came to the conclusion that we don’t see our patterns while we’re in them. We only see them later, after the dust has settled and we can see clearly again. At that point, shame and regret often kick in.

But why don’t we see the pattern as it’s happening?

warsaw new clothes

I remember an attorney once telling me that the human machine isn’t wired to admit fault. We will simply find it easier to blame others.

I also remember Dr. Hew Len, my coauthor for Zero Limits, saying that none of us want to take responsibility for what occurs. It’s too hard. Or said the other way, it’s just so easy to point fingers at others.

I asked Andrzej Batko (pictured above with me), an NLP master trainer and the wonderful man who brought me to Poland (twice so far) to hold Law of Attraction events in Warsaw, what he thought about self-destruction.

“It’s a mind trick,” he said. “I don’t usually see the self sabotage pattern in myself until after it’s over. If I’m aware, I can start to catch it before I repeat it.”

warsaw largest cigar

What can we do about this trick of the mind?

There appears to be two ways to stop self destruction or self sabotage:

1. Awareness. When you’re aware of a pattern, you can begin to interrupt it with a new behavior or insight so you don’t repeat it. This takes work. One book that can help is Why Is This Happening to Me …Again? by Michael Ryce.  My own book, The Key, is also useful. Also, my Awakening Course can be the turning point for you.

2. Coaching. When you have a skilled coach to help reflect your behavior and thoughts back to you, you can more easily escape the unconscious spiral of self-destruction. If you don’t mind the plug, I suggest you check out the Joe Vitale Miracles Coaching program. It’s been helping thousands of people for more than four years now.

How important is coaching?

On the way to see the Leopard sports car, a hand made limited edition roadster made in Poland, I met a man who took all the money he made in one year and gave it to a coach for one year of training.

Consider that: he took an entire year’s wages to get one year of weekly coaching. He said this transformed his life. He’s now a successful, self-employed entrepreneur.

My friend with the self-destruct pattern of getting mad at friends will have to find his way out of the maze. I’ll continue to love him, clean on the experience with ho’oponopono, and monitor my own life for any signs of the mind trick that stops most of us from the success we truly want to attract.

Meanwhile, reflect on the patterns in your own life.

It may truly be time for a change.

Ao Akua,


PS — All above photos, taken in Warsaw, are by Grzegorz Sylla of www.fotani.com in Poland.

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